An Oklahoma Gambler at Odds With Casino Over $8.5 Million Jackpot

An Oklahoma Gambler at Odds With Casino Over $8.5 Million Jackpot

Avid casino gamblers are probably familiar with the phrase ‘the House never loses.’ This refers to the idea that over time anyone gambling at a casino will lose more money than they win. That is unless they hit a multi-million-dollar jackpot. Earlier in February, an Oklahoma woman believed that to be the case. She claims she hit an $8.5 Million jackpot playing slots. The Newcastle Casino in Newcastle, Oklahoma said she did not. Identified as Maribel Sanchez, she shared her story with the local FOX affiliate station.

Did The Oklahoma Gambler Really Win $8.5 Million Jackpot At The Casino?

On Friday, Feb. 21, she left home for a trip to the local casino at 7 a.m. (ET) in the morning. Playing the Liberty 7s slot machine at $1.25 a spin, she claims to have hit the seven-figure jackpot. Linda Sanchez is Maribel’s daughter. She states that: “As soon as the machine said she won the prize, the machine shut off. It went black. She didn’t know how much she had won at that point.”

That is when all the trouble started. The daughter added: “It says clearly the amount that she won, but now they’re saying it was a malfunction and not give her the amount. The winner was quick to take a picture of the machine right after the win. The picture clearly shows the jackpot amount as $8,469,498.95.

After the refusal from the casino to honor that amount, Ms. Sanchez retained the services of Bill Zuhdi as legal counsel. He relayed that “They told her we’re not going to pay you. It was an error.”

The winner’s response to that news was as follows: “It’s crazy how they want to rely on ‘it’s a malfunction’ when somebody can easily go up there and lose all their money. Then say, ‘it’s a malfunction, give me my money back’. It doesn’t work that way. So, why would it work that way for them? It’s pointless.” The lawyer followed up with the statement:

“We’re going to go through the process that is provided by the casino at this time. We’re going to look at all her legal options and aggressively pursue her rights. She should be paid what she won.” When the casino was asked for a statement on the matter, this is what was released:

“The claim is currently under review. We are following our protocols. And working with the claimant through this process. And as such, we cannot comment on this review.”

The casino would not comment on the machine’s malfunction. Attempts to contact the manufacturer of the machine for a comment were also unanswered. At the actual casino, there is a statement on every Liberty 7 machine that reads “malfunction voids all pays and plays.”

Hoping all ends well, Ms. Sanchez mentioned that she would love to buy a house with her winnings. As an update, the case remains under review. The story has caught the attention of real money casino gamblers across the nation and around the globe. Simply using a malfunction claim to avoid paying any jackpot is treading on dangerous grounds with casino patrons.

• Source: Woman claims she won nearly $8.5 million at casino; casino won’t pay From On February 21, 2020.

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An Oklahoma Gambler at Odds With Casino Over $8.5 Million Jackpot
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An Oklahoma Gambler at Odds With Casino Over $8.5 Million Jackpot
Discover What Happened To Oklahoma Casino Gambler at Odds With Casinos Over $8.5 Million Slot Machine Malfunction Jackpot.
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