Finding The Value In Betting Political Props For Odds To Win The 2020 Presidential Election

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Finding The Value In Betting Political Props With The 2020 Presidential Election

In any presidential election year, politics would be a hot button for media hype. Since 2016 when Donald Trump stunned the country by winning that election, politics has remained a hot topic almost daily. Steeped in constant controversy for the first three years of his term, Trump elicits strong feelings one way or the other. His current crisis revolves around his recent impeachment by the US Congress. The trial is underway in the Senate concerning his actual removal from office.

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How To Find Value In Betting Political Props

Top online sportsbooks accepting US players have posted a series of political betting props mainly wrapped around the 2020 general election. Popular betting topics cover the Democratic nomination for president and the general race to win the White House in 2020.
Impeachment Proceedings Taking a Toll on Trump’s Impeachment Betting Odds

Most Oddsmakers do not see Trump’s removal from office happening. Furthermore, This is reflected in his highly favorable -1500 betting odds to be the Republican candidate seeking re-election. Next on that list is Mike Pence and Nikki Haley at +2500 odds.

US President Donald Trump is also the current frontrunner to will the 2020 presidential election at -135.

Smart bettors would stay away from betting those odds given what a loose cannon Trump has turned out to be. Support could drop like a dime this far out from Election Day in early November.The most heavily bet prop concerns the race for the Democratic nominee. There has been a seesaw battle for the top spot on that list going back to this time last year. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren each spent time as the favorite throughout 2019. The early 2020 numbers have moved Bernie Sanders to the top of the list at +160 odds.
Bernie Sanders is The Top Sportsbook App’s ‘Best Bet’ For The 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination
Bernie Sanders holds a slim edge over Joe Biden (+170) before the odds drop off. Now third on the list at +700, Michael Bloomberg would be the top-valued bet. He has already closed quite a bit of ground with the main contenders. More importantly, he has picked up quite a bit of momentum heading into the start of the individual state primaries.

Speaking of early primaries, the top US Sportsbooks has weighed in with prop bet odds for Iowa and New Hampshire. Sanders is a heavy favorite in both props with -225 odds in Iowa and -400 odds to win New Hampshire.

When it comes to the overall political climate, the Republican Party still has the inside edge to maintain control of the White House. That party’s betting odds to win the 2020 presidential election are set at -145. The main reason is the natural betting lean towards the incumbent.

Given the current upheaval in the nation’s political climate, all the value lies in the Democrats’ odds at +110. They are almost in a no-lose situation. Trump could easily bury himself over the next several months given his completely unpredictable nature. The Democrats will quickly unite the party around one central candidate to lead the charge. Trump’s impeachment does not appear to have had all that much impact on the current betting odds. Yet, everything is always subject to change.

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Finding The Value In Betting Political Props With The 2020 Presidential Election
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Finding The Value In Betting Political Props With The 2020 Presidential Election
Discover How You Can Find The Value In Betting Political Props With The Odds To WIn 2020 Presidential Election. Betting Odds: Trump Removal From Office?
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