Mattress Mack Super Bowl Bet 2022

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Mattress Mack Super Bowl Bet 2022

With the legalization of online sports betting, the amount of money being wagered is rapidly increasing every month. But, it seems that one Super Bowl bet takes the cake when it comes to mobile Super Bowl wagering. The furniture mogul, Jim McIngvale, better known as “Mattress Mack,” has reportedly placed a $4.53 million bet that the Bengals will be the winners of Super Bowl LVI. Now, let’s dig into Mattress Mack Super Bowl Bet 2022.

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The Record Mobile Bet was Made in Louisiana

McIngvale resides in Texas where online betting is still not illegal. So, he had to drive some 100 miles across the border to Louisiana where he placed what is likely the biggest mobile wager in US history.

Louisiana Is The State With The Largest Bet Withing 10 Days Of Sports Betting Being Legalized

That way, Louisiana had the honor of being the state with the largest bet ever less than 10 days since the betting became legal in the state. Placing the bet itself was all but glamorous. Mattress Mack stopped by the convenience store just across the border where he made the wager using the Ceasar’s Sportsbook app. According to the Louisiana legislature, bets can only be made from inside the state’s territory.

Outrageous Mattress Mack Super Bowl Bet 2022

Outrageous wagers are nothing new for the furniture mogul. In fact, he became famous for betting large sums of money and gained a large online following in the process. However, a lot of people don’t know that he doesn’t take the same risk most of the other bettors do. McIngvale uses wagers to hedge sports-related promotions at his store. The latest bet came after his company promised refunds for all mattresses and furniture in case the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl.

A 7.7 Million Dollar Payout If The Bengals Win The Super Bowl 56?

So, if the Bengals beat the Rams on Sunday, the $7.7 million dollar payout will cover the cost of all refunds. Even though he’s out $4.53 million at the moment, McIngvale says that the bet created a positive buzz among the customers and increases the recognition of his brand. On the other hand, the bet this big made it to the news and also garnered some excitement about Ceasar’s Sportbook.

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So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

In a statement, McIngvale thanked the Ceasar’s for taking his bet. He also noted that other online bookies refused to take the bet of that size or offered him lower odds. Ceasar’s Sportsbook representatives responded by saying that they embrace taking the biggest bet on the most prominent events.

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Super Bowl Is The Pinnacle Of The Online Betting Season

Indeed, the Mattress mack story only confines what we all already know. Ultimately, the Super Bowl is undoubtedly the biggest betting event of the year. Furthermore, it’s also the event that still holds the record for the biggest single wager in US betting history. Back in 2002, a bettor places a wager worth $7.9 million at -900 odds.

McIngvale said that he initially tried and failed to make a single bet worth $4.53 million.

So, instead, he wagered the money by making multiple bets. According to Ceasar’s Sportsbook officials, their system is designed in a way. Ultimately, it handles the wager of that size on a single bet slip. What do you think about the Mattress Mack Super Bowl Bet 2022? Well, let us know on social media.

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