How To Make A Bracket For March Madness

How To Make A Bracket For March Madness

It’s that time of year again, when millions of college hoops fans are confronted with a conundrum. They spend their hard-earned money on an entry fee in a March Madness bracket pool only to suffer defeat at the hands of someone who knows what he or she is doing.

However, there is a solution to this problem – learn how to fill out NCAA brackets with my assistance and become someone who knows what they’re doing.

People have been studying NCAA bracketology for a long time. No one has found the secret to winning, but you can still find an edge by looking at the results from past tournaments.

Some things are beyond our control, such as whether or not a 16th seed beats a 1st seed in the first round of the tournament. Using the data we discovered, though, you may learn how to fill out your tournament bracket and stay in the race until the championship game.

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2022 March Madness: Complete Dates And Schedule

Here is a full list of the tournament’s dates, locations, and venues for each round:


Selection SundayMarch 13N/AN/A
First FourMarch 15 and 16Dayton, OhioUD Arena
First/SecondMarch 17 and 19Buffalo, New YorkKeyBank Center
First/SecondMarch 17 and 19Indianapolis, IndianaGainbridge Fieldhouse
First/SecondMarch 17 and 19Fort Worth, TexasDickies Arena
First/SecondMarch 17 and 19Portland, OregonModa Center
First/SecondMarch 18 and 20Greenville, South CarolinaBon Secours Wellness Arena
First/SecondMarch 18 and 20Milwaukee, WisconsinFiserv Forum
First/SecondMarch 18 and 20Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPPG Paints Arena
First/SecondMarch 18 and 20San Diego, CaliforniaViejas Arena
Sweet 16/Elite EightMarch 24 and 26San Antonio, TexasAT&T Center
Sweet 16/Elite EightMarch 24 and 26San Francisco, CaliforniaChase Center
Sweet 16/Elite EightMarch 25 and 27Chicago, IllinoisUnited Center
Sweet 16/Elite EightMarch 25 and 27Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaWells Fargo Center
Final FourApril 2 and 4New OrleansCaesars Superdome


Learn How To Fill Out A NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

To have a successful bracket in a NCAA basketball pool, you need to start strong. This means winning some points in the early rounds. The later rounds are worth more points, but it is often the earlier rounds that decide who wins the pool.

Some people have trouble when they fill out brackets in the first round because they do not know what to do with the lesser-known teams in the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament. If you want to make good choices in the first round of betting, you need to pay attention to the betting spreads. In particular, focus on the number 5 in your NCAA tournament bracket.

Since 1996, teams favored by 5 NCAA march madness betting points or more in first-round games have won 85.4 percent of the time.

We looked at the results from 1996 until now. We found that the March Madness betting favorite in the opening round won 74.8% of games. However, if you use a “cut-off spread” of 5 points, then the favored team will win 85.4% of college basketball games.

There is a big difference between teams that are favored by 5 points or more and those that are not. The team that is favored is more likely to win. So, if you are picking a team to win in the first round of March Madness, make sure they are the ones who are favored by 5 points or more.

If it is less than 5, look for weaknesses and see who the better team is coming into the tournament using our matchup reports. This should ensure a high percentage of correct picks in the first round on the entire tournament.

Beat The Competition In Your Office Pool By Picking The College Basketball Underdogs

In the second round of the NCAA Tournament bracket, things get more difficult. This is when people often lose and their brackets get busted. It has only happened twice since 1997 that all four No. 2 seeds advanced to the Sweet 16. So you should be looking to eliminate at least one No. 2 seed from the final 16 teams in the final 16.

The trouble is selecting the right one, but we can help pick a winner.

It’s only happened twice since 1997 that all four No. 2 seeds advanced to the Sweet 16.

Be on the lookout for No. 2 seeds who have won six or fewer games in their last ten games. In the last twenty years, fifteen of these teams have lost in the second round. Nine out of these fifteen teams were from the most recent three tournaments. For example, Louisville lost in 2017 and Kansas lost in 2015.

How To Fill Out Your NCAA Bracket

There are three red flags you need to watch out for at online outlets if your team is a No. 2 seed. The first is a high turnover rate. The second is poor three-point shooting. The third is if the other team averages more free throws than your team does. No. 3 seeds have a similar chance of winning in the second round as No. 2 seeds.

Here is a list of how each seed has done in the second round of this year’s tournament since 1996.

Second-Round Records Since 1996


Second-Round Record
#181-14 (85.3%)
#259-32 (64.8%)
#353-31 (63.1%)
#447-29 (61.8%)
#531-27 (53.4%)
#626-33 (44.1%)
#718-36 (33.3%)
#810-41 (19.61%)
#95-40 (11.1%)
#1019-23 (45.2%)
#1115-22 (40.5%)
#1213-25 (34.2%)
#135-15 (25%)
#141-10 (9.1%)
#151-5 (16.67%)
#160-1 (0.0% I think … couldn’t find a calculator)


It Is Not Profitable To Be Square

Yes, that was a mean-spirited way to start this section. But it’s warranted because I’m trying to get a point across. Don’t put all of the best teams in the NCAA tournament into the Final Four. This only happens once in a while.

The first consideration for a No. 1 seed is to make sure they don’t lose too early in the tournament. This way, they will have a better chance of making it to the later rounds. Since 1996, 84.4% of No. 1 seeds have advanced to the Sweet 16, and 67.71% have made it to the elite eight. In the last 20 years, only 40.6% of No. 1 seeds have made it to the Final Four.Since 1996, the majority of tournament winners (91.67%) have been a top-three seed.

This leads us up to the championship game. In at least 14 out of the last 19 years, the championship game has had one No. 1 seed. In order to have a good matchup, your championship game should involve no team seeded lower than No. 5 because 16 out of the last 18 championships have had teams seeded from 1-5.

Nearly 92% of tournament winners since 1996 have been one of the top three seeds. The top seeds has won 16 times in that time period, so don’t count on your No. 12 seed to go on a Cinderella run this year.

Tips For Winning Your NCAA Bracket

Since 2001, half of the teams who made it to the championship game in the conference tournament went on to win that tournament.

Don’t like the team that lost in the conference championship game? That’s okay, most people don’t. In fact, only 10.53% of teams that made it to the championship game were runners-up from their conference tournaments.

The size of your bracket pool can determine what type of strategy you use to fill out your bracket. If there are not many people in your pool, it might be safe to have a bracket with a lot of favorites. I suggest using our futures odds as a starting point to determine how many teams to advance in the tournament. You’ll also need to use betting spreads to determine your opening-round picks.

If you want to win a large bracket pool, you will need to take more risk. Sites like Turner sports network, bleacher report, and ESPN entertainment network the most popular team to win the entire tournament.Many people will pick the same team to win. You should pick a different team to win.

Stick To The Facts

When filling out NCAA bracket challenge, it is usually better to use facts and probabilities rather than your gut feeling. The NCAA Tournament is one of the hardest events in sports to predict.

It is hard to predict which teams will make it to the Final Four. In 2011, for example, VCU and Butler made it, even though they were both seeded lower than No. 11. The same thing happened in 2015 when Michigan State made it to the Final Four as a No. 7 seed.

Making predictions about things like this is mostly a matter of luck. Anyone who tells you they “just had a feeling” or “really believed” in that 13 seed is probably lying to you.


NCAA Bracket Tips

You can learn how to fill out NCAA brackets online, but you can also use some of the tips in this article to bet on individual games.I’ll be betting moneyline parlays on teams who are favored by 5 or more in the first round, and I’ll also bet on some upset games in the second round between No. 2 and No. 3 seeds.


How To Fill Out A March Madness Bracket FAQ

My bracket busted already. Should I bet on March Madness instead?

Yes, you should definitely bet on NCAA March Madness. In fact, even if your bracket has been blown to smithereens, it’s not too late to learn how to bet on the tournament. We have a tutorial that explains in detail everything from how to read college basketball odds, to the kind of bets you can make on the tournament

Are prop bets and brackets the same thing for March Madness?

Brackets are when you bet on who will win the tournament. Props are when you bet on things like how many rebounds a player will have or how many wins a conference will have.If you want to win the bracket challenge, you need to correctly predict the outcome of every March Madness game. This is very hard to do, but not impossible. The bracket challenge odds of guessing correctly are about 1 in 9.2 quintillion.

How do you make a March Madness bracket on ESPN?

To create a bracket, go to the game’s frontpage and click on the “Create A Bracket” button. You will need to enter your game settings, such as your entry name. After you are done editing these options, click the Create A Bracket button at the bottom of the page. You have now created an Entry.

How do you make a good March Madness bracket?

Make sure you have the most recent information before you fill out your bracket. For example, this year there are a lot of good teams who are in the lower part of the bracket. So, make sure to pick at least one 11 seed and one 12 seed to advance in the tournament. But don’t go too crazy with your upset picks. In the Final Four, use chalk. 1 seeds are the best.

Where can I make a March Madness bracket?

To make your bracket, go to or download the ESPN Tournament Challenge app. You can pick the teams you think will win each tournament game from the first round all the way through the championship game. Or you can let ESPN do it for you!

How are March Madness teams selected?

There are two ways that a team can make it to the NCAA tournament. The first way is if they win their conference’s postseason tournament. The second way is if they get chosen as one of the 32 teams who get an automatic bid. If a team did well during the regular season, but they are eligible for postseason play and they win their conference tournament, that team is automatically selected to go to the NCAA tournament.

The second way to get invited to the tournament is called an at-large bid. The selection committee meets after all regular season and conference tournament games are played. They decide which 36 teams (37 in 2021) that have the right skills can be invited to the tournament.

If March Madness has starts, can I fill out a bracket online?

Once the college basketball Division 1 men’s tournament starts, it is no longer worth it to fill out a bracket. We suggest you go to one of the best online sportsbooks and place your bets. Just make sure you are doing so at one of these best online betting sites for March Madness.

What is the March Madness selection committee?

The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Committee is responsible for selecting teams for the NCAA Tournament. They also seed the teams and decide on the bracket. The committee has 10 members who are nominated by their conference, serve a five-year term, and represent a variety of colleges in Division I.

How do they decide which teams get an at-large bid?

There are many different stats and rankings that the Selection Committee looks at when deciding who gets an at-large bid. But there is no one set of rules that decides this.

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