What Are The Betting Odds To Win Political Party Control Following The 2020 Election?

Discover The Online Betting Odds To Win Political Party Will Be In Control Of The White House Following The 2020 Presidental Election

Discover The Online Betting Odds To Win Political Party Will Be In Control Of The White House Following The 2020 Presidental Election

The main topic of conversation in Washington DC these days centers around navigating the country through the coronavirus crisis. Most states have yet to reach their peak and the long road to recovery still lies ahead. The only good news right now is that the current situation will not last forever.

The other main topic in the Nation’s Capital is the 2020 general election this November. That has been put on the backburner in recent weeks given the current situation. However, it will once again occupy each political party’s agenda as we move closer to November 3.

How To Bet On Political Party Control Following The 2020 Election?

The highly-rated online sportsbook Bovada continues to keep tabs on politics as a popular betting topic. Interest remains high in the absence of live sports right now. The overall lineup of betting prop options covering the election continue to increase due to demand.

As far as the outright winner for the presidential vote, incumbent Republican Donald Trump is a -125 favorite. Democratic hopeful Joe Biden is set as a +125 second-favorite. The odds drop to +3300 for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is not even in the race. Hillary Clinton and current vice president Mike Pence round out the Top 5 at longer +5000 odds.

Betting on the winning party of the presidential election, the Republicans are -125 favorites with the odds for the Democrats set at -105.

Breaking things down even further for the election results, Democrats are -280 favorites to win the popular vote. Republicans have +205 odds to win that aspect of the vote. The odds to win the Electoral College vote for a number of different states are also on the betting board.

When it comes to the future control the House and Senate, prop bet odds are in place for both. Control of the US House of Representatives following November’s election favor the Democrats at -290. The odds the Republican Party regains control are set at +210.

The Republicans’ odds to maintain control of the Senate are set at -180. The Democrats’ odds to take over the majority are set at +135.

A prop covering the overall balance of power favors the current status quo. The odds are set at +120 the two branches will remain split as they are right now. The odds the Democrats control both after the election are +170. The odds the Republicans gain control of both are much longer at +280.

Along with the full set of props for US politics, US Sportsbooks has expanded its board to include two foreign countries as follows:

  1. Betting odds Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel’s Prime Minister (as of Dec. 31, 2020)
    YES: -260 NO: +175
  2. Betting odds Nicolas Maduro is president of Venezuela (as of Dec. 31, 2020)
    YES: -190 NO: +145

Anyone looking to take a flyer on a high-yield prop can win $500 on a $100 bet. The prop is will @TheRealDonaldTrump will be kicked off Twitter before 2022? The odds for NO are set at -900.


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