How To Bet Football

The NFL is a widely popular professional sport to bet on globally.We’ve reviewed the top betting sites for the NFL and demonstrated how to bet on NFL games online.Here, you’ll learn about all of the different sorts of NFL wagers that you may make as well as where to bet on NFL games this season so that you’re prepared to tackle NFL lines such as T.J. Watt.

Best NFL Sports Betting Sites

BetOnline Casino

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Now that you know how to bet football, start to place your live betting action at these NFL gambling sites like BetOnline after you sign up through After you sign up for this best NFL betting site,you will receive an exclusive bonus. Choose how you want to make a deposit from Bitcoin, credit cards and many other banking options these online sportsbooks use. Be sure to use your NFL betting strategy when you place your football bets.

Bet On NFL Games Online At The Best Sports Betting Sites


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Are you looking for the best site to bet on football games? After you sign up for GTBets online sportsbooks through, you will receive the best NFL betting odds and exclusive bonuses. Also, you can get free bets at these top NFL betting sites so you can start placing football bets instantly. Use your NFL betting strategies to win betting the game outright.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites TO Bet NFL Games Online

Bovada Casino

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Want to know where to bet on football games or how to bet safely on football? After you sign up for Bovada NFL Sportsbooks through, you will receive exclusive bonuses to place bets on the National Football League. As one of the best NFL betting sites, you can place different types of wagers like moneyline odds, prop bets, point spread, futures bets, spread bets, and in game live betting.

Discover The Best NFL Betting Sites

MyBookie Casino

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Want to find an online sportsbook to bet on NFL games? Discover the best sports betting sites with the sharpest NFL odds like MyBookie. Sign up for this online sportsbook through to place bets on the NFL season.

NFL Bettors Can Get The Best Live Betting Odds At These Online Sportsbooks


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 What Are The Top Online Football Betting Sites?

No one would purchase or lease a car before test driving it first. Nobody goes into the dealership, sees the first car and says, “this one.” Because you want to have some fun wagering on the NFL each week and don’t have time to explore every NFL betting site online, we’ll take care of it for you.

Best NFL Betting Sites Online

Our reviews of NFL betting sites provide you with an understanding of the vast world of NFL online betting.If you’re looking to make some quick prop bets or want to know where offers the best deposit bonuses and Super Bowl odds, we’ve got all the info on NFL betting sites.

Naturally, the best betting sites for football are legal. Most of the best sportsbooks for betting on NFL games online follow set regulations. While offshore sportsbooks may not be licensed by the U.S. states, they’re still safe for legal online betting.

How We Rate NFL Sportsbooks

What are the best websites to find NFL football lines and odds? Many people are concerned about whether they’ll be able to enjoy a Sunday game on Super Bowl Sunday, especially if it’s their first.These are the Joe Namaths of NFL betting websites, not Ryan Leafs.

The name for the website you go to to bet on NFL football games online is a sportsbook, and it isn’t a book about sports like Grays Sports Almanac.

NFL Betting Lines & Odds

If you’re into legal online sports betting, and most of your bets are on NFL games, you want to make sure there are great odds for each game.

No matter what game is playing on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday night, the best online football betting sites will have great lines and every type of bet possible. This includes bets on NFL teasers and pleasers.

NFL Betting Bonuses & Promo Codes

The greatest football betting websites provide bonuses to their customers who wager on NFL football.Although some promotions are more beneficial than others, the most widespread NFL betting deals are welcome bonuses.

With these offers, new members receive a designated percentage of money up to a set maximum.For example, you could find a 100 percent welcome bonus up to $1,000 or even a 50 percent first-deposit bonus up to $500 when searching for an online NFL betting website.

User Experience

If you want to place wagers on an NFL game, it’s much simpler to do so online.

Some NFL betting applications and websites have a clunky user interface, while others utilize the same one; other online sportsbooks are scorned for their ancient appearances.

NFL bettors, generally speaking, prefer betting on NFL sites with a less cluttered, user-friendly interface, whether it be through their mobile betting app or on a computer.

Banking Methods

Always check out a bookmaker’s banking alternatives.

The more payment options a cashier system offers, the better.It’s critical to understand a variety of payment alternatives and the associated costs.

Credit cards such as Amex, Visa, and MasterCard; debit cards; checks; money transfers; e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, or Neteller and cryptocurrency such as Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, are all accepted by online sports book.

Safe Online Gambling

Trustworthy And Safe

So long as you use trustworthy and reputable NFL betting websites, online football betting is secure.Putting your money into an online account can be risky, especially if you don’t know the people running the site.

When it comes to NFL betting sites, do your research to ensure you’re entrusting your money to a reliable source.

Casino Customer Support

Customer Support & Service Team

Being able to easily communicate with customer service is important for any online betting, but especially when it comes to the NFL.

Customer support team should available around the clock live chat, phone as well as email at the top online NFL betting sites.

Many casinos are also able to help gamblers via their social media sites.

Languages And Currencies

Other than English, you can find many websites that offer a variety of languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

While the majority of online bookmakers accept US dollars, the finest online betting sites for NFL also take euros, pounds,Australian dollars, and Canadian dollars.

Our criteria for a good NFL betting experience are any of the sportsbooks we describe above, otherwise we wouldn’t suggest these betting sites for NFL games..

How To Register For Sportsbooks To Bet On Football

Out of our NFL sports betting books, pick your favorite and sign up in only a few minutes. Get your email address and deposit information handy.

You can bet on the National Football League using a variety of methods, including PayPal and Bitcoin.

Make sure you get at least one text / email confirmation or link while completing the relevant information.

This should happen rapidly, like getting the ball into the quarterback’s hands.Look for a sign-up bonus, deposit bonus, or first-time sports bettor rebates to boost your NFL betting bankroll.

Online Football Games

We can’t promise you’ll be able to buy the Miami Dolphins, but we can assure you that any of the online football betting sites we support are trustworthy and offer betting odds on each NFL game.

Best NFL Bets

There are several ways to gamble on an NFL match.If you want to place a bet on the New England Patriots, or any other team, our football gambling tutorials will help you understand how to do that. You will learn about the different types of bets, and how to figure out what is the best option for you.

Moneyline Betting:

Betting on NFL moneylines is similar to betting on other sports like college football, NBA, MLB or NHL. To bet on an NFL moneyline, you just need to pick an outright winner of the game. Here’s what NFL betting odds might look like:

  • New Orleans Saints -185
  • Atlanta Falcons +125

In this situation, the Saints are the favorite, as shown by the negative sign (-). The Falcons are the underdog, as indicated by the plus sign (++).

If you bet $25 on the Saints and win, you would receive a $38.51 payout – in other words, your original $25 is returned as well as your profits of $13.51.

The opposite side of that wager would need the Falcons to win, and you’d get $56.25 if they do (which is your $25 plus your loot of $31.25).

Point Spread Betting

Oddsmakers establish a spread to provide both sides in a game a level playing field and balance the betting odds.

The underdog is assigned a certain number of points and the favorite is given the same amount of points.

This is done to provide the dog an edge when betting on football matches, as one side may be considerably outmatched by the other.

The above example would result in these football betting odds:

  • Green Bay Packers -4.5
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +4.5

Those who bet on the Packers would need them to win by five or more points.

In order to win their bet, Steelers fans needed their team either to win the game or lose by four points or less.If the game ends in a 28-24 victory for the Green Bay Packers, the football team did not cover the online football betting spread since they only won by four. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, covered because they only lost by four.

Totals Betting

YOU are predicting whether the total score of a game will be more or less than an oddsmaker’s set number when placing a bet on NFL OVER/UNDER.

The final score of a game between the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks is set at 35.5, for example.

If you feel the total score of the game will be less than 35, you would wager the UNDER. If you feel the total will be greater than 35, you should wager on the OVER.

In this scenario, the Rams would score three touchdowns (21 points) and the Seahawks would score one touchdown (7 points) along with a field goal (3 points).

The total would be 31, and those who wager the UNDER would get a winning bet.

When the amount of a game is expressed as a single digit, it may be preceded by an abbreviated zero (e.g., 0 for any number), whereas when there is no decimal (.5) before a total, it suggests that one team has already won or lost half of the match’s units.

If the total is 35 exactly, it generates a PUSH. You would receive your money back since you did not win or lose your wager if this happened.

Prop Betting

Online prop bets are popular with NFL bookmakers, especially during the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Props are bet selections that may be placed on any player or a team as a whole.For the Super Bowl, placing bets on player props is common.

For example: How many rushing yards will Derrick Henry accumulate? Another popular bet is predicting how many TDs Patrick Mahomes will throw.

You may also make amusing Super Bowl wagers like: What color will Gatorade be poured on the winning Super Bowl coach?

NFL Futures Betting

In the form of NFL futures odds, football betting sportsbooks provide year-round NFL wagering, including the offseason and preseason.

These are wagers on events that generally occur at the conclusion of the regular season. Futures odds are a form of probability used in sports betting.

Parlay Betting

This is a combo of 2 or more bets on one ticket.

You may construct a betting slip with moneyline, OVER/UNDER and point spread wagers on it by using parlays.However, in order to cash out on NFL parlay bets, all of your wagers must come through.

Live NFL Betting Online

Live betting has become an exciting aspect about putting money on the NFL, next to the potential to win money.

Wagering sites for football allow you to wager on live odds and lines during the game, giving you the opportunity to wager on almost every play.

You can bet on potential drive results, like whether the Buffalo Bills will score a touchdown, while the game is in progress.

This is called in-play betting or in-game betting. You can also wager on the Denver Broncos’ next play.

USA Online Casino FAQ



What is the best way to bet on football?

The most popular way to bet on football is to “lay” or “bet against the spread.”The spread is frequently referred to in a number of ways, including as ATS (against the spread).

How does a bet work in football?

In order to bet on football, you must tell the ticket writer which team you are betting on, the point spread, and how much money you are wagering.The payout, as mentioned previously, is determined at odds of 10/11. This means that a $10 bet would win $10 and return $20. A straight bet is one in which the player stakes an amount equal to or less than his total bet.

How do I bet football games?

To bet on football, visit the ticket table and tell the writer your team’s bet number, point spread, and wager amount.The payout, unless specified, is set at 10/11 odds. If you bet $11, you would earn back $10 and return a total of $21.

Where can I bet on football online?

MyBookie is perfect for those looking for a reliable football betting website, and their competitive lines are an added bonus. Bovada is another excellent option for online sportsbooking, especially if you’re interested in football betting.BetOnline – a trustworthy, reputable bookmaker with an estimated payment delay of around two weeks. – the best football betting site for fast payments.

How To Bet Football
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