Wuhan Coronavirus In USA Impacts Trump’s Online Betting Odds for Reelection

Wuhan Coronavirus In USA Impacts Trump’s Online Betting Odds for Reelection

Wuhan Coronavirus In USA Impacts Trump’s Online Betting Odds for Reelection

The coronavirus has impacted just about every facet of everyday living across the country and around the world. As the Wuhan Coronavirus In USA spreads so does fear over just how bad things might get. Just Wednesday, the World Health Organization called the virus a global pandemic. In this article, we will discuss how the Wuhan Coronavirus In USA is impacting the online betting odds for the 2020 Presidential Election For Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden.

In what is sure to be the biggest challenge of his presidency, Donald Trump is feeling the heat. Bovada online sportsbook has also recognized the impact on his chances for keeping his job past November’s election.

Learn How The Coronavirus Is Impacting Trump’s Betting Odds for Reelection?

Last week at this time, Trump was listed as a -150 favorite to win this November’s presidential election. Joe Biden was a +160 second-favorite as the Democratic nominee. Given the stock market’s crash and increased cases of the coronavirus, there is more uncertainty than answers. That high level of uncertainty has tightened the race.

Trump is still favored to win the 2020 presidential election at -110 betting odds. However, Biden has closed the gap with +110 odds to become the next president. This is a major swing in momentum considering that Trump was once a prohibitive favorite to earn a second term. Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to steal that momentum with additional victories in the ongoing primaries.

As quoted by Yahoo Finance, ” COVID-19 is a threat to Trump’s presidency.” It appears that Biden could offer a calming effect. More and more experts question Trump’s reaction to handling this current crisis. The loss of more than 20 percent of the stock market’s value is not helping Trump’s cause.

Indeed, this US Sportsbook is also convinced that November’s general election is a two-person race. Bernie Sanders has faded from the picture with +4000 odds to become president. Following his disappointing performance in Super Tuesday, his stock nose-dived as well.

Last Thursday, Biden’s odds to win the Democratic nomination were -500 with Sanders second on the list at +550 odds. Just one week later, Biden is now a -2000 favorite to win with Sander’s odds skyrocketing to +2000. Hillary Clinton is not even running for president and her odds match Bernie Sanders. Michelle Obama remains on the list at +5000 followed by Tulsi Gabbard (+20000), who is still technically in the race.

Even more telling is the major shift in the odds for which party will with the presidential election. Last week, the odds favored the Republicans at -160 to maintain control of the White House. The Democrat’s odds to win were +120. Seven days later, the odds have shifted to -115 for each party’s chances to win.

When it comes to winning the popular vote in the general election, Democrats have the clear edge as -230 favorites. The odds the Republicans win are +170.

The next few weeks will be crucial for each of these candidates. Donald Trump is already in the thick of things trying to handle the virus. Every move to control the spread will be watched like a hawk. Where the stock market goes from here will be another key factor. Further steep declines could easily make Biden the favorite in this race. Trump’s track record for questionable decisions and behavior will not help his cause.



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