BetFury Casino Review


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BetFury Casino & gambling Dapp is a online Crypto casino with a different philosophy. All registered players 0,00025 free coins

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    Download, Instant Play, Mobile, No Download, Tablet
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    Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoins, Cardbit, Coinify, Cryptocurrency, Litecoin, Monero
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    Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese
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    Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoins, Cryptocurrency, Litecoin, Monero

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoins, Cardbit, Coinify, Cryptocurrency, Litecoin, Monero

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoins, Cardbit, Coinify, Cryptocurrency, Litecoin, Monero


  • Unique Progressive Jackpot Games
  • Accept Players From All Over The World
  • 1 Million Dollar Sitewide Progressive Jackpot
  • Fast Payouts


  • No Sports Betting
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BetFury Review

BetFury is a cryptocurrency casino founded in 2019. BetFury is gaining popularity by the day, and there are several causes for this. It also provides its own original games as well as known slot providers’ offerings.You can mine BFG tokens by playing on Betfury and get a fair share of casino profits. Betfury also gives you the chance to earn free bitcoins with Boxes. In this Betfury casino review, we will discuss the following:

  1. Betfury Casino Features
  2. Crypto Casino Games Offered
  3. BFG Tokens and Dividends Pool
  4. Rank System and Cashback
  5. Create an Account, Deposits and Withdrawals
  6. Deposit Bonus Codes, Bonuses and Daily Tasks
  7. Boxes
  8. Casino Affiliate Program – Refer a Friend
  9. Summary
  10. FAQ

BetFury Review

Betfury Casino Features

BetFury does not have no deposit bonus codes. That’s right, No FDB bonuses. Furthermore, I gaming players get Bonuses for completing Daily tasks. Also, I Gaming players can get up to 25% cashback. There are plenty of promotions, and you can even ear dividends by mining BFG tokens.

The Betfury platform does not accept fiat currencies. This Bitcoin casino accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Tronrix or Tron (TRON). Use Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Binance Coin (BNB). Dogecoin (DOGE), Bittorent (BTT), Ethereum (ETH), and they accept many more ERC-20 coins and tokens.

BetFury has a Curacao license. As for KYC,Yes Anytime BetFury has the right to demand KYC documentation, it doesn’t typically happen.

BetFury Gambing Dapp

Crypto Casino Games Offered

BetFury features a wide range of games. As one of the best crypto gambling sites, they have a number of simple-to-understand in-house games available. If you’re searching for something more exciting, check out the Slots or Live casino categories.

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In-House Crypto Casino Games

Join well-known games such as Dice, Keno, HiLo, Plinko, or other. Only for BetFury casinos, and it’s got a distinct design. These games are ideal for quick amusement or to mine BFG tokens (more on that later in the review).

Slot Machines

For slot enthusiasts, there’s a lot to choose from. Spinmatic, Fugaso, Playson, Habanero are just a few of the world-famous providers who provide Bitcoin slot games and others.

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Live Casino And Table Games

If that’s still not enough, open a Blackjack, Roulette, or Baccarat table and have some fun. These are also available in live dealer casino settings.

BetFury will also include more in-house games and additional slot providers in the future.

BFG Tokens and Dividends Pool

The BetFury’s greatest feature is its profit-sharing scheme. Every gambler on the platform generates BFG coins when they wager. Players stake these tokens in order to earn dividends, which is a proportional cut of casino income.

The more money you wager overall, the more BFG coins you will generate and pay out larger rewards.

The dividends pool is made up of all bets in all currencies. Every day, 3 percent of the pool is dispersed to BetFury’s players – this happens every 24 hours. Your share will be determined by the amount of BFG tokens you have staked (they are put into staking automatically after you make any wager).

You can view your BFG token mining amount and anticipated profit under the Staking menu.

There are two types of BFG tokens presently available: BFG(TRX) and BFG(BTC). The Tron BFG token was incorporated from the start of the BetFury project, whereas the BTC type of BFG token was introduced to the platform so that bets could be placed in Bitcoin.As of now, it’s more advantageous for you to wager with bitcoin than tronchain currencies since dividends are larger in the bitcoin pool.

It’s important to note that the number of BFGs mined will vary depending on the game selected.

On slots, you’ll earn more BFGs if you bet a higher amount, but you’ll lose money faster on average than with in-house games.

It might be close at the end, but some games you can turn around your money more quickly. For this, use the ‘fast’ option in dice and coinflip. There is no mining option for table games or live casino.

The only way to obtain them at the moment is to play in the casino, and because BFG tokens are not tradeable, it’s the only method to get them.

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Rank System and Cashback

After you’ve created an account with BetFury, you’ll be assigned the level 1 rank – Novice. To earn the maximum cashback, climb the rankings and achieve the coveted Supervip badge (10,000 BTC total wagering).

But don’t worry, 2% cashback is available for you. The payout is twice a week. You can see more information about it by visiting the “cashback” tab.

Cashback amount = Coins lost * Cashback rate (for lvl4 accounts) For example. 500 TRX (lost) represents 100 TRON back to the player.

Higher-ranked gamers also benefit from greater cashback. The second feature, daily activities bonus, is available to all players who have wagered >0.1BTC. To obtain special discounts, you must grind harder and attain Elite status (level 7).

As you search promotions or explore price advice for a BFG token on twitter or anywhere in the world, you will find advice as you search for ways to get a free BFG token, without paying a price. It is a strong possibility that you will find advice about the token price (crypto paid) and security on the social networks. On this site, every week you can access crypto and BFT token in your browser. Regarles of the market cap of the BFG token, you can earn passive income on cryptocurrency exchanges using dividends pool on the BFG token. Use your gmal account to place bets and play various games.

Win A Day Casino Banking Options

Create an Account, Deposits and Withdrawals

BetFury uses a simple registration process. You can either create an account with Gmail or use TronLink, Metamask, or Binacce Chain to log in. If you’re not sure what this TRON wallet is, I’d go with Gmail because it’s more secure than the TronLink platform, which is decentralized.

After you’ve completed the procedure, you may begin to enjoy it. Choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies (at the moment, these include TRX, BTC, USDT, BTT, DOGE, BNB, and lot of ERC-20 tokens).

There is also a Buy Crypto (using Changelly) option for those who don’t have cryptocurrencies or want to buy more crypto with fiat now.

Withdrawals are also straightforward. The smallest Bitcoin withdrawal is 0.00005 BTC.

Betfury allows you to withdraw cryptocurrencies on various blockchains, such as BSC (Binance Smart Chain) or USDT (Tether), both of which are TRC-20 tokens, allowing you to lower transaction costs. This feature is particularly useful during periods when ETH transaction fees are extremely high.

Bonus Bang With These Freebies And New Casino Games

Deposit Bonus Codes, Bonuses and Daily Tasks

You won’t be eligible for the first deposit bonus and reload bonuses that you may be used to with BetFury since it isn’t a traditional casino. Instead, there are numerous methods to earn extra money.

Indeed, players can complete in various tasks to receive cash bonuses. There is a jackpot for I Gaming players that are lucky enough to win a big prize playing in-house games. The Rank bonus allows players to level up. As a result, I Gaming players can receive s onetime cash bonus

Online Casino Customer Support

BetFury Boxes

There are two types of Betfury boxes. The free box will give you 10 Satoshi every 20 minutes. The investment box is a type of box where you can buy it for a monthly rate and price, and it will give you 5-10% interest rates per month.

Free boxes are perfect for placing your bitcoin money safely. You may only have a certain number of boxes per account, so be cautious. On the other side is the Free box, which is ideal for people who want to increase their crypto bankroll or try Bet Fury casino without depositing any of their own money.

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Casino Affiliate Program – Refer a Friend

BetFury is always on the lookout for new players, so you may improve your earnings by referring others to this casino affiliate program. You will not only earn a large profit share of your referrals, but you will also be rewarded with 5% of the total amount of BFG tokens mined by persons who join BetFury through your link.


At any time, you may withdraw the profits generated by referrals.

Casino Customer Support

Customer Support

You can contact BetFury’s customer support by opening a chat on the site, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure you have your Betfury account number, and head to BetFury Telegram Chat, or BetFury Twitter. Also, send an email to the BetFury Email, which is


BetFury Summary

BetFury is a one-of-a-kind site. It’s the ideal location for individuals searching for simple games and slots because it has so much to offer. However, if you want to invest your cryptocurrencies in a passive manner, this is a clever method to do so. Regardless of the result, everyone will enjoy themselves and the user interface will offer them more.

USA Online Casino FAQ


How do you get a Betfury token?

Check out CoinMarketCap to get a sense of where you can buy BETFURY and in which currencies. CoinMarketCap provides a list of purchasing alternatives for each cryptocurrency (also known as market pairs). Choose a platform to complete your transaction. Make the purchase on the platform of your choosing.

How much is BFG worth?

As of January 3, 2022, a BFG token is worth $0.02424.

How do you convert BFG to Bitcoin?

BFG Token to Bitcoin Data.The current BFG to BTC rate is 0.0000005308 BTC, up 3.36% in the last 24 hours. The converter’s data is up to date in real time, so you’ll always have correct information when you use it to perform a conversion. BFG Token has been declining since the beginning of the year by roughly 1.58 percent per day.

What is BFG Crypto?

BetFury Token (BFG) is presently the #12072 most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

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