The Apple Store Removes Over 25,000 Illegal Casino Gambling Apps

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The Apple App Store recently removed almost twenty-five thousand illegal casino gambling apps over the weekend. If you have ever browsed the Apple Store for Apps using your iPhone or Ipad, you have an idea of the extensive mobile application selection they have. Also, they have built up a large variety of free gaming apps that are fun to play in all locations in the world. Furthermore, over the past several years, more and more gaming developers have been getting into the real money casino gambling industry. As a result, the developers have found devious ways to get their Apple iPhone and IPad apps in the Amazon, Google Play, and Apple Store. However, depending on which country or state you live in, Internet gambling may be legal, right?

Indeed, the first question that comes to mind is why Apple store allowed the 25,000 casino gambling apps in their store in the first place. After all, they have strict guidelines and an approval process, don’t they? Above all, it appears that mobile casinos with big marketing budgets hired people that knew loopholes in Apple Stores system to get these iPhone and iPad apps approved. That said, it did not seem to sit well with the Chinese Government. According to an article in ZDNET, the Chinese Government asked them to remove them. Also, it appears that these real money casino apps are illegal according to Chinese law.

Why Did The Apple Store Have Over 25,000 Illegal Casino Gambling Apps Up In The First Place?

While the mobile casino apps were illegal in China, there are several places in Europe and all over the world where they are legal. For example, the United Kingdom has legalized Internet gambling and it doesn’t appear that their government has a problem with these apps. Moreover, this may be a strike back. Also, the strike back may be to the Donald Trump and the United States (Apple is A U.S. company) for imposing tariffs on China. However, only time will tell as it appears these gambling apps have been available for Chinese citizens to play in the Apple Store for some time now.

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Will The Apple Store Remove The iPhone And IPad Casino Apps In China?

So, Will The Apple Store Remove The IPad And iPhone Casino Apps In China? It appears they have already taken action. First of all, an Apple spokesperson went on record this morning to clarify things. This morning, the spokesperson goes on record to say “We have already removed many apps and developers for trying to distribute illegal gambling apps on our App Store, and we are vigilant in our efforts to find these and stop them from being on the App Store.” Also, the spokesperson mentions “Gambling apps are illegal and not allowed on the App Store in China.”

So, how were these Chinese residents accessing the casino gambling apps in the first place? It appears that they were using virtual private network (VPN) apps, which claim to make a user anonymous. Moreover, it virtual private networks appeared to work for some time. However, Apple pulls the virtual private network (VPN) apps from their store in 2017.

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