A Majority Of U.S’ Bets Still Illegal, Super Bowl Shocker

Super Bowl Betting
A big event, which has been slated to take place this weekend, will proof something many people do not know yet it exists.

Atlanta Falcons are battling it out with their long-time rivals New England Patriots. The game is expected to attract approximately $4.5 billion in bets.

However, it has emerged that majority of those bets will be illegal!

Although the big board will be covered with Super Bowl LI’s offerings, it is not expected that much of the betting action would be happening in Nevada or Las Vegas. Instead, it is going to take place elsewhere, and much of it. Click here to bet the Super Bowl online At Intertops USA friendly Sportsbook.

That though is not something to surprise those who are interested in making real money casino betting sites flourish in the U.S.

Although the 1992 law decreed that gambling should not be done on professional and college sports, there are a few exceptions in the U.S.

Oregon, Delaware, Montana, and Nevada enjoy the federal statute exemptions.

According to the latest press statement from AGA, which is mandated to regulate all gambling activities across the U.S., said that about $4.7 billion is likely to be wagered during Sunday’s big game.

Speaking about the Sunday’s game, Geoff Freeman, the AGA President said, “Washington is on her way to lift the prohibition set by the federal statute for many years. During this 25th Anniversary, the lifting of the ban will benefit Washington in a big way. When playing games people love, we not only enjoy ourselves but also create jobs, leverage on the cutting-edge technological advancements, protect consumers, and generate revenue for DC from those games.”

How Bets Will Be Shared

As the game draws near, a number of U.S states and cities will scramble for the best bets. For instance, it is estimated that Nevada will collect an upward of $130 million before 6:30 pm (ET) Sunday.

It is also expected that Atlanta will have +135 bets and -155 for New England. There are however 400 prop bets for the game in Atlanta.

Even as the big day’s event draws near, casinos’ share for the Super Bowl LI is just low, ‘pennies’ for that matter because, online sportsbooks, which are the peoples’ favorite, would have taken the lion’s share. It is not surprising because, for one reason or another, it still remains the most-watched event on television throughout the year.

Is It Time For Change?

While former U.S. President Barrack Obama used the ‘Change’ slogan, Trump’s MAGA is what Americans want to see work. Betting stakeholders are waiting to see how the former casino investor and business mogul will live to his slogan.

The question many betting proponents ask is will he MAGA by introducing legislation that will see the legalization and expansion of gambling in more areas?

It should be remembered that recently, five states joined hands with New Jersey to push for the reconsidering of the legislation passed by the Third Circuit Court in 2016.

Whether the Supreme Court will revert the legislation or not, the Sunday’s big game is what many sports fans are looking forward to.

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A Majority Of U.S’ Bets Still Illegal, Super Bowl Shocker
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A Majority Of U.S’ Bets Still Illegal, Super Bowl Shocker
Atlanta Falcons are battling it out with their long-time rivals New England Patriots. Super Bowl Will Have $4.5 billion in bets. Bet Sports.
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