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NCAA Basketball Betting

There are over 350 Division 1 teams in college basketball, making it a very exciting sport to bet on. For college basketball fans who enjoy placing bets, there are many games to choose from throughout the season. These include widely popular matchups like Duke vs. North Carolina, as well as the March Madness Final.Here are some of the top online betting sites for this season, as well as what to look for when wagering on college basketball games. Let’s talk about where to bet on ncaa basketball.

  1. Bet The College Basketball Game At These Sports Betting Sites
  2. What We Look For In NCAAB Sportsbooks
  3. Where To Bet College Basketball
  4. College Basketball Betting Sites FAQ

Bet The College Basketball Game At These Sports Betting Sites

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Want to start betting college basketball? Place a college basketball bet at the top sportsbooks for NCAA basketball odds. Besides college basketball point spreads for NCAAB games, you should try college basketball live betting so you can place bets in the middle of NCAAB games.

Get The Best NCAAB Lines At This Online Sportsbook


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Sign up for these NCAAB betting sites to bet on any college basketball teams and even make futures bets on any given college basketball game. After you sign up for these best NCAAB betting sites, you will get a risk-free bet for college hoops. Now, you can bet on college basketball with the most popular betting odds risk free. Are you ready to bet on college basketball today?

Score The Sharpest College Basketball Odds and Other Popular Sports At This Online Sportsbook

Bovada Casino

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Bovada offers parlay betting, live betting, moneyline odds, point spread, prop bets, player props, side wagers, and regular NCAAB odds. They do not offer college basketball vegas odds but they do have amazing NCAA basketball lines.

Place College Basketball Bets On The NCAA Tournament

MyBookie Casino

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Want the best college basketball betting lines before you bet the college basketball game? These NCAAB odds will help you get better American odds than other Sportsbooks. Also, their mobile apps offer the same betting options and the Sportsbook includes the most popular sports.

Find out if Draftkings is legal in North Carolina.

College Basketball Bettors Can Bet The National Championship Game

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Start your college basketball betting online adventure with the latest line ncaa basketball odds. Shop for at least one half of a college basketball point or better moneyline odds. Once you sign up for this Sportsbook through, you will get exclusive bonuses.

College Basketball Betting

What We Look For In NCAAB Sportsbooks

When it comes to making your college basketball predictions at online betting sites, you want a reliable site. NCAA basketball betting can be a fun and easy way to make some extra money, but only if you know where to go. We have taken care of the work for you and compiled a list of the best places to bet on NCAA basketball, so all that’s left for you to do is choose your favorite!

Where To Bet College Basketball

Whether you’re betting on mobile sports or from your desktop, we search for the following when assessing online college basketball betting sites. Therefore, you can have confidence when you use ncaa basketball betting sites.

Trustworthy Reputation

Trustworthiness is our top priority when it comes to assessing college basketball betting sites.We only partner with sportsbooks that are honest and operate with integrity. As a result, when betting college basketball games, you can rest assured you will get paid if/when you win.

Safety And Security

You can trust our recommended college basketball betting sites with your money. In other words, you can gamble peacefully on our college basketball online betting websites knowing that they are all reputable.

Mobile Betting Apps

Many NCAA basketball bettors prefer to gamble on college basketball from their phone. The most appealing aspect of betting college basketball from your phone, is that you are not forced to wager at a physical casino.We want an easy, fast, and positive line-shopping experience.

The best college basketball betting apps make sure their platforms are great for mobile bettors.We’re looking for more than a straight NCAAB betting site that enables you to wager from the comfort of your own home.

We prefer college basketball betting sites that make mobile wagering uncomplicated – with NCAAB apps that let you bet on any college basketball game, from anywhere, at anytime.

Depositing Real Money

Do you want to place bets on sports online or on the go? Then, you will need some money first. It doesn’t matter if you’re betting $5 or $500 dollars, it’s important that you can use the banking option of your choice.The greatest sites we suggest accept credit cards (AMEX, MasterCard, Visa), debit, e-wallets (Neteller, PayPal, Skrill), and Bitcoin as payment options.

Sign Up Bonus Rewards

On our list, the best college basketball sportsbooks provide incentives such as deposit bonuses, sport-specific promotions, and risk-free bets.The most frequent incentive for new clients is the Welcome Bonus, which matches a specific amount of your 1st deposit at a Sportsbook up to a specified limit.

Add to your bankroll by betting on college basketball at online bookmakers that provide incentives, coupons, and bonuses. Get the most bang for your buck when you bet online basketball. Print out the terms and conditions (T&C) and read them as soon as you can and way before you place any bets on NCAA basketball, as different sportsbooks have different offers.

 Customer Service

If something goes wrong when you wager online, you want to have it fixed as soon as possible. Customer support is crucial for college basketball betting on the internet.Our list’s best NCAA basketball betting sites all provide their clients with live chat assistance,email, and phone support.

NCAAB Betting Odds And Options

The most reputable NCAAB betting websites will display their odds in American (-500), Fractional (1/5) or Decimal (1.20) format.You have the power to select how you want the college basketball betting odds displayed when making your wagers. Here at PlaySlots4RealMoney, we use American-style odds; however, NCAAB bettors in the U.K typically prefer fractions while those in Europe and Australia usually go for decimals.

NCAAB Moneyline Format

The moneyline is a type of betting where you wager on a team to win straight up (SU). The best betting sites would have odds like this:

In order to win $100 by betting on the Wildcats, you would need to wager $220. By gambling on the Golden Eagles however, you would only needto spend $55.56.In this scenario, Marquette is the underdog while Villanova is the favorite. You can determine this by looking at the plus and minus signs next to their names. If you were to bet on Marquette, it would be a bigger risk but could result in a larger profit.

NCAAB Point Spread Bet

The method by which college basketball betting markets operate is the same as it is in the NBA. You’d be picking a squad you believe will outperform the spread (Against The Spread) Here are the best online sports betting sites and their odds:

If the Huskies are to win by six points or more, they must defeat the Wildcats. To cover the spread, the Green Wave would need to win the game by ten points or less. Now you can bang the book ncaab style.

NCAAB Totals

To bet on totals at the top online bookmakers, you need to decide if the game’s final point score will be HIGHER or LOWER than the oddsmaker’s number.For a game between Kentucky and Missouri, if the total is set at 149 and the final score is 73-69 for the Tigers, this indicates that the total score is 142. You’d win your bet if you took the UNDER.

A PUSH is when the final score was 149 on the nose. Because neither the OVER nor the UNDER won, your money would be returned as if your college basketball wager had never happened.

  College Basketball Over Under Odds

On FanDuel, point-total bets provide a straightforward odds alternative for bettors. Bettors must predict whether the total points scored in a game will surpass or fall short of the over/under college basketball lines. Over/under bets on NCAA basketball are especially popular among gamblers who have no rooting interest or faith in their ability to predict the winning team.

College basketball over/under odds are often displayed as a halved fraction, like (143.5). This is to prevent a “push” outcome if the final score exactly 143 or 144 points.

College Basketball Props

Props are bets on the game’s completion or non-completion of unconnected milestones. During the college basketball season, you can bet on things like how many rebounds a player will get in a game or which team will score last before halftime. These bets are called prop bets, and they become more popular during March Madness.

NCAA Basketball Futures

NCAA basketball future wagers that you place on events which may or may not occur in the future. These bets are considered long-term investments that have the potential to pay out large sums of money for smart bettors.The futures betting industry is based heavily on the most significant sporting events and accomplishments of the year.

For instance, correctly guessing the amount of games a team will win in a season, decide which conference’s champions will make it to the Final Four tournament, who will receive the John R. Wooden Award for best collegiate basketball player that year, orwhich team out of all 68 March Madness participants will win it all.

NCAA Basketball Parlays + Teasers

A parlay is a combination of many wagers on the same ticket. All accepted bets must hit in order for you to win. If your bets loses, your entire ticket is a bust.Teasers are wagers that allow you to change the spread or totals in your favor.You can adjust the spread by 4 to 6 points in most NCAA basketball sportsbooks. These wagers are similar to parlays in that all bets must win for your ticket to pay up. Are you getting more confidence so you can start to bet college basketball?

 College Basketball Live Betting

In-play betting is the practice of placing a wager on an NCAA basketball game while it’s happening in real time.Instead of simply betting on the game ahead of time and screaming at the screen when your team begins to fall apart, you may make back your money during the match by placing a bet on the continuous action.You can make some money while venting your frustration at the screen.

  More Things To Know When Betting NCAA Basketball Odds And Lines 

All college basketball bets and their settlements are based on the results and statistics provided by NCAAB ( and their official data supplier.

If a NCAA basketball game does not begin on the scheduled start date and is delayed (using the original scheduled venue’s time zone), all sports betting wagers will be canceled.

Unless NCAA basketball betting odds otherwise state, all bets include overtime.

For NCAAB first half and second half bets to stand, the entire period of play must be completed.

The Best Bet for Basketball Odds and Lines in the Second Half of the NCAA Season: The winner was determined by a score from the second half, including overtime.

Double Result,Halftime or Fulltime Betting Odds: A bet whose payoff is based on the scores at halftime as well as at the end of the regulation time, including any overtime periods, of an NCAA basketball game.

If you know someone that has a gambling problem or you feel that you may have a gambling problem, please head over to Gamblers Anonymous.

College Basketball Betting Sites FAQ

Can you bet college basketball?

Yes, you may wager on collegiate basketball. Wagering on NCAA basketball is the same as any other sport. Moneylines, totals, teasers, live betting,point spreads, props, futures,and parlays are the most popular NCAAB wagering options.When it comes to betting, you can go for the single option, multiple selections (a.k.a parlay bet), or mix things up with a teaser.

How do I bet on March Madness?

College basketball betting experts at have put up a comprehensive betting guide for March Madness this year.In our professional guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the many sorts of bets available, how and where to place them, and some fundamental methods for attempting to profit when betting on the NCAAB Tournament.

Can I bet legally online?

Though online sports betting is legal, some US states have laws that restrict mobile gaming and sports betting within the state. To assist you determine which safe and legal betting option is ideal for you, we’ve reviewed and put together lists of the top-rated college basketball betting sites above.

What are point spreads in college basketball?

A point spread bet is the most popular betting method for college basketball and North American sports. A bet’s point spread indicates the anticipated point difference between two opponents that those teams must overcome to win the wager. For instance, teams favored by -7.5 points must win the bet by eight or more points to be considered successful.

Can I bet moneyline on college basketball?

You can bet moneyline on college basketball. An NCAAB moneyline bet is when you wager on which team will win an upcoming game, without taking the spread into account.

     Why Bet NCAA Basketball At FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook offers odds for every college basketball game, from the season’s first week to March Madness betting. You can bet on spreads,point totals, props, moneylines, and over/under. The updated betting lines on our online sportsbook will be available every day, and these betting odds will be updated up to the minute.At FanDuel Sportsbook, we give you more ways to win whether you’re betting before the game or live-betting. Enjoy the regular season of selection sunday with this Sportsbook.

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