A Daily Comedy Show With Politics Betting Odds That is Not Intended to Be Funny

A Daily Comedy Show With Politics Betting Odds That is Not Intended to Be Funny

A Daily Comedy Show With Politics Betting Odds That is Not Intended to Be Funny

Politics in the US has turned into a daily comedy show over the past year. Donald Trump as president is the host. His daily monologue is filled with observations unique to his insight on the country he leads. He recently congratulated the state of Kansas for winning Super Bowl LIV. It was then pointed out that the Kansas City Chiefs actually reside in the state of Missouri.

Donald Trump’s Debacle As He Congratulates Kansas City Chiefs For Winning The Super Bowl

The first state primary of this election year was recently held in Iowa. Known as a caucus, Monday’s actual voting results are still up in the air for the Democratic nominees. A glitch with a new voting app was the apparent cause of the unexpected delay.

Getting back to Trump, he is about to be acquitted in the Senate on impeachment charges leveled by Congress. What made the recent Senate trial comical was the lack of witnesses for either side.

The list goes on and on for all the daily comedy sketches this Washington DC show provides. The cast of characters runs deep for both political parties on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the show’s writers and directors thought they were producing a thought-provoking documentary on American politics.

This show plays to the world stage as the US has become the butt of jokes on a global scale. The material is almost endless heading into a presidential election year. That alone should provide a steady stream of laughs.

The incumbent representing the Republicans is the clear favorite to win re-election. Although, he does everything in his power to raise questions about his ability to actually win. Clowning around during the Super Bowl’s National Anthem is the latest example. Furthermore, this is after he vehemently chastised the NFL for last season’s planned political demonstrations during the same song.

Bernie Sanders Leads Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren & Andrew Yang In The Political Betting Odds

The Democrats have made a habit of producing some hysterical skits for this ongoing show. The race for the presidential nomination from this party is still up in the air. Bernie Sanders appears to be the frontrunner followed by Joe Biden.

Adding some drama to this comedy show is former New York Mayor and billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg. The late start to his presidential campaign has him trailing in most polls. However, his unlimited war chest of campaign funds should make every candidate rather nervous.

Even Trump has taken notice of Michael Bloomberg by focusing in his short stature. The Bloomberg campaign responded by focusing on the president’s propensity for ignoring the truth. They also pointed out is fake hair and perpetual spray tan. The ensuing battle between the two has the potential to carry this DC comedy escapade all the way to November.

If you go by the political betting odds posted at most online sportsbooks, Trump remains the clear favorite (-250). If he turns out to be the winner, the current show will get an extended run for four more years.

Bringing some kind of sanity back to DC politics should be the goal of every US politician. Unfortunately, comedy may be the new norm under current leadership.


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