New Jersey Moves Inches Closer To Legalizing Sports Betting, The Year Ends Without

New Jersey Casinos Get Closer To Legalizing Sports Betting

Did You Know That New Jersey Casinos Are Getting Closer To Legalizing Sports Betting? The last 12 months are as hectic as you cannot imagine sports enthusiasts in New Jersey Since 2011, residents are voting for the legalization of sports betting. But their vote is landing on bad hands. At least, there are good listeners. The challenge is NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB move in to object. They bring their claims before the legal justice system. Their reason for arguing is simple. It is true that each of the petitioners is looking after personal interest.

The lawsuit says, “The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) overrides state law.” In a way, they are saying that what PASPA says is final. No other laws will govern sports betting other than PASPA. It is not an easy battle because each side of the case reports its right. Above all, this is what justices are trying to look. In the end, a solution will be available. But that will be after a long struggle.

Why Are New Jersey Casinos Getting Closer To Legalizing Sports Betting In 2018?

The last 12 months are busy. The state representatives and the NCAA and others opposing the deal maintain a strong stance. What is worse is that the Supreme Court receive about 8, 000 petitions a year. But the bad thing is that the legal system does not allow for all cases to end. It is because of this reason that only 100 or so cases end. The rest over 7, 500 instances wait even longer. Also, this is the worst thing that will get any petition. If we are to follow the chronology, then other cases may not come to an end. They are too many.

Making Steps

On the 4th of December, lawyers representing the state present their argument. The aim is to deduce evidence that the state is acting within its legitimate means. They are also asking the nine justices that the state should relook at its laws. These justices are to look at the evidence. Ted Olson, the former US Solicitor General, has a word. He says that PASPA is wrong. On his part, PASPA violates the constitution. He maintains that the current prohibition on sports betting is wrong. The former Solicitor General says the federal government is acting as an accomplice. It is making states to violate the 10th Amendment.
New Jersey Casinos Get Closer To Legalizing Sports Betting
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There is more to the argument. The state through its representatives says it is not wrong to enact laws. In fact, lawyers say that PASPA knows the truth. It reads, “PASPA mandates states embrace a law that the federal government itself doesn’t fully enforce.” In the US, sports betting only takes place in 4 states. It is legal in Oregon, Montana, Delaware, and Nevada. Several other states are now trying to get the approval. New Jersey is one of the states.

But it is not easy. The process has to start with a referendum. Through a public vote, a given percentage must agree. It is after this that the vote passes through several stages. In many past occasions, referendums face fierce opposition. Sports betting is a prohibition in general in the US. But New Jersey casino industry is trying its best.


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