2016 Politics and Gaming Fiasco: Who Aided Who, On What, And Why

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2016 witnessed two powerful sectors, politics and gaming exchanging various interests that ended up to one party supporting the other on what many observers called the year of collaboration.

Spearheaded by influential players in the casino industry from Las Vegas, who seemed to take center stage on the presidential race, scandals, and investigations, the real money casino gambling sites were indeed the talk of the day in many areas across the U.S.

Sheldon Adelson, one of the richest people in the U.S. whose casino business supported Donald Trump’ campaign is just but one example of how politics partnered with gaming, particularly the casino gambling sector.

As 2016 reaches its end midnight today, it is important to look back at what happened in the past 12 busy months, most of which was used in the U.S. campaigns.

Donald Vs Hillary

Every 4 years in the U.S. there is an election, which is meant to either usher a new president to the Oval Office or add the incumbent president another term. However, 2016 was rather different. With the opinion poll working in favor of Mrs. Clinton, it was evident that Donald would be second runners up.

However, after a tough, rigorous and persistent campaign on Trump’s side, that was backed by his billionaire allies like Adelson, he won the election, and now he is eagerly awaiting to join the league of others like Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr. and Jr. and others who have headed the U.S.A. before him.

While President-elect was full of heated arguments that buzzed his Twitter handle throughout the campaign, Mrs. Clinton on the other hand was also entangled in the center if email controversy, what many say caused her the presidency.

It should be remembered that though many assert that the email thing caused Clinton’s failure, the FBI had before the elections acquitted her of any official email malpractice.

FBI’s Fresh Investigations And Trump’s Money

James Comey, the FBI Director who authorized that Hillary be reinvestigated a couple of days before the election was another big news that seemed to work against Hillary, who many thought could make history as the First Female President in the land of U.S.A.

After the announcement of Hillary’s reinvestigation by Mr. Comey, gave Trump’s team the needed vigor to increase his Twitter activity as his allies such as Sheldon and his wife donating over $30 billion.

Towards the very last phase of the campaign, the billionaire family pumped an extra $25 million aimed at seeing Trump in the office. During this time, it was evident that Clinton’s lead over Trump had swerved off the course.

On another dramatic even, Carl Icahn, another Donald dear friend shut down Trump Taj Mahal. While many thought that it was the end of it, Icahn put quite some amount on a budget to support Trump. Same was the case with New Frontier and Treasure Island owner Phil Ruffin.

Jim Murren, the MGM CEO was the only casino boss from LV to oppose Trump’s candidature. In an early piece to the press, Jim said, “They’re very few candidates who are as much prepared for the presidency as Hillary.” Sadly, his words did not prove to be true.

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2016 Politics & Gaming Fiasco: Who Aided Who, On What & Why
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2016 Politics & Gaming Fiasco: Who Aided Who, On What & Why
2016 witnessed two powerful sectors, politics & real money casino gaming exchanging various interests that ended up to one party.
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