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It has been more than two decades after the first online casino gambling, and casino website started in 1994. It started gaining popularity in the late ’90s and has increased in popularity ever since. The revenue from gambling sites rose from $830 million in 1998 to $21 billion in 2008, and last year in 2016 it was around $45.86 billion. These statistics prove that more and more people are choosing online casinos over the conventional ones. Why is it? What people love so much about playing alone in their room over going to a land-based casino?
Online Casino Gambling | Best Online Casino Gambling Sites


The Internet has provided a creative platform for the betting industry. The online casino gambling sites will offer you different kinds of games and unique betting opportunities. In the early 20th century Keno, Video lottery terminals, and scratch cards changed the industry completely. Here are some of the famous online games.

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POKER: Poker is one of the most famous online game and usually, poker tables offer Texas hold ’em, Seven card stud, Omaha and other games for both tournament and cash games. Players get the opportunity to play against each other which most certainly doubles the fun. The house earns money from tournaments entry fees and “Rake.”

CASINO: Online casino gambling websites are also very famous, and you can play different types of casino games there. Like BlackJack, Roulette, Baccarat, and other games. You have to play against the house, and the house makes money because the odds are in its favor.

SPORTS BETTING: It is another new and innovative way of internet gambling. On many betting websites, you can bet on different sports events and their various outcomes. You can even bet on political events and reality shows. This sports gambling is gaining popularity very fast.

BINGO AND LOTTERIES: Online Bingo is pretty self-explanatory, you can play bingo online. Most of the lotteries are controlled by the government because of the huge tax benefit. Governments manage the lottery business. You can play online lottery games hosted by governments on various websites. Though keep in mind the chances of you winning is brutally low with lotteries.
HORSE RACING: This form of betting accounts for a significant percentage of total online betting. Believe it or not but there is a wide variety of horse betting market. Using online methods for horse wagering is legal throughout united states.


The biggest problem with online gambling is the legal limit and complications. It kind of falls into the shady area because of those complications. Mostly online gambling is illegal in united states but holding someone liable is very difficult. Usually, the government and the authority stays neutral on this matter and rarely someone gets convicted of any crime. This should be your work to figure out if it’s legal or illegal in your area. You must be the gambling age approved by your state to participate in any gambling. The authorities have full power to seize your winnings if you do it illegally. These limitations give fraud sites an upper hand because they can not be held accountable for any fraud or wrongdoing.

The for gambling can come from different sources like the Credit Card, Electronic Cheque, Certified Cheque, Money order, wire transfer or Cryptocurrency. Usually, you have to upload money on a website and then you could play the games that site offers. You can cash out your winnings from that site later. Usually, banks prohibit credit card use on a gambling website, and most of the cards are not accepted on gambling sites. There are some electronic services which provide ways to upload money on gambling sites. Cryptocurrency is one of the best choices for online gambling.


Certainly, one of the biggest player grabbing offers are these bonuses. When online gambling first started websites gave away lots of bonuses for new players without any registrations. This gave those sites a lot of leverage in the first place. Though most of the players never deposit any money ever and left with their winnings. To cut down the growing expenses, the websites stopped giving bonus without any registration.

Now if you want to be eligible for the bonus you must register and deposit some money first. Nowadays you must collect money to be able to win the prize and cash. Still, it didn’t stop people from falling for the offers. On the first glance these bonuses might look free, but actually, they are not. In order to cash out your winnings, you must fulfill some wagering requirements first. Some websites intentionally make fulfilling those wagering requirements incredibly hard.


We thought we should share some helpful tips for you so that you don’t make some silly mistakes and fall for any trap.1. Always register with your original credentials. Never try to use false documents because it’s a widespread and stupid mistake which will come back to bite you.2. Always read the conditions before accepting a bonus. Look out for wagering requirements carefully. If the wagering requirement is more than 40 please don’t take that.3. Always go to the chat box of websites and ask for bonuses. Chose from different bonuses they propose. Never deposit the money right away, do the math first.4. Before registering on a new gambling website always check the ratings and reviews. Make sure that site is genuine and not a fraud.


Various studies prove that gambling is more addictive than regular conventional gambling. This is one of the biggest problems of online gambling. You will never want to get addicted and throw out all your money in a game where your chance of winning is always low. A surprising study found that 75% of people get addicted to online gambling after playing for some time compared to just 20% who played in a land-based casino. Most of the revenue of these sites come from regular players who just can’t get over their addiction. You can easily avoid being addicted to this online gambling platform. Always take this betting as a business and mark your stop loss. Take breaks of one or two weeks from playing regularly. Never let it control you. If you are already addicted, then do not be late. Seek professional medical attention as quick as possible. Do not waste your life over an online game.


It is the biggest reason why people get back to playing every time. The lofty hope of winning a jackpot. Some people get back to the online gambling platform with hopes that they will win a prize. They will earn a prize, and all the problems of their life will go away instantly.To be honest, if you want to earn a jackpot, you must know how small your chances are.

It’s one in a million or sometimes even less than that. The hope of a jackpot can make you addicted to this platform. Which you certainly don’t want. Use this online platform as a fun activity, take it as a game don’t wait for it to turn you up a jackpot. Still, news about a lucky winner brings people in like crazy. Work hard to earn money; no one can sustain a quick win for a longer period. Don’t wait for a life changing sum to change your life, change it your self and shape it the way you want.


If you don’t know money laundering is an illegal activity by which someone can turn the black money into white money. Online gambling has been a popular choice for those people. Though government official stated that money laundering via Internet betting is tough work. Which in my opinion is right unless those people are using Cryptocurrency.

Most of the credit cards have a limit on how much can be spent on an online site. Banks take other safety measures too for providing this type of wrongdoings. Recently in 2011, the U.S Attorney for the southern district of New York filed against three largest poker companies. They were accused of bank fraud and money laundering to process money transfers to and from the customers.


Due to the nature of online gambling, it is hard for players to determine if a gambling website is a genuine or outright fraud. A shocking study found that very few people believe in the sites they are using. To always stay safe from these fraud sites you must do a little research first and choose from high ranking websites. Always look for good ratings and review before registering on a website. Take recommendations from friends who have played on different sites. Ask them which one they think is better. Online gambling sites usually feature RGF or Responsible Gambling Feature to promote safe and accountable behavior and minimize harm.

Indeed, this Responsible Gambling feature is mandatory in some states. Furthermore, it will limit the amount you can spend in a short period. It will also warn you if you keep playing for a long period of times. Moreover, it is an optional feature, and the player gets to choose if he wants it or not. I will strongly recommend every player to opt in for this feature. This is there to ensure your safety like a safety belt.

We are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online gambling so that you can have a clear idea before going in.

1. Is it possible to make money by Online Gambling? In short, yes but it is more complicated than that. You can make a little profit in quick succession but if you look at the bigger picture you will see in the long term you will always lose money. The system always favors the house and until you hit a jackpot your chances of making a stable income out of gambling is pretty close to zero. Never even think of it as an opportunity for steady income.

2. Which games to chose? Most of the times it comes down to your personal choice. Choose whatever game you like to play the most. Every game has its ups and downs so chose carefully. I will suggest playing poker tournaments as that is more about skill and less about luck. Play games which favor skill over luck and you will be better off with them.

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3. What you need for starting online gambling? There is no particular skill set required for starting online gambling. Though you must be older than 18 to start playing games online. You have to make a registration and submit a small deposit to play.

4. How much risk is in gambling? To be honest, gambling is pretty risky. You would never want to blow away all your savings in a couple of minutes. You should always play with small amounts of money and always stick to your stop loss. Like everything in life gambling has its own risk, but eventually, it comes down to you. If you don’t be careful, it can destroy you.

So, What Are The Chances Of Winning A Jackpot?

5. What are my chances of winning a jackpot? In two words “very small.” Never hope for a prize because the chance of you winning a jackpot is one in a million or even less than that. Don’t keep playing in hopes of winning a jackpot. Chances are you will never earn a prize. You have a higher chance of getting bit by a shark than winning a jackpot. Though you can place a lot of bets to increase your chances.

6. How to be safe and not get addicted? It is effortless to get addicted. You should always keep in mind that you are not going to become a millionaire by just online gambling. Always remember that in the long term you will always lose money and you should not waste all your hard earned money on a game. Play with small amounts of money and never exceed your stop loss. Take breaks after playing for a while. Use the Reasonable gambling feature and never turn that off. It will keep you away from getting addicted, but it is mostly up to you.

Online Casino Gambling | Best Online Casino Gambling Sites
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