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3D, Las Vegas Style Casino Slot Games, Penny Slots, Underwater, video slot
릴 :
5 릴
페이 라인 :
50 Payline 프로그레시브 슬롯 잭팟 머신
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Open Season slots are one of the rare games you will never have enough of. This slot with a hunting theme is a Slotland development. The 3D Slot has 5 릴 and 50 페이 라인. Everything you may need in a modern slot, are in this game. You can think of free spins, 분산 형 기호, and a progressive jackpot. If you are a serious and ambitious gambler, you can’t miss this slot. Although the game does not give much of its pedigree, you can tell. Yes, you can tell the story of the origin of the video slot machine.

The game opens with a fireplace. This fire is in the open. The type of fire in this slot is not a wildfire. It doesn’t run wild to devour any property. Above all, it is as if the fire is lighting a lodge. Also, it is also providing warmth to those camping outside the cold. That is the first impression you will get from the online slot machine. But before we look at the finer details, here is a quick look. Having an overview of this game will help you make a good judgment.

Open Season Slots Game Data

· Name of Game: Open Season Slots.
· Software Developer: Slotland.
· Reels: 5.
· Paylines: 50.
· Minimum Betting Amount (per line): $0.02.
· Maximum Betting Amount (per line): $0.50.
· The Maximum Coin In a Single Line: 1.
· Maximum Prize: Jackpot.
· Maximum Betting Amount (all lines): $25.00
· There is a Wild Symbol.
· No Free Spins.
· There is a Bonus Round.
· Progressive Jackpot: Yes.
· Random jackpot: No.
· Bonus Multiples: No.
· Scatters: Yes.

If you want real action on this game, look at the reels. Also, this is where you will see how the action unfolds. You will be able to see many icons right at the heart of reels. Some of the notable icons you’ll see are:

1. Bears.
2. Dogs.
3. Themed poker suits.
4. Fish.
5. Geese.

The Free Spin Mode

Do you see any of the above icons show on the reels? If yes, know that it is about to trigger a feature. That is where you need to direct all your efforts to. Players have the option of waging as low as $1, $2, $5, $10, and $25. It is funny that a back of dogs on slot triggers the Wilds. A lot more action takes place during the free spin. In this game, there are also scatters. These symbols look like a deer. For you to trigger the free spin mode, you have to land on three deer.

Learn How Open Season Slots Progressive Jackpot Is Different

Coincidentally, the progressive jackpot is very different. You do not need any specific symbol to trigger it. In fact, any number of winning combinations can activate the progressive jackpot. And for your information, the jackpot prize is juicy. The ultimate prize is $50, 000. But you also need to know that Open Season Slots’ progressive jackpot increases. Above all, this happens every time a player loses in a game. So, if you want to get a lot more money, hold your fingers. Play when many are losing. But ensure you are the lucky one.상단

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