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The PGA Tour season for 2022 – 2023 will begin in September of that year and end on August 31st, 2023. Listed below are the best sports betting sites for each week’s tournament.

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Golf Betting Odds For This Week

You can bet on golf for approximately 50 weeks out of 52 in a single year? This page will explore the different ways to do so. We will provide an overview of the best golf betting odds and top sites each week, as well as break down the various types of bets you can make. We cover various strategies for betting on golf tournaments, and highlight the four scheduled majors for 2023.

Because golf is a sport where conditions are often out of the players’ control and courses can play differently week to week, research can go a long way in finding the right player for any given tournament.

How To

How To Bet On Golf

Futures Bets And Outrights

Golf outright betting is simply putting money on a certain player to win the competition. Since it is difficul for a player to win in a tournament in fields that are frequently 150, outright odds are considerably more common than when betting on team sports.

Strategy: Because the ROI is so high, you may invest in a variety of golfers and still make a decent profit if one of your golfers wins. You can be successful by betting on a few players in each “tier.”For example, +2000 favorites (less than +2500), -1000 contenders (-2500 to +5000), and longshots (+5000 or higher) are worth $60. In that situation, placing a bet of $10 on six players would cost you just $60. Even if you wager $1000 on a heavy favorite, he will make a profit of $100.


Top 5, Through 20

If you’re not feeling confident enough to bet on a player to win an entire tournament, some sportsbooks lets you wager on them finishing within the top 5, 10 or 20 instead. It’s less exciting than outright betting, but it is considerably less volatile and encourages consistent play from your golfers.

Strategy:If you choose to bet on placement rather than outright, you will likely need a bankroll that is slightly bigger in order to see reasonable profit.Placing bets is a completely different sort of betting than simply betting.Golfers who are more consistent and may not have the ability to win often, but provide reliable results with a high chance of making the cut, is what you want.


There are numerous types of golf matchup betting available depending on your bookmaker.


These may be single-round or week-long wagers where two players compete against each other with odds on who will score higher.This provides a unique opportunity to bet against a player whose price you may be lower than for the week.


Sportsbooks will often offer lines on which countryman will perform the best in the tournament. If you’re really confident in a specific player’s skills but don’t want to make a large financial commitment, you can go for a nationality bet. This delivers pretty good value depending on who else is playing.


Golf betting is rapidly gaining popularity because it provides an opportunity to bet on each round.Betting on which player in a group will perform the best in a round, using the pairings in the tournament.If you bet on a player in one of the TV-featured groups, you’re sure to have an entertaining experience.

First-Found Leader

More and more US friendly online sportsbooks offer the option to bet on the first-round leader of a given tournament, though it remains somewhat of a niche market.

Strategy: The likelihood of a first-round leader also winning the entire tournament is slim, but their odds for leading the pack in the first round are about equal to everyone else’s.Picking a player who tees off in optimal conditions is predicated on monitoring the weather.

Live Golf Betting

Golf, like other sports, offers live betting, but with more study time between rounds.

Strategy: The live betting odds when it comes to wagering on the outright winner are accurate on the leaderboard, golfers who are popular and ranked highly still have the advantage.

Online Casino Strategy

Golf Betting Strategy

Bankroll Management

Golf is tricky to manage bankroll-wise because of the potential profit you could make by betting outright.It’s critical not to get carried away and go all-in.It’s difficult to pick an outright winner, and you may go weeks without seeing one.However, the profit of just one winner might easily cover weeks or even months worth of losses if it isn’t a strong favorite. It’s possible to get reasonable returns on investment while combining your outright wagers with top ten or top twenty bets rather than putting everything on winners.

Injury Reports

Injuries are rare in golf, as they are in most other sports, thus there isn’t much news regarding injuries on a regular basis.

Given that there can be some injuries that don’t show up until Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, always check for any updates on players who may have gotten hurt prior to placing your bet.

Recent Form And Course form

You will hear golf betting experts mention form constantly.In golf, being in recent form is essential like it is for most other sports. However, another key factor unique to golf is the course form. When betting on a certain course, you should always look for players who have done well there in the past.

TPC Deere Run, on the other hand, is a course that we discussed in detail in our previous article. It’s a more difficult course with much more history than Augusta National, but it shouldn’t be weighted as heavily based on its difficulty.


Golf is a long-distance sport that can be hard on the elderly. It entails many road trips and has a rigorous timetable during certain times of the year.

Line Movement

Most golf tournaments have odds that don’t change much in the days leading up to it, but some sportsbooks will Better prices than others.If you see somebody with odds that might decrease during the week due to press or a story, it’s best to bet on them quickly. If not, there’s usually no rush.

Situational Betting

Golfers should always consult the weather forecast before placing their bets each week, as it can be a make-or-break factor.Some golfers play their best when the weather is perfect and the course is calm. Others perform better when they have to fight against challenging conditions like windy days.

It’s always a pretty good idea to check out the forecast before making your decision so that you can be ahead of everyone else.

Which Golf Betting Stats Matter?

There are many websites and podcasts that make it easier for bettors to know which golf stats matter each week. However, there’s still a lot of personal study to be done that may assist you in catching up with the competition on a player who might be peaking at the right moment.In golf, the strokes gained figures are usually considered the gold standard.

However, certain courses will favor “strokes gained: off-the-tee,” others “strokes gained: approach,” and still others “strokes gained: putting.”Every year, most courses will produce similar statistics, but that can depend on the conditions and how the course is designed.

Usually, it is a great idea to bet on the gold players that excel when it comes to the ball striking statistics. More specifically, approaching shots.

Masters Tournament

Scottie Scheffler won the 2022 Masters, which took place from April 7-10 at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. At Augusta, players are rewarded for their patience throughout the week and creativity from tee to green.

PGA Championship

The 2022 PGA Championship took place between May 19, 2022 and May 22, 2022. Justin Thomas won the tourney that took place at the Southern Hills Country Club in Oklahoma.

In 2007, Tiger Woods won the fifth PGA Championship that was held at Southern Hills Country Club. Winners such as Woods, Retief Goosen, Tom Lehman and Nick Price at this location show us that ball strikers who are efficient tend to be successful.

  Jon Rahm is currently listed as the favorite to win the PGA Championship at +1200. Justin Thomas is not to far behind at +1400,and Scottie Scheffler is listed at +1400. Rory McIlroy comes in at +1400, and Sportsbooks list Jordan Spieth at +1600.

The PGA Championship is usually the most simple setup of the 4 majors. As such, it is most similar to regular PGA Tour events.If is a nice day, the best players will perform as predicted..

If think you have a gambling problem, we suggest you get help.

USA Online Casino FAQ


Can you bet on PGA golf?

There are several different golf betting possibilities on the sportsbooks listed above. You may bet on all of the major tournaments and every competition in between.Sportsbooks that operate online will offer odds for PGA tournaments as well as a few LPGA and Champions Tour events.

Where can I bet on PGA?

Where can I bet golf?

What is the best way to bet on golf?

On professional golf tournaments, betting on outrights or golf futures is undoubtedly the most common way for sports bettors to put their money where their mouth is.

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