Kansas Racing And Gaming Commission Crack Down on Illegal Slots in Two Locals?

Kansas Racing And Gaming Commission Crack Down on Illegal Slots in Two Locals

Kansas Racing And Gaming Commission Crack Down on Illegal Slots in Two Locals

Did you hear that Kansas has cracked down on illegal slot machines on two local? Many states face the dilemma of illegal gambling within their borders. While this cuts into the profits of legal casino properties, it also cuts into tax revenue. The Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission is upping its efforts to combat illegal gambling in this state. Local NBC news affiliate www.kshb.com recently reported on the gaming commission’s efforts in Lancing and Leavenworth, Kansas. Recently, we covered this story in our gambling news video and podcast.

In late November, the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission conducted raids in these two cities.

With the help of local police departments, four search warrants were served to area gas stations The gaming commission launched an investigation due to complaints from residents in both Lancing and Leavenworth. The complaints were tied to illegal gaming machines. One local witness to one of the raids was Anthony Brugman. His comments in this report were:

“I came out of work and there was a cop car blocking off the Metropolitan entrance. And then there was an unmarked car blocking off another entrance. They were just there for four hours.”

One gas station in Lansing was part of the investigation. The other three warrants were served to gas stations in Leavenworth. The Lansing location was the Finish Line on Main Street. The Fast Stop on Metropolitan Street was the Leavenworth location Mr. Brugman commented on. The other two locations were Hometown Gas and More on Broadway Street and the Conoco off Fourth Avenue.

The gaming commission confirmed the removal of eight illegal machines total. Money associated with the machines was also confiscated. It was also added that all the machines were gambling devices. They were classified as ‘games of chance’. It was also noted that each machine was found in plain sight. None of the devices were hidden within the locations.

Mr. Brugman went on to add:

“A lot of gas stations seemed like they had them. They had those quarter machines that you put quarters in and it moves back and forth.”

A reporter from the local news source spoke off-camera with the owner of the Conoco. He confirmed that investigators with the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission served the warrant. The store had two slots machines that were removed along with the money.

The owner admitted that the two slots were in plain view against a wall in the store. He also admitted they had been there for the past five months. He claimed that he did not know they were illegal. This was after a company had approached him about placing the machines in his store.

Most forms of gambling in Kansas are illegal. The exceptions include:

  1. State-owned casinos
  2. Tribal casinos
  3. Regulated dog and horse racing facilities
  4. Non-profit bingo
  5. State-run lottery

With the exception of the Tribal casinos and bingo, the state owns and runs all other forms of real money gambling. The investigation continues with forensic testing on the confiscated machines. Once completed, everything will be turned over to the county prosecutor. This will determine if any criminal charges will be filed.


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