Let ‘Em Ride Poker Player Turns $286, 924 Jackpot Into Over $900, 000

Let ‘Em Ride Poker Player Turns $286, 924 Jackpot Into Over $900, 000

“I cannot believe myself. I win today, and I continue winning tomorrow… I’m still shaking.” These are the words of a Janusz Z. The player is still holding his breath after winning from Intertop Casino Red.

TheLet ‘Em Ride Poker player says it is unbelievable. He can change $286, 924 to a whopping $900, 000. To many players, poker is a hard game.

See How Intertops Casino Let ‘Em Ride’ Gambler Turns $286, 924 Jackpot Into Over $900, 000

It has a fast pace. That is the reason why many go to other games. Let ‘Em poker is different. The five-card poker is relaxed. The game has a slow pace. That is why Janusz chooses it.

In this game, players compete against the dealer. They do not play against other players. This makes it play at your own pace.

You will need to place $1 on the first 3 cards. Two community cards are dealt. There is a revealing f community cards. At this point, you can either fold or raise the bet.

“Of all the games, I love poker. But it is usually fast. Let ‘Em poker is the best. You don’t have to do it fast. You play at your pace. It is relaxing when I play Let ‘Em Poker. It is just the dealer and me,” says Janusz.

The best thing in Let ‘Em Poker is its progressive jackpot. This is how Janusz is able to win. You must spend good money for you to win. To be eligible, you must pay between $1 and $500. This is apart from the $1 that you must place at first.

If a player hits the Royal Flush, they win the entire jackpot. You will get 10% of the jackpot if you hit a straight flush.

Four of straight flushes will win you $500. But the full house payment is $100. You will get $75 for the flush.

Intertops Casino is a high-end gaming site. It has massive jackpots. Others go beyond $ million. For instance, the Aztec’s Millions comes with a jackpot of $2, 357, 245!

Win The Progressive Jackpot Pinatas Slot Machine At Intertops Casino

Jackpot Pinatas has $1, 810, 996. In December, Intertops is running another progressive jackpot. The value of the jackpot stands at nearly $400, 000.

The casino runs a contest. It is called the ‘$120, 000 Ancient Superstars Bonus Contest.’ This gives frequent players to play for top bonuses.

This competition does not need you to have any qualifications. You need to be of the gambling age. You are eligible.

Each week, somebody must walk home with $500. This completion runs until December 4th. Those who take position 1 through 20 go into another competition. They will play for $1000.

Real Time Gaming powers Intertops. The online gaming site stores a wide selection of slots. You can find many popular table games. Are you curious about slot machine cheats? Find out more about cheating in over here

Most of these games come with huge prizes. Many players visit the site.
Let ‘Em Ride Poker Player Turns $286, 924 Jackpot Into Over $900, 000
You can find Swindle All The Way. The casino stocks this new game that has come out the other day. This Christmas slot machine is now in the same group with others.

They include:

Naughty or Nice.
Rudolph’s Revenge.

Next time it might be you Intertops Casino is giving a progressive jackpot.


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