I Hope New Jersey Gets Legal Sports Betting Go-Ahead, Outgoing NJ Governor

NJ Governor Has High Hopes For Legal Online Sports Betting


Outgoing New Jersey Chris Christie is a man in total support of legal sports betting. He is saying that he does not have any problem if Sportsbook betting is legal in the whole country. Online sports betting is nearly a total ban in the U.S. The outgoing governor says his past life is strange. He says those are many years ago. Today, he is a law-abiding person. Some of the things he says he is doing in his 20s.

Why Does Chris Christie Want Legal Online Sports Betting In New Jersey?

“I won’t lie: I make some underground sports bets in my life. I’ve also smoke pot, buy concert tickets from scalpers, and hung out at bars. From here, I throw back cocktails hours after legal drink service officially wraps up. (Okay, maybe that last one happens when I’m in my 20s, come to think of it),” says Christie.

He agrees that there is no problem is doing the activities. Christie recognizes that the actions in his life turn him into a lawbreaker. Today, things change fast. He is a law-abiding citizen he is an outgoing NJ Governor!

There Is A Dark Side To Everything

“I’m not the only law-abiding person who occasionally gets it wrong. There is a dark side to almost everything and everybody. Play NJ says that in 2017, more than $4 billion goes to illegal wagering. Most importantly, this means people are doing illegal business disguising it to be genuine. December 4, 2017, is a day to remember. In this day, the State of New Jersey takes it down in court with the federal government. Te aim of the suit is to ask the federal government do something.

NJ wants the federal government to lift the ban on sports betting online. Nearly all states in the USA are under the ban. They are not able to run sports betting. The exemption only touches a few. The number of states on the exemption does not exceed 5!

Will The U.S. Supreme Court agrees to the plea by The Garden State?

The ban on sport gambling (Not eSports betting) is in the United States of America since 1992. Most importantly, this is the time Professional, and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) starts to work. If the U.S. Supreme Court agrees to the plea by New Jersey, it will be a relief. That will bring an end of the ban. Also, This will give way to legalization of sports betting.

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The State of New Jersey will start to work on legislation. Above all, this is to be in readiness for sports betting in case the court agrees. During the mention of the case, different justices have different opinions. Justice Stephen Breyer says that some things are not clear. “All we have here are a group of provisions telling states what they cannot do. At the same time the federal government does not have a clear federal policy,” says Justice Stephen Breyer.
 NJ Governor Has High Hopes For Legal Online Sports Betting

That statement alone from Justice Stephen Breyer brings a sigh of relief. Although it is early, such statements bring hope. Many people are eagerly waiting for a day. People in New Jersey are waiting to see what the court decides. They want to see if the court can finally remove the ban on online sports betting in NJ.


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