US President’s Name Removed From The Shuttered Trump Taj Mahal

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President’s Name Removed From The Shuttered Trump Taj Mahal

Donald Trump’s name has been officially removed from a building that has had his name for 27 years. The removal of Trump’s name comes barely a month after Trump was sworn into the loftiest position in the U.S. and exactly four months after his long-time friend Carl Icahn shuttered the gaming resort. Icahn, Trump’s Regulatory Reforms Special Adviser rescued the gaming complex from closure in 2015, when the facility was faced with bankruptcy.

Why Was The Removed From The Shuttered Trump Taj Mahal?

Even so, before Icahn could rescue the gaming facility, Trump had raised concerns over the use of his personal name on the building. However, Carl downplays his friend’s plea. In fact, he persuaded Donald to allow his name to remain on the house even after Trump’s exist from the facility. Ultimately, he fetches real money online casino gambling sites.

Donald sells Trump’s Taj Mahal to a section of developers several years before 2014. He had placed the property in the hands of a group that did not handle the gaming facility with the dignity he thought the property deserved. Read the article about With Donald Trump In The White House, There’s Hope For USA Online Gambling?

Having sold The Plaza alongside Taj Mahal, to the group sometime in 2009, he felt it wise to let the new owners manage the business. However, he also agreed with the new developers to continue using his brand name Trump Taj Mahal. In return, according to the deal, Donald would receive 10% of the revenue collected, something that did not last long. After some time, Donald decided that he did not want anything from his sold property thus asked for the removal of his brand name.

I want Trump Entertainment off the two properties

On his lawsuit, Donald claimed that the new management had tarnished his ‘reputable’ brand, when they left the two properties fall into a ‘desolate’ state. He argued that all his other properties including the ones placed on their hands had quality, prestige, luxury, and success. “I want Trump Entertainment off the two properties. For many years I have been away from Atlantic City, the two properties have been ruined. Many people still believe that I operate the properties but wonder why I would leave them the way they are. It is not Trump who operate the properties,” Trump snapped.

Name Removed

Finally, the name, Trump, was removed from the property. However, it seems that if Carl Icahn takes charge of the Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City casino property, he might be willing to reinstate his name.

Earlier, it had been agreed that if the properties are not repaired, in order to regain the quality and stature associated with the name, it would be removed from the building latest March 2017.

The 1 Billion Property

Trump bought Taj while it was still unfinished for $230 million in 1990. Donald spends $1 billion fixing the property. Barely 12 months after the completion of the property, it was declared bankrupt. The gaming property whose owner had declared the 8th wonder has found itself in a bad state over the years. On whether Taj will survive after the removal of the ‘lofty’ name, time will tell.

Where is taj mahal?

First of all, The Taj Mahal was located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, Taj Mahal does not exist anymore. It appears US President Donald Trump sold the property to the “new Hard Rock Casino”. However, it seems that the same day of the sale, billionaire Carl Icahn may have made a twenty million dollar financial commitment. Having said that, it looks like in February 2016, Trump Entertainment Resorts seems to come out of bankruptcy and becomes a subsidiary of Icahn Enterprises.

who built Taj Mahal?

First of all, Donald Trumps Taj Mahal was modeled after the Mausoleum in Agra in India. Originally, Shah Jahan is given the job to build the property in 1631. The purpose was to build the property in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Overall, his wife Mumtaz Mahal is a Persian princess. Furthermore, she dies giving birth to Gauhara Begum.

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US President’s Name Removed From The Shuttered Trump Taj Mahal
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US President’s Name Removed From The Shuttered Trump Taj Mahal
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