Bitcoin Creator, Bodog Founder File Bitcoin Technology Patents

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Bitcoin Creator, Bodog Founder File Bitcoin Technology Patents

Calvin Ayre and Bodog founder, a Canadian business mogul, are reportedly working towards filing for official patent of Bitcoin technology.

The digital currency has in recent days topped online news by doing well in most online transactions. Because of the ever-rising value of the Bitcoin, most online entrepreneurs are making real money online casino gambling sites a big industry that generates a lot of revenue.

Craig Wright, who has emerged as the creator of this cryptocurrency has said that he is willing to collaborate with Calvin Ayre, an online gambling developer, with many years of experience, to try and secure Bitcoin’s use.

According to Wright, the only way he can achieve his goal is to ensure that what he created, the Bitcoin, is patented. Bitcoin works using the famous blockchain technology.

If the duo succeeds in their bid to secure patent of the Bitcoin they are tirelessly working towards achieving, they will enjoy certain substantial rights on the Bitcoin.

For now, Wright, a renowned computer scientist from Australia, is working days and night to use his technological prowess to secure Bitcoin’s patent throughout Britain. Click here to read the article Bitcoin Prices Still Very High As Traders Wait ETF’s Decision.

Out of the over 70 patent files that the duo has done in the United Kingdom, not even one has succeeded. Even with that zero turnout of the bids, Wright and Ayre do not seem to lose hope. Perhaps, what is giving them motivation is how the Bitcoin has dominated the online presence in recent days.

Among the rights the duo are likely to enjoy, if granted approval, include WiFi security and Bitcoin’s medical documents’ storage.

Although there has been tremendous reaction on the duos plan, they have declined to confirm whether what is in the news is true or false.

Instead, Ayre decided to attack one of the online sources that reported on their move to secure Bitcoin’s patent.

“It’s interesting to read through. However, it amazes me how some reputable news sources can decide to rely on fake news and leave out what people need to be told. In my opinion, this news source (Reuters) has been hacked thus relies on fake documents,” Ayre said.

Bitcoin’s Confusion

While Wright and Ayre are working towards securing the versatile digital currency, financial analysts are perplexed by their move.

They assert that the nature of the Bitcoin would make it hard for the duo to be granted patents.

Unlike traditional currency, Bitcoin is decentralized. With that in mind, it means that no single financial institution or bank will be able to regulate or oversee the digital currency’s transactions.

That is why it is easy for computer scientists like Wright, who are assisted by various programs to regulate its movements thus making the Bitcoin a very attractive method of payment that centers the black market.

Go Bitcoin Go

Bitcoin is rolling extremely fast on a daily basis. Just two months ago, when the year started, it was trading for as low as $434, which was high then. Barely a month later, Bitcoin rose to slightly over $1000. Currently, this cryprocurrency is trading at $1,226 and soon it will hit even higher trading rates.

One financial expert says that it is likely for the Bitcoin to record as high as $11, 000 soon.

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