eSports Bettors Get Excited As Season 2 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is Outlined

eSports Bettors Get Excited As Season 2 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is Outlined

Gamers around the world have made Call of Duty one of the biggest hits ever. It is no big surprise that anticipation for Season 2 has actually exceeded expectations. Call of Duty is filled with exciting new features for the next season. Earlier this month, Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward and Activision relayed that all the new 電子競技博彩 game features will be active. The set release date was Tuesday, Feb. 11. This game actually came with a release time (1 p.m. ET) as a further tribute to its overall popularity.
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The eSports Betting Community Is Excited As Season 2 of Call of Duty Is Outlined. The new season adds two new multiplayer maps:

  1. Atlas Superstore
  2. Rust (Re-imagined)

Rust was the legendary small map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The new version will offer a new Gunfight map. There will be another new Gunfight map in Bazzar. Ground War also gets a new map in Zhokov Boneyard.

Online players were able to receive two new guns for free with the game’s launch last week. The were the Grau 5.56 and the Striker 45. It was not mentioned if these two new weapons would be available for pro play.

The Call of Duty League playlist should catch some attention. This is one of the biggest attractions of the Season 2 patch. The playlist enables the playing public to subscribe to the same rules and restrictions as professional players. It was not mentioned whether there would be an actual ranking system in the CDL playlist.

The official website for Call of Duty did confirm that there would be a new Battle Pass for Season 2. The featured operator will be Ghost. As the new season progresses, there are even more surprises for players. They can expect a new and unknown weapon. There will also be new operators in Talon and Mace.

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Players can also look for new multiplayer game modes. The three that were mentioned by name are:

  1. Infected Ground War
  2. NVG Reinforce
  3. Gunfight Variants

In a separate post on ESPN eSports last week, it covered current Call of Duty Power Rankings. These rankings recognized the best players following London homestand.

At the top of the list was the Chicago Huntsman. They captured the championship crown in Call of Duty League’s tournament in London. Idle for that competition was Atlanta FaZe. This opened the door for the Huntsmen in the quest to become the league’s best.

The overall power rankings attempted to pick out the standouts in the recent competition. Almost every team could point to one player that was able to carry them on certain maps or entire games.

Following the first two team’s mentioned above, Dallas Empire was third on the list. The team champ was James “Clayster” Eubanks.

In fourth place is Paris Legion with Denholm “Denz” Taylor leading the way. Rounding out the Top 5 in the updated rankings is London Royal Ravens. Bradley “Wuskin” Marshall took top honors for that team.

• 資源: Call of Duty outlines Season 2, will add fan-favorite Rust From On February 10, 2020.

eSports Bettors Get Excited As Season 2 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is Outlined
eSports Bettors Get Excited As Season 2 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is Outlined
The eSportsBetting Community Is Excited About THe New Gunfight Maps Outlined In The New Second Season Of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.




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