College Football Betting Shocks Gamblers

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On Saturday, it was evident that college football is truly unpredictable, messing up with college football betting as all Nevada casinos online were expecting different things. As the sixth week started on Saturday and two teams that are ranked Top 25 were expected to battle things up, oblivious to the possibility of the underdogs, something crazy and unusual happened.
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It is true that the underdogs came from behind and made it astounding fans as well as gamblers across Nevada. In fact, some of the underdogs were incredibly unlikely the winners. The most significant shock of the day this was when Iowa State, which is at 2-2 that entered Saturday’s contest against Oklahoma that has never been beaten. However, at 30.5 points favorite Sooners gave in to the Cyclones who rallied from a 24-10 deep hole that includes fourteen points taken from the fourth quarter and smashed Oklahoma 38-10!

See Why College Football Betting Has Shocked Many Online Gambling Fans

Because of that turn of events, The Sooners who before Saturday’s match had an odd of 10-1 has since then lengthened the gap to 25-1 according to Westgate SuperBook.

It happened so fast that Heisman’s hopeful quarterback Baker Mayfield passed some 306 yards plus some 57 more. However, Saturday’s defeat is a definite blow to the guy who is currently hailed at the nation’s best player. As for Nevada Casinos , they have given Mayfield a +325 and think that he will emerge the winner. For now, Saquon Barkley, the Penn State running back is considered the frontrunner who is ranked at +125.

It should be understood that after the Saturday losing of the Sooners, the Nittany Lions moved up to position 3. However, as to whether they will remain in this new position or they will lose it altogether will be known in a fortnight when they take on Michigan. There is more when we speak about NCAA college football betting online especially when you look deeply look into the battle that is currently taking place inside Michigan between Michigan State and Michigan.
College Football Betting Shocks Many Online Gambling Fans

In spite of what the Spartans are facing a severe dismal performance over the last several years before 2016, and possibly low expectations in this year again, MSU has traveled to meet with the Big House. When they go, anyway, they have a single loss on record when they are facing Michigan, which in position 7. The game will be played before a crowd of some 100, 000 fans.

The underdogs, which are down by some 13 points, Michigan, with a seemingly weak defense managed to control the Wolverines’ D, who is considered the best nationwide. Brian Lewerke, the quarterback, rushed to have a score and rushed for another, which resulted in the Spartans winning 14-10 during their highly contested much at Ann Arbor.

It is interesting to see how Michigan odds have ballooned from 15-1 before Saturday’s match to 30-1. It is easy to attribute the surge of odds to Wilton Speight’s injury that is likely to put him out of shape for some days.

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College Football Betting Shocks Many Online Gambling Fans
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College Football Betting Shocks Many Online Gambling Fans
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