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One of the best ways to gamble anonymously is by using a virtual private network (VPN) and cryptocurrencies. A VPN will help you get around geo-restrictions, while cryptocurrency can be used at Mexican Nuevo Pesos online casinos that don’t accept credit cards. While there are many great options for Mexican Nuevo Pesos online casinos, we have narrowed down our favorites.

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Mexican pesos can be used to play at online casinos. Some people think that all the casinos in Mexico like only US dollars, but that is not true. The Mexican gambling market has grown and more and more safe online casinos use Mexican pesos.

Mexico accepts online casinos. These are places where people play games for money. Reputable online casinos offer Mexican Pesos to use when playing. If you find a casino site without the Mexican Peso, it is best to look for its license. If you don’t want to spend time looking, then just read our list of top Mexican gambling sites.

This online gambling guide is about how to place MXN deposits in reliable casinos. It has all of the services you need in one place!

Top Mexican Nuevo Peso Online Casino Sites (MXN)

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Box 24 Casino

  • Accepts USA Players
  • Unique Casino Games
  • Rival Gaming Software
  • Great Customer Service
  • Fast Payouts
  • Live Chat
  • No Minimum Payout

Spice up your life at Box24 casino. You get a tasty welcome bonus that you will enjoy. You also get free spins, jackpot races, and other loyalty rewards.You can have fun games when you play at this casino. You can put money in your account with a many different ways. And they have a new bonus for you when you sign up!

Bodog Casino

  • Sportsbook
  • Racebook
  • Poker Room
  • Several Types Of Casino Software
  • Over 500 Slot Machines
  • Generous sign up bonus
  • variety of contests
  • Best sportsbook props for big in industry
  • Several daily live betting options

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If you are looking for the best Mexican online casinos to play casino games give Bodog online casino a try. Also, they offer sports betting services and are one of the best Latin America offshore betting sites. Mexican gamblers can play live dealer games for real money using a virtual prepaid card. In addition to live dealer games, Mexican players can enjoy slot games, blackjack, and many casino style games. Win real money playing a huge variety of slot games using ou

Vegas Casino Online

  • Accepts USA Players
  • Fast Payouts
  • Real Time Gaming Software
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Large Selection Of Games
  • Great Bonuses
  • Awesome Customer Service

Best Mexico Online Casinos

Are you looking for the best Mexican casinos online? Our site provides a selection of gambling sites that have been specially made for Mexican players. We have experts who know all about the online casino world, so we will give you recommendations and reviews on which casinos are good.

Mexico has some laws about gambling. In Mexico, gambling is legal but there are not many rules. It’s been illegal since 2000, which is when the government started being more active in it.

In 2014, the law was changed but it wasn’t specific enough for a regulated online gaming sector to flourish domestically. Mexicans still gamble online and via mobile for real money. It is a legal activity that people can do when they want to find top casinos.

You can play at a foreign internet casino with Mexican pesos. They have games you might not find in Mexico. You can also deposit and withdraw money in US dollars too.

How to Play in a Casino with Mexican Nuevo Peso?

Mexican pesos casinos can have any rules. Mexican peso casinos are popular but not as much as US dollar casinos. It’s easier to find a list of the best Mexican peso online casinos because you only need to choose your payment method for your gambling.


Mexican Nuevo Peso Casinos 2021

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You can not find a reliable Mexican peso casino. This is because of obscure Mexican gambling regulations. Even though the law does not forbid MXN casinos from accepting online bets, the Regulations of the Federal Gaming and Raffles Law interfere with international casinos in Mexico: any online casino registered in Mexico must have its brick and mortar licensed analog that accepts your local currency.

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More than that, there is a chance that Mexican online institutions will have to pay a new 20% tax on their gambling like their offline peers.

There are many betting sites that do not have problems with the deposit and withdrawal process. These are websites that are subject to offshore laws. They have good legal frameworks, so they can be trusted.


How to Gamble with Mexico Peso?

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We should refer to the law in Mexico, which says whether you can gamble online. The gaming and raffles law is a good place to see if you can play casino games. The federal government regulates all gambling and games. This law is applied to all states.

In Mexico, it is forbidden to do unlicensed gambling. You need a license for some gambling activities. You can apply for a license to do some games that are only in Mexico and not in the US. And you need a physical office there.In Mexico, there are rules about places that have gambling. But there are no laws or regulations saying you cannot gamble online. And other countries have casinos. So even though Mexicans can’t gamble in a casino, they can play games on the internet.

Most online casinos that accept Mexican peso conduct activities that are not expressly prohibited. This means that these online casinos are not against the law in Mexico. These Mexican peso casinos are registered in gaming-friendly countries and subject to the laws of those states. Finding a gambling site that accepts Mexican pesos is easy. Look for casino sites that accept Mexican pesos and that let you deposit with them or withdraw in them too.

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What are the Payment Methods for MXN Casino Deposits?

Mexico has a lot of money. It’s second-largest. But it is hard to find the right payment system for cross-border payments.

Half of the Mexican population pays for things online with credit cards. Twenty-three percent makes payments online with debit cards. Nineteen percent of Mexicans pay for things in a store and then when they get home or in a store near their house. The least popular way to pay is by bank transfer, e-wallet and a prepaid card.


Paid with Mexican pesos, people can deposit money in the casino. Many people use a Mexican pay voucher called Oxxo and can pay it at any time in convenience stores all over Mexico.To pay in an MXN casino, go to the payment page and choose this option. You will be given a print out that can be paid later at the local Oxxo shop using cash or any other regional payment method.Once you are done with it, the funds will be credited to your account. You will get an email.

Paysafecard Casino

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers: Todito Cash, AstroPay, Paysafecard

Paysafecard Casinos

Some people who play games do not want to use a bank account or a credit card. You can refill your prepaid card by using a voucher, which you can throw away after the money is taken out of it.

Todito Cash is a prepaid card you can buy in stores. You can refill your balance by going to other stores, or by doing it with a Visa or MasterCard from your bank. You can also do it in Telecomm, Elektra, and Oxxo. To pay with Todito Cash, you need to go to the cashier and specify how much money you want to send. You also need to enter your Todito card number and PIN. You can’t send more than 5000 MXN at a time.

Astropay is a private prepaid card. You can buy one and use it to put money into your account on betting sites that accept the currency. There are many different types of Astropays, including Mexican or Brazilian ones. Paysafecard is a type of prepaid card where you get a disposable code to use on your account. It’s possible to buy vouchers around the country. They are usually worth a few hundred dollars, so people who have more money can buy them all at once.

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Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express

There is no difference between Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. All three provide security. All three cost about 2-3% of the amount deposited if you want to use Mexican pesos. Choose one of these options if you want to save money and do not care about privacy.


How to Make Casino Deposits with MXN Currency?

You can gamble with Mexican pesos. You need to register for an account at a Mexican peso casino. Then go to the “Deposits and Withdrawals” page. Choose your preferred payment method and enter the amount of money you want to send or withdraw.

When you complete the steps, an online casino will give you money.

What are the Benefits of Gambling with Mexican Pesos?

Searching for an advantage in online gambling with Mexican pesos, do not forget the reduced fees. A money deposit from Mexican pesos saves you a fee that would be charged if the conversion happened. In any online casino, Mexican peso is one of the best ways to save on transaction fees.

Live Betting and Land-Based Casinos

There are no land-based casinos in Mexico. But there are hundreds of them in the USA. And they can take bets too. But the government has to give permission first.

Currently, the reach of SEGOB is broad and regulation is not strict. There has been no ban on locals gambling in casinos or racetracks. SEGOB gambling permit holders are subject to a 30% tax rate. Tax rates may be applied to players’ winnings in some circumstances.

Casinos and Sports Betting

There are around 300 casinos in Mexico. Some of them are just little buildings with games like slots and bingo. Some have people who play the game with you, too.

In 2013, slot machines were allowed in Mexico. But the definition of a slot machine is unclear in Mexican law. Some people can have a slot machine if it has more chance than skill involved. You can find poker games like Caribbean Stud and Casino Hold’em at casinos, especially big tourist spots in Cancun.

The Dubai Palace Casino is in Mexico City. They have big prizes. Mexico City also has many casinos. One of them is PlayCity, which has over 300 slots and an on-site sportsbook.

In this unregulated market, each operator runs many places. PlayCity has over a dozen casinos in Mexico, from Acapulco to Puebla. Playa del Carmen has three good casinos.

The US government has warned that there are kidnappings, muggings, and murders of people who are wealthy. So if you go to Mexico be careful. It is safer to play your games online.

Horse Racing and Greyhounds

In Mexico, people can bet on a group of horses or dogs. The Hippodrome de l’Americas is one of the best-known places in Mexico City for this. In Tijuana, Agua Caliente Racetrack is where people go to bet on greyhounds.


There is no law for poker in Mexico. But there was a tournament of poker there, and Playa del Carmen hosted it.

Experts from America who do poker had their jobs taken away. They needed a new job, so they went to Mexico where there is less work and the cost of living is cheaper. Some American companies that do online poker will not let people from Mexico play for them for this reason, but there are still many who will let them.


Players choose six numbers between one and 56, and then another number for an extra jackpot. There are also wheels with letters on them that can get you more money. The prize will be 30 million pesos.

Gambling in the US

Mexican people can travel to the United States to gamble. People in Nevada can visit Las Vegas, one of the world’s greatest gambling hotspots. And people in California can play poker and go to Indian casinos.

USA Online Casino FAQ

Mexican Peso Casino FAQ

Is paying with Mexican Pesos different from paying with other currencies?

In general, you need to register at the casino. Choose a payment option and enter your information. You can submit your refund. If you are going to deposit USD, EUR, or MXN, the procedure will be the same. It is a little different with crypto deposits and prepaid cards but all you need to do is to follow the casino’s instructions. Feel free to contact customer service if you have any questions.

Am I obliged to pay with MXN?

MXN is like other payment options. You don’t have to deposit with MXN, but it can save you money on the conversion (the conversion is required if you want to deposit a different currency).

Will I receive bonuses for paying with MXN?

You can get bonuses when you pay with MXN, but this is true for any currency. Casinos make sure that all gamesters have the same perks, so not only do they give bonuses in MXN but also in EUR and USD. Bonuses happen on special events or holidays. You can get extra money by being patient. You can catch Friday’s bonuses, New Year perks, Halloween treats, and other similar goodies. The most popular welcome rewards are credits that cannot be withdrawn until you fulfill the casino’s requirements–usually by playing a fixed number of real-money games.

Are any fees applied when paying with a credit card or online payment system?

This casino has different rules on the fee for playing. The understanding is that it can be from 2-5% of the amount you deposit, but if there’s no currency conversion, then your fee will go down.

Is there a possibility to convert other currencies to pay with MXN?

You can use MXN for any local currency you want to buy, but be careful because there are fees for changing money.

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