North Jersey Casinos Awaiting Meadowlands Racetrack Operator Jeff Gural?

Meadowlands New Jersey

North Jersey Casinos Awaiting Meadowlands Racetrack Operator Jeff Gural

Jeff Gural, who went on the news for engaging in a serious campaign that would see the end of casino monopoly in Atlantic City, now says that he is more than willing to be patient as he watches how things unfold in North New Jersey.

Gural has said that by allowing a gaming facility that aligns its services with his, Meadowlands Racetrack is a perfect complement.

He said that safeguarding more horseracing venues for the future generation would be one of his greatest achievements in his lifetime.

Jeff said his hope is that the residents will finally see the need of bringing, even more, gaming facilities not only racetracks to North Jersey to preserve the North American culture. He was speaking in Atlantic City during the East Coast Gaming symposium that brought together various casino operators, gaming investors, and fellow real estate developers.

It should remember that Jeff’s efforts to lobby for support for the people to vote for the expansion of two gaming facilities in the North was quickly trashed feigning it lacked proper structural support.

If the bill went through, two casinos would be built at least some 72 miles from Atlantic City costing billions of dollars. The referendum was, however, brought down.

While speaking of what happened last November, which saddens Jeff, he says that he does not want a repeat of last year.

“It would be awful that this again would come even to the ballot only to suffer the same fate we suffered last year. In order not to see that happen, I would rather wait. Yes, I am willing to wait for six years or so until New York opens or at least gets ready to open. Until then, the people of Atlantic City will then be willing to vote for the casino expansion,” Gural said.

Days following the tarnishing of the referendum that finally saw it brushed off; many stated that if it were allowed to pass, all gaming revenue would be directed to the north thus devastating the economy.

To achieve this, opposers introduced many high-end TV adverts and bought space on the front page of both daily and evening papers as well as paying for airtime on the radio just to pass their anti-casino expansion message.

Currently, it is against the law to erect a commercial casino in Manhattan. However, the ban is likely to expire in 2020 when restrictions would come to an end.

Racetrack Business Is Low

Jeff’s horse racing track like other gaming companies such as pari-mutuel has suffered a significant setback in recent days. There are not many people who visit horse racing tracks to enjoy live horse racing. See how New Jersey State Very Close To Legalizing Daily Fantasy Sports Betting.

Gural is remembered to be in the forefront in the proposing the construction of a gaming facility that would cost the investor $4 billion.

Paul Fireman raised a similar suggestion, a businessman from New York near his facility referred to as Liberty National Club.


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