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Mastering how to read boxing odds is only half the challenge. The other part is waiting patiently to see if your predictions come true during the fight. At PlaySlots4RealMoney.com, you can get the best boxing odds for today’s biggest bouts at the most popular sports betting sites.Boxing odds may not be as popular as other sports, but they’re still essential to know when you’re venturing into gambling.You can watch the action from ringside seats for all of the major fights on boxing cards tonight.

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About Boxing

The Olympic sport of boxing has been around since ancient Greece, when it was included in the first modern Olympics in 688 B.C.

In 1904, the modern era of boxing was introduced to the Olympics.

Since the beginning of the sport of boxing, there have been many modifications.

Boxing has changed a lot since its origins in Ancient Greece.The 23rd Olympiad in 688 B.C. was when the sport was first introduced during the Ancient Greek Olympics .

In the past, boxers wrapped leather thongs around their hands for protection rather than using the more modern boxing gloves that we see today.

In these boxing matches, there were no set rounds like usual.

Instead, boxers fought until one of them either gave up or was too injured to continue.

Boxing has changed significantly since its creation, and now follows a set of rules that include rounds, time limits, and judges.

Each fight lasts three minutes, and fights for each bout may last anywhere from 4 to twelve rounds.

Boxing matches that are 12 rounds long are typically championship fights, while lower numbered round bouts usually involve new or upcoming boxers.

Currently, there are four primary boxing sanctioning bodies: the World Boxing Council (WBC),World Boxing Association (WBA),International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Organization (WBO).

Four sanctioning bodies hold championship titles in different weight divisions.

The best boxer on the planet would most likely be a holder of one of these four primary sanctioning bodies’ belts.

There have been a number of great boxers in the modern era of boxing.

The following boxers are included on that list:

Boxers are the sports world’s undisputed rulers.

They’ve helped to build up the boxing culture as we know it today.

Some of the greatest boxers of the modern era have paved the way for newer talents in boxing today.

Without Muhammad Ali, the likes of Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, and Mike Tyson may have never existed.

Ali’s contributions to boxing led to the exposure of many other boxers who were given the chance to fight in the boxing ring.


With each boxing match comes a various set of betting opportunities, luring in gamblers.

The majority of wagers or bets get placed on a straight Moneyline basis, making it simple for gamblers to understand.

The two most widespread bets in boxing are for the victor of the match and how long the fight will last.

A .5 appearing behind a round number when gambling on the over/under of rounds a match will go might cause confusion.

For example, if an over/under is set at 7.5 rounds for a boxing match, this means the bout must end before 1:30 mark of the eighth round in order for those betting on the “over” to win.

if you see an over/under of X number or hours, then that’s how long the event can go until it still counts as being under (or vice versa).

With an over/under of seven, the bout would have to end before the seventh round is completed under the under, while the fight would need to go past the eighth round in order for the over to triumph.

It’s all on the outright winner, whether they win by decision or KO/TKO, when it comes to wagers on who will win a fight.In the fight, favorites will have negative probabilities, whereas underdogs will have plus chances.

Some fights can be perfectly matched, while others feature fighters who are extremely mismatched.

When comparing fights with significant odds disparities, there may be something for a gambler to exploit with this.

When a boxer fights, he or she has their own fighting style and stance.

That is something that Vegas boxing odds may overlook, which, if a gambler understands, can assist them in making a profitable bet.

There are six common defensive boxing maneuvers and three stances. Defensive techniques and tactics are important for boxers to understand, as they can be exploited by opponents.

The boxer must be skilled in the art of defensive moves like slipping and bobbing in order to avoid being trapped.

If they aren’t, punches may land on them for a knockout. If you only use defense moves like the sway, fade, parry, and block, you may miss out on points by not attacking your opponent.

Analyzing defensive moves and which boxer employs them can help gamblers get an edge against the Las Vegas boxing odds.

Now, folks need to figure out what sort of offensive approach each boxer employs.

Knowing their fighting style can tell you if they’re tough or vulnerable against an opponent’s defensive strategy.

Prop bets are another sort of bet that has Vegas boxing odds.

These prop bets offer a greater variety of choices than wagers on who will win a fight and can be more interesting.

Boxing Odds Explained


The most popular and simplest way to wager on boxing tonight is to bet on the moneyline. These are bets in which you pick the fighter you believe will win.

A moneyline bet with a boxing betting line will generally have odds looking like this:

This implies that Creed is the favorite and Balboa is the underdog.

The minus sign (-) always denotes the favorite team, while the plus sign (+) indicates the underdog. With $300, you could bet it all on Creed.

If he wins, then you would get a payout of $450 which consists of your original amount plus winnings of $150.

If you put down a $300 bet on Rocky and he won, your total payout would be $840.

You may get your original bet back plus winnings of $540.

Our boxing odds page will show you the original line set by oddsmakers, as well as the lines at different sportsbooks.

You will be able to see how the betting has changed and make informed decisions.

You can find online sportsbooks that have the boxing odds you’re looking for by scrolling down.

Having expert insight into today’s boxing match odds gives you an advantage over other bettors who may be taking betting lines without knowing all the details.

OVER/UNDER Total Rounds

Another simple method to get into pro boxing odds tonight and start betting is to bet OVER/UNDER the total rounds of a boxing match.

An OVER/UNDER is a prediction on how many rounds the bout will last for each boxing match.

The boxing betting odds for an OVER/UNDER bet is determined like this:

As stated before in the moneyline section, the odds for this scenario would be calculated identically.

In this situation, however, it is the winner of the bout that matters most, not the victor.

It’s all about how long the fight lasts in this scenario.

There are several factors that influence the length of a boxing match, such as round length and number of scheduled rounds, glove size, and the styles of the fighters.

You might just as well get into boxing betting on OVER/UNDER odds, since you support a quick or prolonged victory.

Try betting OVER/UNDER total rounds on tonight’s boxing betting odds.

Boxing Prop Betting

Prop betting is a fun and lucrative way to get into sports betting, especially since boxing is such a popular pastime.

A prop bet (or proposition bet) is a type of wager placed on a particular event that could happen during the match.

This event could be specific to one of the boxers, apply to the fight as a whole, or even depend on elements external to the bout itself.

The most frequent boxing prop bet is on the manner of victory of a bout.

This might imply putting money on a boxer to win by knockout or via the judges’ cards.

Online sportsbooks and betting sites will expand the number of prop bets available on major boxing events.

This can take your boxing fights this weekend and your online betting experience to a whole new level, making your victories so much sweeter.

Live Boxing Odds

Instead of placing a wager on a future fight, you may now wager on current boxing matches.

If you’re new to sports betting, live betting is a great way to capitalize on line movement and momentum changes.

Real-time betting is similar to moneyline wagering in boxing fight odds.

However, you can bet on a winner while the fight is underway.

In comparison to pre-match betting, live betting might be a beneficial tool.

It may also provide you the best possible fight odds.

In-play boxing bets are also a good way for expert bettors to make money when the iron is hot, whether it’s backing a rising fighter who is getting warmed up or taking the underdog who still has some fight in them.

Use the methods in this guide to place winning bets on boxing matches.

We encourage responsible gaming. If you feel you have a gambling problem, please get help. If you know someone that has a gambling problem, please contact the gaming enforcement or gamblers anonymous.


How do you bet on boxing?

If your boxer wins a boxing bet, you keep the money; if he loses the match, you lose your wager. If the bout is declared a draw, both fighter’s bets are deemed losers. If you bet that would end in a draw, then congratulations- you just won some money!

Can I legally bet on boxing?

Yes! Boxing betting has long been a mainstay of legal sportsbooks, and with the expansion in US online betting sites, you can expect it to be a staple there.However, not everyone in the United States has access to local internet books, forcing them to wager through offshore bookmakers.

What does +500 mean in boxing odds?

The -500 represents a loss of $500 if one bets $100 on the underdog. The bettor will win $500 plus their $100 investment if the underdog triumphs. A positive number next to an underdog means that, in order for someone to bet $100 and win, they would have to put down 500.

What is a 3 way boxing bet?

A 3-way bet is type of a\ wager that you place on an event with 3 possible outcomes, such as Team A winning, Team B winning, or a draw.There will always be higher odds on a 3-way bet than on a similar two-way bet, as there is an additional outcome to consider.

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