General Election Odds: Political Betting Props For Individual State Electoral Winners

General Election Odds Political Betting Props For Individual State Electoral Winners

General Election Odds Political Betting Props For Individual State Electoral Winners

Amid the coronavirus crisis, November’s general election for president continues to be second-page news. Donald Trump remains in a strong position to represent the Republican Party as the incumbent. Joe Biden is the clear frontrunner to win the Democratic nomination for president. However, with no live sports to bet on, interest remains high when it comes to betting on this event. Overall, the popular online sportsbook Bovada has Trump listed as a -125 favorite to win the general election with Biden set as a +125 second-favorite.

How Can You Use Political Betting Props For Individual State Electoral Winners?

Additional prop bet options have the Republicans set as -125 favorites to retain control of the White House. The betting odds the Democrats take over the highest elected office in the country are a close -105. Interestingly enough, the Democrats are heavy -275 favorites to win the popular vote with Republicans set as +200 underdogs.

Winning the general election in early November still comes down to the Electoral College vote for each individual state. There are states that lean heavily towards one party or the other. There are also quite a few states that could go either way with the final electoral vote count.

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As another interesting way to bet on the November election, this US Sportsbook has set electoral vote props for 15 different battleground states.

Starting with Arizona at the top of the list, Democrats get the edge at -125. The betting odds for Republicans are -105 in what should be one of the tightest races. Another tight race on the board is Wisconsin with a -140 lean towards Democrats. The Republican odds are set at +105.

Democrats also get the edge in battleground states such as Pennsylvania at -160 verse +120 odds for Republicans. Their odds to win Michigan are set at -170 with +130 odds for Republicans as underdogs.

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The biggest edge for Democrats on this US Sportsbooks betting board is in both Colorado and Virginia at -1200 odds. The odds for Republicans in both of those contests are +600.

As far as states lining up as favorites for Republicans, Texas would top the list at -450. The odds for Democrats winning that state are set at +300. Another Republican stronghold on the board would be Iowa at -320 odds. Democrats are +230 underdogs in that state.

Florida is always a battleground state when presidential elections roll around. The Republicans currently hold the edge as -170 favorites with Democrats set as +130 underdogs. Staying in the Deep South, Georgia leans Republican a bit heavier at -250 verse +185 for the Democrats.

Of the 15 states with prop odds for electoral votes, the Democrats are favored in nine of those races.

Also on the board is a prop for the margin of victory in electoral votes. The winning party needs at least 270 total votes to claim a majority out of 538 total votes.

The best odds for this prop are +800 that the Democrats win by 30 to 59 electoral votes. The best odds for Republicans winning are +900 with the same 30 to 59 vote margin. This points to a very tight outcome either way.



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