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Cryptocurrency Casinos & Gambling Guide

Crypto is now well and truly mainstream, with Bitcoin and other types here to stay. As they’re so easy and safe to use, many folks are wanting to use them for gambling deposits. So if you’re searching for the best cryptocurrency online casinos that accept Bitcoin, Ether and other coins, your search is over.

We’re fellow crypto fans and we know that there is tons of choice for online gambling with it. The problem is – there are many casino sites accepting crypto that are shady and untrustworthy. We know because we’ve been there!
We’ve made this guide so you can only find the best crypto online casinos – the ones who have great reputations, excellent customer service and accept a wealth of crypto options.

Our experienced reviewers have shortlisted the very best:

Best Online Casinos Accepting Cryptocurrencies

CryptoSlots Casino

  • Unique Progressive Jackpot Games
  • Accept Players From All Over The World
  • 1 Million Dollar Sitewide Progressive Jackpot
  • Fast Payouts

BetOnline Casino

  • Accepts USA Players
  • Sportsbook
  • Racebook
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Wide Variety Of Games
  • Great Software
  • Customer Service
  • Accepts USA Players
  • Unique Casino Games
  • Excellent Software
  • Great Customer Service
  • Fast Payouts
  • Live Chat
  • Amazing Bonuses

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino Sites

Look for Bitcoin compatibility. We compared websites that offer the most smooth transactions to those that just support bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies are also taken into account by casinos that support them.

Available Bitcoin Bonuses – We scouted US Bitcoin casinos that were already embracing online gambling’s established reward culture. The bonuses at Visa casinos were varied, but they were certainly enough and well worth a look.

Games availability

The most effective Bitcoin casinos have a wide range of games to choose from, with not just more content, but also in terms of design and quality.


These casinos are fully licensed and regulated, so you can rest assured that your money and personal information are secure.

Licensing also implies that the house and players are adequately protected by reasonable regulations of engagement.

Learn Out Step-By-Step Casino Review Methodology

We register anonymously for every casino we evaluate.

The first thing you should know is that we do not wait for the casinos to invite us to review their services. As any other user would, we create accounts and sign up anonymously.

Why? So we can acquire a genuine experience from the perspective of a real person. This allows us to explain players everything they should anticipate from each platform.

We can also go through the entire signup procedure and how long it takes before you may actually bet with Bitcoin.

We Make A Deposit Using Our Cryptos

Interestingly, we wait for the Bitcoin exchange to accept us before we begin our crypto journey together. Furthermore, we deposit our Bitcoin funds, track how long everything takes, and how many distinct types of cryptocurrency and fiat currencies are supported once we register.

Each online casino is unique, particularly when it comes to banking; thus, while some may provide an exceptional gaming experience, transactions might take a long time. After all, one of the major advantages of gambling with cryptocurrencies is fast bank transfers.

If a casino wants to include our top bitcoin gambling sites on its list, we first need to verify the banking system.

We Try Out The Bonus

Bonuses are an essential aspect of online gaming, and it’s quite unusual to discover a site that doesn’t have at least one special promotion available. But you should pay attention to the details as well. Otherwise, the large bonus you received would become a bother.

We thoroughly examine the conditions of a casino to see whether it has unfavorable wagering requirements and claim the usual “Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus.” If the cash-out terms are unfair, we assure you will be notified.

We Review The Interface

There’s a reason why brick-and-mortar casinos put so much effort into making their establishments seem elegant and suave.

While you’re gambling, you should feel good; and crypto gaming is no exception. Online casinos, on the other hand, must consider features and user experience.

That is why we assess casinos on both desktop and mobile platforms; we pay close attention to the overall interface. Furthermore, we report any bugs or issues we discover in our reviews so that you know what to anticipate: simply so you are aware.

Yes, We Try Playing The Casino Games Ourselves

After we’ve finished with the technical stuff, it’s time to get down to business – the games. We check out all of the most popular gambling games on different devices, ranging from poker and slot machines to roulette and classic dice games.

We’ve discovered that some of the finest BTC casinos are those that have diversified their game lists as much as possible. Sites like these help us evaluate different game suppliers, free-to-play models, and competition – all of which you can learn more about in our reviews.

We Review The Cash Out Process

The withdrawal process and how casinos respond to requests are the next things we look at.

We evaluate overall speed and dependability, remembering that fast banking is one of the primary advantages of Bitcoin online gambling. We double-check the fine print that we talked about earlier to make sure none of your money is lost.

Because the first deposit bonus can only be used for extra gaming, our aim is to assist you avoid any risk of losing it.

We rate the casinos customer support and give our opinion

When we examine casinos, we look at everything, including how they deal with difficulties and answer support inquiries.

That is why we put a lot of effort into testing customer support, including live chats and dedicated customer service personnel, as well as their level of professionalism and response time.

We also check out sites with the greatest casino reviews and discussion boards, conducting comprehensive background checks to see how long the casino has been around.

We See If The Casino Is Provably Fair?

The last thing we look at is undoubtedly the most vital – fairness. Is the casino provably fair? Many people avoid online casinos because they don’t feel comfortable handing their money over to a website they don’t know.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case with Bitcoin casinos.

The provably fair system allows players to confirm whether or not a bet’s outcome has been tampered with. Because not all casinos provide this information, our reviews list those that do.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

Why is BTC gambling such a big deal? What advantages does Bitcoin have over traditional online casinos? We’ll go through a few of them below.

Why are we placing so much emphasis on Bitcoin gambling? What advantages does Bitcoin have over regular online casinos? Here are some thoughts to consider:

Low Or No Fees

Let’s be honest. The whole purpose of internet gambling is to gain money and increase your assets. That is why it is so important to calculate how much cash you lose as a result of needless expenditures and red tape.

The vast majority of the time, there is no withdrawal or deposit fee with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin since they do not require a middleman. Your profits are yours to keep, and no one has the right to take them away from you.

Transfer Instantly

You may only have a few minutes to waste playing your favorite Bitcoin slots like Satoshi Secret or Coin Rush on occasion.

You’re rushing to work or waiting for your late date. When you accept Bitcoin, you’re instantly paid what was owed to you.

Because there are no aggravating security procedures, transactions using Bitcoin can be processed extremely rapidly. There is no waiting or staring blankly at the processing screen.

Security And Anonymity

Every time you pay for something online, you give your personal information. This means that someone can see what you buy and where to find your home.

Bitcoin is a way to keep this private so people cannot steal your information or money.

You can use it for online gambling which is fun!

Explore New Betting Horizons

If you’re a seasoned gambler, you’ve undoubtedly ran into several barriers when paying with conventional money.

The casino may refuse to accept payments from your nation; your favorite payment technique might be banned; and there may be a conflict between the laws of your country and the casino’s rules.

All of your favorite online casino games are accessible to you with Bitcoin, which breaks all those ties and allows you to play in any location you choose.

Bonus Codes, & Promotions

In the US, some of the finest casinos welcome Bitcoin users in order to entice new clients. As a result, you’ll be eligible for special bonuses and discounts only available to Bitcoin players.

We’ve looked throughout the internet for bitcoin gambling sites to evaluate – but maybe we missed one. If a site you’re familiar with isn’t on PlaySlots4RealMoney, don’t hesitate to contact us on our facebook page. We’ll take care of it right away!

Gambling With Bitcoin Pros And Cons

Let’s get down to business by talking a bit about why you should consider gambling with Bitcoin. Following a brief period of price drops in recent years, Bitcoin and other digital currencies have seen an increase in value due to the start of the coronavirus epidemic. With the growing popularity of online gambling, this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the crypto gaming industry, which is experiencing growth over the last year. But what is it about crypto slots that has made them so popular?

Bitcoin gambling also provides rapid payouts, which is something that other payment methods simply can’t match. In comparison to more conventional means such as bank transfers, you may expect transactions that take seconds rather than days or even weeks for your money to clear.

High degree of anonymity when making online purchases

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer a high degree of anonymity when making online purchases. Because you are not required to provide personal information to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you may avoid giving sensitive information to unauthorised persons. Most crypto gambling sites do not ask for the same amount of personal information as traditional casinos.

Another issue to consider is security. Bitcoin jackpot slots rely on the sophisticated blockchain network, which ensures secure transactions that are recorded across thousands of devices connected to a worldwide network. The decentralized peer-to-peer architecture of the network delivers anonymity and security at the same time. Although stolen Bitcoin wallets have occurred, changing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is more difficult than altering conventional bank transactions.

Winning Fortunes Gambling With Crypto

Finally, you may win small fortunes with progressive jackpots and unique BTC slots, or get free crypto through Bitcoin casino faucets. Finally, it’s worth noting that many nations, including the UK, place several limitations on financial institutions when it comes to online betting.

Casinos that take bitcoins will now be able to take anyone from anywhere in the world. As with any other new technology, there are things to worry about.

One of them is that Bitcoin’s price may change a lot. Luckily, there are websites that can tell you what the trend is or how it changes.

If you’re unfamiliar with crypto gaming, make sure you utilize the faucets listed above, which most Bitcoin casinos provide. This is an excellent method to get started with free bitcoin. At times, cryptocurrency betting may appear to offer you double-dip odds, but gambling with Bitcoin is more rewarding than using conventional money.

The Best Bitcoin Casino Sites Reviewed

MBIT Casino

mBIT is a highly popular Bitcoin casino with over seven years of experience.

The website has received excellent user reviews for its customer service, live chat, and crypto bonuses.

Although there is a minimal deposit amount, it is not high enough to deter any serious gambler. Indeed, users may pay with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency and choose the payment method of their choosing.

Above all, users may engage in live dealer games, as well as table games, thanks to the variety of over 2000 online casino games available. Furthermore, users can wager using most of the prominent coins out there, and the betting restrictions are quite liberal.

mBit is frequently regarded as the top Bitcoin casino by most critics. Live casino games are provably fair.

There is also an mBit Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, which provides free spins on one of the crypto casino games to users who make a deposit. Users can try out the experience before making a Bitcoin wager by taking advantage of the free spins.

Aside from the welcome bonuses, reload bonuses are frequently offered to encourage people to deposit more crypto.

Finally, those who like online crypto casinos can join the VIP program to get special perks.

bitstarz casino no deposit bonus code


Another popular online casino is Bitstarz. The site will not just take Bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash.

The casino offers a wide range of games, including slots, sports betting, and more.

Bitcoin enthusiasts will find deposits and withdrawals to be quick, with a variety of payment options available. Bitstarz, like the other top Bitcoin casinos on our list, provides a variety of incentives to attract more players.

A generous welcome bonus is available for new users, as well as additional deposit bonuses that encourage people to play more games.

Bitstarz, like mBit, is a provably fair Bitcoin casino. A person may have their own Bitcoin wallet in which they can make transactions in minutes rather than days.

Bitstarz has thousands of games to choose from, making it difficult for gamblers to find anything they like. One of the site’s main attractions is video poker, which is one of the site’s most popular games.

The cryptocurrency gambling business is extremely competitive, which means Bitcoin casinos must provide a slew of incentives to entice customers to join their site.

Smaller sites such as need to offer more than just bonuses in order to lure players away from larger competitors.Users may receive a variety of incentives, including a first deposit bonus and extra bonuses for Bitcoin transaction completion.

SportsBetting is one of the few Bitcoin-only online gambling sites on our list and, just like with other platforms, fiat money may be wagered.

SportsBetting, unlike many other Bitcoin betting sites, utilizes its own currency for internet gaming.

The user’s preferred currencies are converted into TFLs, which are then used to participate in sports betting.

TrueFlip users may engage in live casino competitions, compete in tabletop activities, or utilize other popular casino amenities, among other things. Keep in mind that you will not be able to bet on sports with SportsBetting.



When it comes to debates about the finest Bitcoin casino sites, Bespin is not a household name. However, considering the number of Bitcoin games and overall polish of the platform, there is a case for this claim.

Bspin is a crypto casino with a lot of excellent client feedback, since it offers gamers a wide range of games that no other Bitcoin betting site does. Users appreciate the regular Bitcoin bonus provided by the platform, as well as the simplicity of depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency.

In Bitcoin casinos, people can get free Bitcoin from deposits. There are also other bonuses for playing games and doing things. The bonus is a special way to get more Bitcoin when you first sign up.

When you sign up, you should tell your friends about the casino, and then the bonus will be upgraded by 20%.

Users may gamble with fiat money and receive a payout in Bitcoin, which is possible because fiat currencies are also accepted.

Overall, Bspin isn’t as good as the preceding entries on our list, but it does enough things well enough to be a decent platform for online gambling.

It’s also great for people who don’t want to risk a lot of money, because Backpocket may be utilized as a supplement to their tiny wallet.

Bitcasino io casino review 2020 no deposit bitcoin casino bonus code is a Bitcoin casino with a no-nonsense name that is the fifth-best website in this category. Its homepage, like its name, is straightforward and to the point. However, it has all of the games that players might want, as well as esports betting.

First, Bitcasino is the first crypto casino site to be properly licensed. This implies that the games are provably fair and that nothing unlawful is happening. Users may participate in a variety of live games, while thrill seekers can join the VIP program for enhanced benefits.

Bitcasino does not provide sports betting, but it is linked with, where users can wager on both sites at the same time to access to almost every sort of bet imaginable.

The platform runs a number of special offers at the same time, ranging from signup bonuses (like as most other online Bitcoin casinos) to competitions that may be used to earn extra cash.

The casino’s website is responsive, so it looks great on any device.

To ensure that online gaming occurs securely on the platform, Bitcasino also provides free gambling addiction counseling and other instructional materials. Bitcasino is designed for serious gamblers who want an online crypto casino that eliminates all the fluff and confusion and gets players right into the action.

7BitCasino Reviews No Deposit Bonus Codes

7Bit Casino

At 7BitCasino is a casino that you can play with bitcoin. You can also use other payment methods like eWallets, Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro to pay in US dollars, Australian dollars, British pounds, Swedish kronor, or Norwegian kroner.

We offer over 1200 games so we’re confident that everyone will discover something to enjoy.

There are slots, table games, Bitcoin gambling, jackpots, and more on the website for you to try.

7BitCasino does not offer phone assistance, but we don’t believe this will deter you since the live chat feature is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the website.

The privacy and security standards are consistent across other internet sites, and players can expect the same safety and protection from online casinos.

Cloudbet Review


Cloudbet accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash as the primary payment methods, although they also support a number of other cryptocurrencies. Payments can be made or received in currencies including DOGE, LINK, LTC, DAI, PAXG, DSH, USDT, and USDC. You can also use a credit card to make payments in US dollars.

The Cloudbet website has a large range of games available, both in the field of sports betting and casino games.

You may play your favorite online casino games such as slots, table games, jackpots, and more on the Cloudbet website.

The live casino is on a separate screen, and it features Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat as before. Although there may be only a few game providers, we believe you will find something to enjoy.

At the bottom of each page, there are three links where you may contact Cloudbet.

The first connects to their Twitter feed, the second to Bitcoin talk, a discussion board where users can ask questions, and the third is a Discord-based support staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The company’s headquarters are in Curaçao, and it is licensed by the government of Curacao eGaming. SSL encryption technology is used to secure your personal information on the website.

Red Dog Casino

Red Dog’s payment options differ significantly from those of the preceding casinos. They are not primarily interested in cryptocurrencies, but they do accept them as one of a variety of deposit and withdrawal options.

They accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Visa, Mastercard, Neosurf, and other eWallet services.

Red Dog has hundreds of fully mobile compatible games provided by RealTime Gaming, which is mostly all available in the casino’s mobile platform.

The casino provides a fantastic mobile platform on both Android and iOS devices so you may enjoy all of them. We’d want to see more titles and studios contribute to Red Dog’s library, though.

Red Dog Casino is dedicated to providing a safe and secure gaming experience for all of their customers, which is why they use top-of-the-line 256-bit SSL encryption software, antivirus integrations, and fraud prevention systems to safeguard all transactions and information.

Ignition Casino Review | No Deposit Casinos Bonus Coupon Codes

Ignition Casino

The Ignition casino allows both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash deposits and withdrawals, which is why they are the quickest and simplest ways that the casino uses to complete transactions.

You can also deposit using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards, but you cannot withdraw using these credit card casino payment options. Bank deposits are made by wire transfer or check.

They have slot machines and other table games. Other table games include reel slots (the most popular are Starburst and Dolphin’s Pearl). Ignition Poker has epic poker tournaments and includes 17 different variants of the game for players to enjoy.

Cafe Casino

In Colombia, only four payment options are available at Café Casino: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Bitcoin. Using Bitcoin reduces the time needed to complete transactions.

It also comes with lucrative incentives for bitcoin gamers.Players that choose to pay with Bitcoin receive more exciting Welcome and Weekly Mystery bonuses.

Bovada Casino Reviews | No Deposit Casinos Bonuses


When it comes to withdrawals, Bovada casino only accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. You may use Visa, Mastercard, and American Express in addition to BTC for deposits.

The crytocurrency casino offers more than 170 games, including a wide range of slots and table games in every category. Bovada’s major strength is its strong sportsbook, which includes over 30 main and minor sports to wager on.

Bovada’s customer service representatives are well-trained and eager to assist you.

You may contact them using the website’s basic webform or the 24/7 live chat option, as well as by phone. However, you can get in touch with them through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Can you gamble with crypto?

Yes,cryptocurrency has revolutionized a number of sectors, including online gambling. Online gambling with cryptocurrencies is growing increasingly popular, especially in the United States. You can gamble with Bitcoin, play casino games on Ethereum, and more.

Because most cryptocurrencies are neither officially authorized nor expressly prohibited, there are no special rules governing crypto gambling. The attitude of a country to cryptocurrency usage varies.

Is crypto trading gambling?

The fast money craze is seen by some as a type of gambling addiction, similar to Wall Street traders whose investments have gone wild.

Do casinos accept Bitcoin?

Yes, they do. All of the casinos we’ve looked at rely heavily on Bitcoin payments, while most support other currencies as well. Even the most traditional online casinos are now accepting Bitcoin payments.

Are Bitcoins safe?

Bitcoin gaming transactions are extremely secure, especially with provably fair Bitcoin slots. That being said, you should be aware that the currency itself is volatile and must be considered when determining its value.

What is the best Bitcoin casino?

The number of software providers on the internet varies widely. This is mostly determined by what aspect of an online casino you prefer: game variety, bonuses, security, customer service, banking choices, and so on. Any of the seven companies we reviewed in this section can’t be beat.

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