See How Virtual Reality The Future Of Mobile Casino Gambling

Virtual Reality Casino

Is Virtual Reality The Future Of Mobile Casino Gambling?

Immersive multimedia and Computer-simulated Virtual reality has already come to PlayStation and it appears to be coming to the Internet and mobile casino gambling. The question that many people have is will real money casino gambling sites like Game Account Network (GAN) and New York’s Empire City be the future of casino gambling.

So, How Is Virtual Reality Affecting The Future Of Mobile Casino Gambling?

Indeed, Online gamers are excited. It appears that people in the medical and military professions use headsets to gamble. However, there are many other virtual reality applications. Furthermore, this provides a life-like gaming experience. Additionally, it provides excellent training methods for the medical industry. Also, this includes the American military.

Interestingly, There Are VR Games At New York’s Empire City Casino?

Indeed, The millennial generation craves VR games to play. More specifically, they crave VR games to play for real money. However, now you can play Virtual Reality slot machines for real money at New York’s Empire City Casino. Having said that, you can enjoy these games on the Internet. Also, have fun using your mobile Smartphone. Ultimately, this is courtesy of the Game Account Network (GAN).

The way someone can get started with one of these VR games is to pick up a desktop or laptop computer that is powerful enough to handle this software package. They will also need the Facebook social networks Oculus Rift VR headset.

Allegedly Dermot Smurfit, who is the CEO of Game Account Network (GAN) feels that this market is growing at a rapid pace. Dermot Smurfit also allegedly feels that the target market will be men from the ages of thirty years old up to fifty-four years old.

Men And Women Like Virtual Or Augmented Reality

Most importantly, This is a different market from the USA casino market. Furthermore, it appears men and women of all ages like playing the best progressive slots. Having said that, there may be another site that may give the Game Account Network (GAN) and New York’s Empire City casino a run for their money. SlotsMillion is a real money mobile gambling site that is located outside of the United States of America that currently is offering their own games using virtual reality software.

So, Is SlotsMillion Casino The Only VR Gambling Site?

It appears that SlotsMillion along with many other companies is betting on the fact that playing a VR game for real money with close the gap between spinning the wheels on a regular mobile slot machine versus sitting at a land casino playing a game. Overall we do not know if virtual reality is going to be the future of real money casino gambling but there are some companies with big marketing dollars that are betting on it.


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