World-Renowned Progressive Slot Mega Moolah By Microgaming Pays Out Big At Genesis Casino

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World-Renowned Progressive Slot Mega Moolah By Microgaming Pays Out Big At Genesis Casino

Serious real money online slot players are drawn to games with progressive jackpots. These slot games are tied to a network that can increase jackpots to six and even seven-figure payouts. At the top of the list among these machines is Microgaming’s Mega Moolah.

Covered in a recent company post on Microgaming’s official website, the game lived up to its name with a seven-figure jackpot. The lucky winner was playing online at Genesis Casino back on November 8. The staggering jackpot in euros was 3,252,533.70. The winner chose to remain anonymous. Playing somewhere in the UK, the prize was won on a 7.25 euro bet.

All the wins on Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network are paid out in one lump sum. An option for annuities for prizes even this big are not available

Genesis Casino is owned and operated by Genesis Global Ltd. The company was founded in 2014 by a team of gaming industry experts. The site rapidly grew in popularity. It is now at the top of the list in online entertainment in the regulated markets it serves. The skilled and passionate gamers behind the site are a big reason for such a high level of success.

The Mega Moolah franchise was first started in 2006. Microgaming recently celebrated the 13th anniversary for this record-breaking game. Year to date in 2019, this machine has paid out over 121 million euro. This money has been paid ourt over 1.7 million different jackpot wins. During this same time frame, 10 lucky players experienced life-changing wins. Each jackpot was between seven and eight figures. These 10 jackpots alone accounted for more that 50 million in winnings. The total number of winners earning 10,000 or more is currently 570.

All the figures quoted are in euros according to that day’s exchange rate. The actual jackpots were paid in multiple currencies depending on the regulated market where the hit took place.

Andrew Clucas is the Chief Operating Officer for Microgaming. His thoughts on this latest Mega Moolah jackpot were:

“Congratulations to Genesis Casino and the lucky winner of this truly life-changing win. Mega Moolah has once again delivered an amazing payout. Our industry-leading progressive jackpot network has now paid out 1.1 billion (euros). And continues to lead the way, offering players thrilling and rewarding gameplay experiences.

Also quoted on the company post was Ariel Reem as the CEO of Genesis Casino. Her thoughts echoed these sentiments. In a direct quote she stated:

“We’re ecstatic for the player on their massive win on the Mega Moolah jackpot! It’s been a thrilling ride, but one lucky player had to strike. Congratulations from everyone as Genesis Casino! We look forward to seeing many more winners on our platform.”

Microgaming has gained quite a bit of notoriety with these huge wins through its progressive jackpot network. This only adds to its reputation as a world class gaming software development company. The entire gaming portfolio consists of:

  1. Online Bingo Games
  2. Online Slot Games
  3. Land-Based Casino Products
  4. Live Dealer Table Games
  5. Poker Games
  6. Sports Betting Apps

• Source: Microgaming’s Mega Moolah pays out seven-figure jackpot to UK player at Genesis Casino From On December 5, 2019.

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World-Renowned Progressive Slot Mega Moolah By Microgaming Pays Out Big At Genesis Casino
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World-Renowned Progressive Slot Mega Moolah By Microgaming Pays Out Big At Genesis Casino
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