I’ll Place My Bet Against McGregor, Says Mayweather

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World number one boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has hinted that he will not stop at nothing when it comes to his August fight with Irishman Conor McGregor. Mayweather confirmed to the press that he would be willing to place a bet in which he firmly believes that he will emerge the winner.

Mayweather Mcgregor boxing betting
Although it was not clear whether he is betting for money, it is common sense that if he is lucky, he will walk home with a real prize. It is barely one week to the duo’s fight after several months of anticipating. Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather’s fight alone is expected to result in millions of dollars from bets.

Floyd’s announcement comes as a shock to many journalists and media personalities who did not have any idea whether a boxer is liable of betting on themselves under the law. However, as for the Gaming Control of Nevada and the State’s Athletic Commission, they do not have anything that will hamper any boxer or players who take part in a competition to even place a bet on themselves.

Mayweather has a clean winning record. Over the 49 times, the fighter has participated in national and international tournaments, and there is no record of him being beaten. He has won all the number of times he has attended. At 40 years now, he is likely to retire with yet another win. According to him, nothing will hinder him from winning against his opponent. With that good record, nothing seems to be left for McGregor who according to some professional bettors has a potential of trouncing Mayweather.

But even as sports bettors continue to put their hands together for the two boxers, there is some hope that is left on Conor. The 29-year-old Conor has more than one occasion in the past said that nothing would stop him from winning this next boxing event at the Sportsbooks.

While many people believe that Floyd Mayweather is the day’s favorite, Conor’s MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) are likely to favor him as well. It is unlikely that the 29-year-old would want to capitalize on that in order bring down Floyd Mayweather’s career that is now on its brim. Because each has his potential, it is becoming rather difficult for oddsmakers to try and balance what the boxers are likely to take home at the end of the day.

Mayweather McGregor Boxing Betting Odds

But even as it turns difficult to shuffle the lines, and the fight draws very close, oddsmakers and online bookies have every reason to smile. They will take home enough ‘juice’ that is likely to take them days before they feel the need for another one. Things are changing so fast, and they have had a profound on how thing will look like shortly. As of now, Floyd Mayweather is the people’s favorite at -500 on most sportsbooks with McGregor garnering some +375.

Hitherto, Mayweather may win a prize of close to $200 million. If that is the case, then it is the right thing too as for how much the boxer is entitled to bet? On his part, Conor, who has also hinted that he’ll place a bet is likely to get $4.41 million if odds maintain at +375.

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I’ll Place My Bet Against McGregor, Says Mayweather
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I’ll Place My Bet Against McGregor, Says Mayweather
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