New 5 Reel Video Slot Reel POKER SLOTS

Enjoy The All New 5 Reel Video Slot Reel POKER SLOTS NOW

Enjoy The All New 5 Reel Video Slot Reel POKER SLOTS NOW

WGS Vegas Technology has released their latest game. It is an instant play and downloadable online poker slot machine. Reel Poker Slots is more than an electronic gambling machine and a video poker game. It is an awesome combination of both! Each one of the reels has a standard 52 card deck and brings a 61% hit rate! This means that there are 100s of ways to win plus you will most likely see more cash prizes in a less volatile game.

How Is This New 5 Reel Video Slot Reel POKER SLOTS?

One thing that makes this downloadable slot machine unique is that the prizes are paid out without the symbols being left or right-aligned or in order. It is an electronic gambling machine that plays out like a video poker game that is juiced up on steroids!

So, Its A Juiced Up Slots Game On Steriods?

Miami Club instant play Internet casino have the game in their inventory. It is currently available to play on the net with no download in an instant or you can download the game. WGS Vegas Technology has not released the mobile version yet. There are 200 coupons available at Miami Club so make sure that you TAKE ACTION NOW. Enter the code REEL5 to claim your free chip plus you’re exclusive above advertised welcome bonus promotion. This giveaway comes with a 40% wagering requirement and starts on November 9, 2016. It ends on December 31, 2016.

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Available In Instant Play And Download

This brand new instant play and downloadable online poker slot machine comes with a free spin feature that is triggered completely at random. Players are allowed to get up to 20 free spins plus your wins will be multiplied by up to five times! Another great feature about Reel Poker Slots is that your chances for receiving this is exactly the same as the lower number of free spins and multipliers.

Get Lucky With This Poker Slot Game And Trigger The Jackpot

Indeed, get lucky and select an x2 card. Furthermore, double the number of free spins! There is one double card in from the 15 displayed. The fact that there are 3 jackpots in the 5 reel game on top of the fact that there are more than 100 ways to win makes it even more desirable to enjoy playing.

There is a minor and a major jackpot. The minor starts at 75.00, while the major begins at 750.00. Both of them are “Must Win” jackpots. This means that it must be won and is at stake every spin you make. The more you play the better your odds of winning the must-win jackpot.

So, Why Do You Have To Bet Five Coins?

The progressive jackpot. However, you have to bet at least 5 coins. The fact that there are one hundred lines gives the player much better odds of receiving a sequential royal flush. All that you have to do is keep playing and your chances of becoming the next lucky winner grow each time you spin the reels.

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