Massachusetts Casino Is Good For Lotto

Massachusetts casino

Boston is reaping high revenue benefits thanks to the newly opened Plainridge Park gaming resort, the first one of its kind in Massachusetts.

According to one study conducted recently by a local school in Massachusetts, says that the opening of the casino especially the lottery parlor has not created any negative impact to the community.

In fact, according to the report prepared by the Public Health Sciences department in the school says that tickets sales have risen more than 4.4% above what the area collected in 2016.

The report asserts that the sale of tickets that has so far been recorded is the highest for over 4 years since 2012.

The department says that if anything, they are willing to supports the program because of the results that have already been seen.

For the first time in the history of Massachusetts, the gaming industry is bound to make real money online casino gambling sites a sector that collects high revenue.

According to the Commission of Lotteries in the state, total revenue collected from the gambling industry particularly the sale of lottery tickets was $5.23 billion in 2016. Upon the subtraction of administrative costs, prizes disbursement, and paying of operating expenses, the state remained with $989.4 million. This was the amount the state collected in revenue profits.

An Act that was passed in 2011 says that all gaming companies that are licensed to operate as commercial gaming resorts in Massachusetts should also be registered to sell lottery tickets.

Speaking of the benefit of the introduction of this sector of gaming, Lance George, the General Manager for Plainridge Park Casino recently said that he is sure that there is no negativity in the introduction of lottery tickets.

“The recent study by the faculty of Public Science in The Massachusetts School is a clear indication that indeed there is no negative impact of introducing lottery tickets to the community and to the states’ lottery,” Lance said. Massachusetts Casinos Had A Difficult Time In 2016, But Their Future Looks Promising

Plainridge Park Casino, a recently established gaming facility in Massachusetts is a social amenity development by Penny National Gaming, which is gambling company based in Pennsylvania.

The Other Side

Although a larger part of the school’s report supported the lottery program, there was the other side that most people will also agree with.

According to the report, the introduction of online lottery gaming in the state has and will increase gambling problem in the state.

In fact, the reports asserts that about 3.8% of all adults that participated in any form of gambling have on regular occasions complained of losing large sums of money. This has led to many suffering from stress and depression.

If there is reason to believe the report, it means that the state has a lot to learn in the next couple of months upon the completion of other gaming facilities that have been scheduled to begin operational.

Boston Harbor and MGM Springfield are expected to begin operation before the end of 2019.

With the impending mental health problems, says the report, Massachusetts will pay dearly.

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Massachusetts Casino Is Good For Lotto
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Massachusetts Casino Is Good For Lotto
Boston is reaping high revenue benefits thanks to the newly opened Plainridge Park gaming resort, the first one of its kind in Massachusetts.
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