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Double Wammy Slots

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It seems Microgaming is doing things your way! All that is in mind and hearts of individuals that run the company is to help you get the joy and elation that comes with playing the kinds of online slots that will sticky to your heart forever.Double Wammy Slots is a classic game that features a progressive jackpot.

What is in this game that you do not know? Better still, is there something in this game that is worth your time and money? It is a good thing to look at a slot from the perspective of what it has then later how you can utilize what the online slot machine has to make real money casinos a considerable business. Alternatively, you can use Double Wammy slots to make real money casinos the number one way of earning a living depending on your gaming prowess and perhaps whether or not you are lucky.

Strike It Lucky And Hit The Progressive Jackpot

This game by Microgaming is just a single payline slot with only three reels. With such mentions, you’ll know that this is a classic slot machine. That is a fact! The spinning action that is available in many single pay lines and three reeled slots as you know is rather straightforward as there are not many options as well as symbols and signs.

However, on what seems to be the best part of such slots as Double Wammy Slots and group of 3 reels and one payline is that a simple wild symbol is likely to help you increase your chances to greater heights namely double or even quadruple.

The Double Wammy Slots, Your All-Time Favorite

While modern slot machines come with different facets such as progressive jackpots. They also have many bonus features that are seemingly newfangled and giving players heartaches to achieve them.

But as for Double Wammy Slots, there is no wasting time around. Players are taken straight into that is almost predictable thanks to the slot’s simplicity and elegant paytable which in this case an extended computer printout. Some of the symbols that prominently feature on this slot are cherry symbols that are incredibly bright red in color and other similar symbols.

Besides, there are BAR icons that take the shapes of single, double, and triple. You cannot also get away with this game without the mention of Lucky red 7s that give an exclusive vintage measure.

There is one unique symbol that you’ll want to know if you are playing this online slot machine real money at casinos. The Double Wammy Logo comes with two diamond icons that are meant to add to the proceedings a feeling of glitz and glam.

In case you are the type of player that ‘is playing online games for real money casinos by looking at the way a game is presented graphically, this one may not impress you. Graphically, Double Wammy slots are just very basic. There is nothing mind-blowing when it comes to Double Wammy slots’ graphical presentation.

In fact, because most players who choose Double Wammy Slots like the games because of the spinning experience, it did not need Microgaming to take their time in enhancing the design and leave the gaming itself.

Do you enjoy retro-style slot machines? If so, Double Whammy slots may be good for you! With only one pay line, this vintage gambling game may impress you with the types of wins it has. While it doesn’t look like anything special, you can win some serious cash playing Double Whammy. Additionally, you can quadruple your winnings by landing wild symbols. That’s right, just by scoring wilds, you can multiply your betting bankroll by 4X.

Enjoy Bright and Shiny red cherry symbols along with different color 7’s, single, triple, and double bars. This timeless classic slot machine features three reels with only one pay line. However, that one pay line pays out great wins if you score some lucky red 7’s. Also, there is a diamond icon that adds a touch of glitz and glamour as well as increases your wins if you score three or more of the diamond icons in a row.

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