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NHL Betting Lines Explained

Are you ready to learn about the hockey moneyline and have nhl betting lines explained? You are in luck. Also, we tell you about the best online sportsbooks to bet on NHL.

Best Online Sportsbook For Hockey Betting

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After you sign up for this Sportsbook through PlaySlots4RealMoney.com, you can make your NHL bet. In fact, you cam make multiple bets on your be slip. The NHL puck line wager, grand salami bet, futures bets, parlay bet, NHL moneyline, number of goals scored, totals bet, point spread, and which teams will win the game outright.

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Hockey Bettors Can Get The Best NHL Odds At This Sportsbook

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Now that you have had nhl odds explained, you may be ready to place a bet.

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Now that you have had nhl odds explained, you may be ready to place a bet.

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Hockey betting adds a new dimension to the sport, making it that much more exciting.If you’re looking for high-stakes, fast-paced hockey games, then NHL is the right place for you. With so many games happening every night, there’s always something to bet on.

With the extra pep of betting on the playoffs and the Stanley Cup Final, hockey offers bettors a wealth of chances to profit from pucks. Now, let’s discuss hockey spreads explained.

what is moneyline betting

Hockey Betting Lines Explained

Similar to other team sports, hockey betting fans can choose which side they predict will win the game.On top of that, bettors can find a number of different betting markets for each game.

The most frequently used hockey betting lines are the Over/Under goal total,moneyline, and puck line.

The NHL offers moneylines, which are popular in Canada because they’re based on a point spread. Bettors choose the winner of the game when betting NHL moneylines; oddsmakers use several factors to calculate each team’s implied probability of victory and set moneyline odds for them.

what is a moneyline bet

Hockey Moneyline Betting

The most basic approach to wager on hockey is to bet the moneyline, which simply asks bettors to pick a side they think will win the game.Because not all matchups are the same, each team will be assigned a moneyline, which reflects the predicted probability of victory.

Moneylines in American odds are stated in hundreds. Furthermore, this is how Sportsbooks display them. The favorite in a money line bet has negative odds (-). Moreover, the underdog has positive odds.

The favorite to win the NHL game, in this case are the the Boston Bruins. Lets say the Bruins have a moneyline of -175. Ultimately, this means that players has to bet $1.75 for each $1 you want to win. Now, let’s say the Dallas Stars are the underdog listed +155. Ultimately, this implys that for each you $1 a player risks, they can win$1.55 (wager $100 to profit $155).


Let’s dig into puck lines of the NHL level. Puck lines refers to the competition between 2 teams, with oddsmakers setting a handicap in goals. The team who must win by a greater margin than 1.5 goals is the -1.5 puck line favorite, while the +1.5 puck line underdog is the team that must win outright or lose by less than 1.5 goals to cover the spread on NHL futures wagers involving three or more teams from which both teams are chosen.


The total number of goals that both teams score in a hockey game is referred to as NHL Over/Under totals. Folks place wagers on whether or not the final score will be Over or Under the projected total.

Juice Of Vig :The Bookmakers Commission

A second set of odds is used with some betting markets, such as the puck line and over/unders.This is the vig, or juice, and it’s how sportsbooks make money off gamblers.

Puck Line

The puck line is hockey’s equivalent of the point spread, in which a specific number of goals are assigned as a handicap between the two teams.The most frequent puck line in the NHL is 1.5 goals, with the puck line favorite set at -1.5 and the puck line underdog at +1.5 owing to the low-scoring and frequently tight games in the league.The pucks in more one-sided games, on the other hand, will be higher.

In order to cover the puck line, your team has to win by 2 or more goals against the puck line favorite, which in this case is -1.5. Now, let’s says the underdog’s puck line is +1.5. They have to win the game outright or even lose by 2 goals or less in order to cover and win the puck line bet.

More Ways To Wager On Hockey

As more people bet on NHL games, the demand for hockey odds has grown significantly. To meet the needs of their customers, sportsbooks offer a variety of bets on hockey.


An NHL parlay lets you bet one sum of money across multiple hockey bets for a bigger potential payout.If even one of the bets in a parlay loses, then the entire parlay is graded as a loss.

Indeed, Parlays offer gamblers much better payouts rather then other wagers. A Same-game parlay and a bet builder are two types of wagers where a gambler can combine many wagers (props, total ,moneyline etc.) on a single event. Betting on the side, overall, and various player or team props might be made to produce a low-risk, high-reward bet.

60-Minute Line

In a three-way market, you’d wager on a 60-minute line (three ways to win), so there are 2 possible outcome. For instance, a team can win at home, it can end in a tie or the visitor win. If you’re searching for a market to bet on hockey ties, this is the place to go.

Tons of gamblers like the 60-minute line to get a better price rather than the 2 way moneyline. If the Toronto Leafs are listed at -140 on the moneyline, then they may offer a bettor -115 on the 60-minute (3 way) ML.

Grand Salami

If you’re unsure which Over or Under bet to make, then the Grand Salami could be a good option for you. The Grand Salami is a single bet that encompasses every game on the NHL schedule for one day. With a full season total, every game matters in terms of whether you win or lose your bet.

Let’s assume five games are being contested, and the Grand Salami total has been determined at 27.5 goals.The number at which the Over/Under bet is placed will determine whether the bettor wins or loses.

The total amount of goals scored in those five games will determine whether the Under wager cashed or not.The Grand Salami are not always available at Sportsbooks, and finding it may be challenging. Still, it’s a fascinating wager that may go on longer than other bets.

Live/In-Game Betting

Sometimes we’re late placing our bets, and we may want to see how the game begins before putting down money. In-game betting is the case for these situations. In-game betting may be done live or during the game.

While not every sportsbook offers live betting, the ones that do offer a variety of bets to choose from during matches. The only disadvantage to this type of wager is that the odds are sometimes not as good as other bets.Live betting is an excellent method to capitalize on changing events during an NHL game, such as injuries, penalties, and goalie substitutions, as demonstrated by David Ayers.It’s best to wait for breaks in play to bet. Most sportsbooks work on a delay which puts us at a little disadvantage when betting.

Prop Bets

Prop bets on hockey are similar to regular betting, except that they concern elements of the game that have nothing to do with the final score. NHL prop bets include odds for player prop bets as well as occurrences and events in a hockey game.

Gamblers have a big choose of player props. For instance, shots, power-plays, shots on goal percentage (SOG%),assists, points, saves and goals.

Props typically operate in a similar fashion to totals, where you predict if the number will be over or under a set amount.


NHL futures odds are a type of market that allows you to bet on the overall results of a season.NHL futures are bets on who will win the Stanley Cup, the Eastern or Western Conference champion, teams’ final point counts, and player accolades.

The majority of the NHL season, great odds are available on last-minute bets.One of the most popular methods to wager on the NHL is via live betting after-death odds, which have earned a lot of followers. The most probable team to win the Stanley Cup according to oddsmakers is +450 before the regular season starts.


NHL derivative odds allow gamblers the chance to bet on game segments such as 1st period goals, moneylines, or which team will end up leading at the end of two periods. Simple side and total wagers are insufficient for most bettors, who desire a wider range of options. Derivative markets provide bettors with a practically limitless number of distinctive markets.

Niche markets provide an excellent opportunity to make money through betting, without having to rely on moneyline, puck line, or total bets.


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USA Online Casino FAQ


What does +200 mean in hockey?

They’re American money line odds; for example, +200 means that a bettor could win $200 if he or she bets $100.If the bet pays out, the player will receive a total payout of $300 ($200 net profit + $100 initial stake).

What is Moneyline 3 way in NHL?

A three-way moneyline bet differs from a standard moneyline bet in that it involves bets on three possibilities rather than two. When betting on a three-way moneyline, you can wager on Team A winning, Team B winning, or for the event to end in a draw (also known as a ‘draw’).

What does a +500 moneyline mean?

A plus sign + in front of a online betting price tells you that the team is an underdog. The higher numbers like +400, +500, or +5000 represent how much of an underdog the team is.The higher the number is, the better the odds it is that oddsmakers believe the team will lose.

What is Puck Line vs Moneyline?

A moneyline bet is one that involves a wager on which team will win the game. The puck line is about goals, not victories or losses. A favorite needs to win and win also by at least 2 goals in order for a bettor to earn the wager if the spread is set at 1.5 goals.

How do you read NHL betting lines?

The minus sign (-130) is used to designate the favorite, which always indicates the amount you must wager to gain $100.The plus sign always indicates the underdog when you’re betting. For example, if it’s +120, that means for every $100 bet, you’d win $120.

What does +200 on the money line mean?

underdog.A money line of +200 indicates that if you bet $100, you would net $200. It also communicate that the team is not anticipated to win as it is the underdog.

What does Puckline +2 mean?

So, if you bet on the 2-way puck line and your favourite team wins, they need to win by 2 or even more goals for your bet to come in.The favorite team is represented by a negative number, while the underdog will have a plus sign (+) followed by the 1.5. This means that their total score at the conclusion of the game will be 1.5 points higher than it was prior to the contest.




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