Sport Select Review & Deposit Bonus Codes 2023

Sport Select Casino Review

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Sport Select Sportsbook Casino Bonus Codes 2023 . Sports Betting Casinos Review Play Slots For Money Or Bitcoins At Sport Select Casino.

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Bank Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoins, Book To Book, Cardano, Chainlink, Check, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Money Order, Person to Person, Prepaid Gift Card, Ripple, Skrill, Stellar, Tether, USD Coin, Use My Wallet, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron

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  • BetSoft Casino Gaming Software
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  • Poker Tournaments
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  • Limited To BetSoft Games
  • Does Not Have A Lottery Room
Play in Sport Select Casino

Sport Select is a pioneering sports betting lottery platform managed by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC). It serves select Canadian provinces, with different names for each area but identical game rules.


Sport Select provides gamers with numerous betting options and sports to choose from, including soccer, baseball, football, hockey and many more. Unfortunately though, Canadian players have been disappointed by the substandard odds as well as restricted wagering combinations offered here.

Disadvantages associated with this platform have been undeniably evident. Since online betting isn’t available, bonuses and promotions are non-existent, and the odds are subpar compared to other competitors in the market; we highly discourage our readers from using it as an option.

Sports Betting at Sport Select

Have you ever wondered how Sport Select works? It is best described as a sports betting platform that allows customers to quickly compare odds in order to make the most informed and advantageous decision. Unfortunately, it does not offer an online method of play; thus requiring visitors to physically visit a nearby vendor for ticket purchase.

Before you purchase your tickets, remember Sport Select is infamous for its low payouts. Fortunately, you can buy lottery tickets at numerous local retailers across Manitoba, Alberta and Nunavit. If luck’s on your side and the ticket wins a prize, claiming it from any WCLC retailer has never been easier!

Types of Bets on Sport Select

In lieu of playing online, Sport Select presents you with a variety of betting choices to explore – from Pro-Line, Over/Under and Point Spreads to Pools and Props.

These are somewhat similar to the ones found in OLG (which we have reviewed here), yet there exist divergences between the two platforms. Therefore, if you’re looking for an alternative sports betting experience, then try out Sport Select today!


When betting on Sport Select Pro-Line, you can bet on the team that will win as well as how many points they’ll score—or in certain sports if it results in a tie. If your choices are correct, you walk away with winnings!

Depending upon which game is being played, there may be differences when it comes to what constitutes winning points; thus, we recommend consulting our Sport Select training guide so that one understands exactly what’s involved while placing their bets.


This is not a competition, but rather a matter of the total points in a given game. You make wagers on whether the scores tally up above or below an established line and reap rewards when your predictions prove accurate.

Point Spread:

Banish your anxieties concerning whether or not the team you have placed a wager on will succeed; all you need to do is predict if the favored squad can cover their spread, or if the underdog has it in them to prevent them from achieving this.


Increase your chances of success in the Sport Select Pools by accurately predicting each game’s outcome on your card. Only those who select the most correct answers win, or you can share a portion of the prize pool with other players for that card.


Make your selection and back it up with a bet! Choose who will emerge victorious in the competition between two players for any given category, such as hockey.

Game Lists

Looking for the perfect wager? The WCLC Sport Select Game Lists on Sport Select is your go-to resource! This page details all of the available games running over the next three days, enabling you to compare and select a bet that matches your needs before heading to a nearby retail outlet to purchase it.Not only is the time, visitor team name, home team and all relevant odds included on this app; but it features five distinct betting types: Pro-Line, Over/Under, Point Spreads, Pools and Prop bets. Hover over each to discover more information about them!

Sport Select Odds

With Sport Select, decimal odds are applied to determine how much you can win for every C$1 wagered. For example, if you were to place a bet of C$100 on a team with 2.0 odds and won your wager – here’s what happens: You multiply 100 by 2 = 200 then subtract the initial stake of C$100 from that amount; leaving you with a profit of C$100–easy as one-two-three!

The major issue with Sport Select is that its payout odds are disappointingly low. Even worse, the criteria for scoring points in certain sports is quite peculiar.

Placing a home win bet in basketball necessitates the home team to overpower the competition by six points or more, while five points and below is considered a tie. For visitor wins however, it requires an even bigger margin of victory as they must garner six or more extra points than their opponent. It can be difficult to successfully predict these types of wagers if you invest time into researching each side’s capabilities.

Let’s delve into how Sport Select odds work with the help of a professional baseball game on 18 June featuring Philadelphia and San Francisco. If you gamble C$100 betting on San Francisco, which is the visiting team and win, then your payout equals 1.80 times your initial bet (C$180). This leaves you with a gainful profit of C$60! Whereas if you choose to wager for Philadelphia as home team, then winning will give you back an amount corresponding to 1.60 multiplied by your original stake (C$160).

On the other hand, if you place a C$100 bet on Sports Interaction for this same game, then your potential winnings are far greater. With odds of 1.93 for the home team and 1.90 for their visitors, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll yield a profit – an amazing C$93 to be precise! That’s substantially more than what any other sportsbook is offering right now.

Staggering differences in odds between two sports betting platforms for the same wager can really add up. You may think a C$30 difference is little, but over time it amounts to an enormous loss due to stress and money spent on both sites! This disparity leaves much to be desired when you consider the amount of effort required from players regardless of which platform they use.

Sport Select Bonuses & Promotions

Sport Select Canada recognizes the value of bonuses and promotions, yet they are not available here. Unlike other online casinos that offer enticing welcome bonuses, you will have to look elsewhere for such rewards; similarly, their VIP program is nonexistent.

The sole promotion-like feature of this platform is the ‘Combo Play’ bet. This type of wager incorporates multiple outcomes from one game, providing you with a greater chance to win than other betting options require. In essence, it’s essentially like being rewarded for attempting your luck! Even if not all your selections are correct, you still stand an opportunity to claim victory.


Sport Select Mobile Betting Options

Recognizing the immense importance of a mobile platform, plenty of online betting platforms have launched theirs. Sport Select has one too; however it’s limited since it hasn’t been optimized to its fullest capacity – you can access their mobile site on iPhones, Android phones and tablets.

If you’re using your smartphone, the mobile view has limited capabilities and only allows for checking odds and calculating potential wins. But have no fear – if your device is equipped with a screen of six inches or larger, switching to full-site mode will open up the door to access all of its features that are available on desktop.

If desired, you can switch to landscape view on your device for an even better experience. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about smaller phone screens; much like its desktop counterpart, it is woefully out of date and in desperate need of a modern touch-up.

Sport Select Deposits & Withdrawals

When it comes to betting on the Sport Select site, you’re out of luck. That being said, your banking options are restricted to whichever retail outlet you decide to purchase your ticket from. Generally speaking, these will all accept cash as a form of payment; however, some may also let you pay using Visa, MasterCard Interac or American Express.



Although Sport Select does have a reliable odds calculator, its website’s outdated visuals limit it from representing a modern online betting platform. Even worse is that you are unable to bet on any games directly through the site itself.

If you’re looking for further information about game conditions and prize structures, the website has a convenient download option, offering pdf documents that are easily viewable with Adobe Reader. So what are you waiting for? Download today to gain access to all this invaluable data!

Customer Support

The Sport Select customer care team is available to assist you from Monday through Friday during normal business hours. If contacting them by phone doesn’t suit your needs, the Feedback page offers an easy way for you to submit inquiries and receive answers back within regular working hours too!

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