How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

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If you are wondering how do casino affiliate programs work, you are not alone. First of all, they are a great way for people to make money, including stay-at-home moms and dads. Also, big businesses have gotten into the casino affiliate program business. For example, Catena Media purchases for 15 million Euros. Having said that, let’s dive into how exactly these gambling affiliates work and how you can make money from home.

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Recently, Intertops Affiliates celebrates their 20th anniversary. Yes, they have been paying their advertisers revenue share for promoting online casinos, poker rooms, Racebook, eSports, and Sportsbooks for 20 years now.

So, how do casino affiliate programs work?

Well, online casino affiliate programs work by giving their affiliate marketers links, banners and marketing material. After the affiliates get the marketing material, they go out and get folks to sign up for specific programs using their referral links and banners. Sometimes, you can a specific amount of money per signup. Other times, you can make revenue share, which means you get a portion of the person profits. In the case above, Intertops is celebrating their 20th anniversary by at the London Affiliate Conference. As a result, the first affiliate to draw one of twenty prizes gets an apple product every hour. Before we tell you more about the 20th Intertops affiliate anniversary, we want to tell you the basics on how much cash you can earn.

How much can you earn as a casino affiliate?

Most people wonder how much they can earn as an affiliate. Obviously, it ranges depending on how much traffic you bring and the quality of traffic. Not to mention, having your own website, specifically in the casino gambling niche or Internet marketing is helpful. That said, you can earn very little or a lot of cash over one hundred thousand dollars a year. In some big cases, “Whale” affiliates earn over $100,000 every month. Putting things in perspective, it is most likely you will not earn anything for the first couple of years, just like any other business.

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How to make money online from home?

Yes, you can work from home or anywhere. If you promote Intertops, you have the chance to work from home and promote online casinos, Sportsbooks, poker rooms and Racebooks. As we said, you can make nothing or earn six figures a year. Now, let’s get back to how Intertops celebrates their 20th anniversary. On February 7, 2019, Intertops Affiliates gives away stacks of Apple products at the London Affiliate Conference. Furthermore, every hour for two days you can win a MacBook Air,6 Air Pods, 4 iPads, 5 watches, and 4 iPhones.

These prizes are in addition to all of the money the advertisers and marketers have been making for the past twenty years. Also, you can receive a percentage of the revenue share of the profits for the entire life of the company. In this case, you can earn money promoting Intertops Red and casino classic for life.

How to make money online without paying anything

If you are looking to make money online without paying for anything, promoting online casinos like Intertops is the best way. Naturally, you can start your own WordPress or Blogspot blog (if you don’t have one). After that, start writing good content and marketing your blog through the entire Internet or anywhere. In a recent press release about the 20th Intertops anniversary, the manager goes on record. First of all, he says “We’ve got 20 prizes for 20 years.” After that, he says “One Apple product every thirty minutes. For a chance to win, just come by stand C1 and drop your business card in the bowl.”

If you don’t know, Intertops is one of the most trusted online gambling brands on the entire planet. After all, they start taking their first online sports bet in 1996. After taking sports bets for a few years, they expand their casino business and added a poker room in 2003.

1. Start Your Own Site Or Blog.
2. Write Good Content.
3. Learn About The Industry.
4. Learn About Search Engine Marketing And Optimization.

How to become a casino affiliate

So, you want to how to become a casino affiliate? Well, it is simple. First of all, sign up for Intertops and any affiliate program using a link or banner. After that, tell their customer service we sent you over. As a result, you can have the opportunity to earn money on the Internet without paying anything. If you think this isn’t possible, head to the London Affiliate Conference. After you get there, look forIntertops’ first affiliates was ‘Suchknecht’. He starts off delivering newspapers to their office. One day, the owner sat down and told him how he can make money. After that, he invents his own search engine and website. As a result, in twenty years he still receives monthly commissions for the players he referred in those early days. Sounds good, right? So, what do you have to do to become profitable?

What makes an online gambling affiliate profitable?

First of all, you can attend the London Affiliate Conference in February. When you are there, you can meet ‘Suchknecht’ in person. Additionally, you can learn how to become profitable. Also, you can make great contacts. So, What are some tips in starting an affiliate betting website? Well, first of all, keep it simple. Learn content management and find a team of writers when you are ready. When you first start, you will most likely write your own content. After that, you should take courses in search engine optimization and marketing. Learning SEO/SEM is key in becoming profitable.

Most people wonder “Are gambling affiliate sites often owned by large companies?” Yes, a lot are. However, not all of them. There are some small online casinos and Sportsbook affiliate programs. However, it is best to stick with the ones like Intertops that lists.

What are some recurring revenue affiliate programs?

If you sign up for Intertops through, you can earn up to 35% commission for the lifetime of the player. That’s right, you will continue to earn a 35% revenue share for the lifetime of the player!

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How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work? Earn Money Online
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