The Sandbox Acquisition Of Nifty Gateway Gets Them A Huge Crypto Gaming Database

The Sandbox Acquisition Of Nifty Gateway Gets Them A Huge Crypto Gaming Database

The Sandbox Acquisition Of Nifty Gateway Gets Them A Huge Crypto Gaming Database

In one of the bigger deals in early 2020 in the crypto gaming industry, The Sandbox improves the player experience. The Sandbox is an up and coming blockchain gaming ecosystem. The company has inked a deal with Furthermore, this is the largest database of blockchain gaming and crypto collectible markets. Ultimately, The Sandbox’s Acquisition Of Nifty Gateway will get them a huge crypto gaming database!

Details About Sandbox Partners’s Huge Crypto Gaming Database

Furthermore, this new partnership enables NonFungible to provide detailed information to The Sandbox players on NFTs. There are the game’s non-fungible tokens. The report on this new project was first released by Sludgefeed.

Records show that more than $30 million dollars have already been spent on popular crypto-collectibles. These include CryptoKitties and the 1-1-1 car among others. The outlook for future market growth in NFT’s is highly promising.

The goal of this partnership is to make it easier to gain detailed information on the collectibles market. Players would also gain easier access to upcoming user-made UGC NFT’s and a listing of available LANDs. The latter can be found in secondary markets. These items are also made available during presale rounds of The Sandbox games.

Furthermore, this deal will enable both parties to provide and receive technical advice. Also,this is through their respective application programming interfaces (API).

An official statement from The Sandbox read:

“In turn, we will be relaying contents and analysis to our community. For full transparency and organize contests to offer some LAND to their users. The Sandbox will provide regular feedback and improvement inputs to And they will help, in any capacity, with ours.”

In simpler terms, LAND in The Sandbox is a digital piece of real estate. It exists in The Sandbox metaverse. Furthermore, his allows players to build unique games and assets on top of it. Each LAND is designated with a unique ERC-721 NFT. Moreover, this exists on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The joint team has identified a total of 166,464 LAND’s in The Sandbox metaverse. Only 123,840 of these LAND’s will be sold over the course of the multi-round presale. In December of last year, the first round of the LAND NFT presale took place. A total of 3,096 LAND’s were sold to participants. Also, this took place over a limited four-hour window.

Gemini, & The World Of Crypto Gaming Collectibles With The Acquisition Of Nifty Gateway

Indeed, we also want to cover Gemini. This regulated crypto exchange is owned by the Winklevoss twins. They ventured into the world of crypto-collectibles with the acquisition of Nifty Gateway.

The Sandbox is a community-driven platform. It allows creators the chance to monetize voxel assets. It also gives them a chance to create crypto gaming experiences on the blockchain. Two creation tools are VoxEdit and Game Maker. They both can be utilized to enhance the gameplay experience.

Participants can get paid to create and share their voxel creations through a program called FUND. There is also the Marketplace where assets can be bought and sold. Arthur Madrid is the company’s CEO and he leads a team of 26 additional creative minds. Look for even bigger and better things from The Sandbox in the coming months.


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