Bitcoin Gamblers Feel Betting On Trump To Beat Clinton Will Increase The “Price Of BTC”

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$42 Million Slot Machine Win But New York Casino Claims Malfunction?

So, are you betting on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Well, let’s get back to that. First of all, Katrina Bookman hits a mega jackpot. Furthermore, this is a lifetime experience she will live to remember. However, The women believe the resorts cheats her. More specifically, after she hits the jackpot, the casino personnel tell her she can’t have the money. That’s right, this is at Resorts World New York Casino. After the win, comes to a sudden disappointment when the casino representative claimed a system malfunction.

So, Bitcoin Gamblers Feel Betting On Trump To Beat Clinton Will Increase The “Price Of BTC”?

Bookman takes a selfie beside the casino slot machine. Yes, it appears she uses this as evidence of her short victory. In the picture, you can see her flashing her multi-dollar smile. However, This malfunction claims to raise reactions and integrity issues. These integrity issues, are among the gamblers and management. Some folks feel they unreveal the reality right at the scene of the incident. Bookman was escorted from the house by security personnel where she was told to come the next day for a decision. She made her way back home with an urge to get her winnings the following day only to be told she had won nothing but a steak dinner.

New York Casinos Gambling

Recently, The NY Gaming commission puts out a statement. In that statement, they say the machine malfunctions and the winnings were all voids. However, Alan Ripka, is the attorney for Katrina Bookman. It appears she makes some allegations that the house didn’t want to pay his client despite a fair winning. Bookman and her attorney showed a lot of dissatisfaction from the casino management and the NYC gaming commissioners.

Overnight Joy

They both believed that she should have won the maximum allowed on that sphinx machine, a rough estimate of $6,500 according to the management. On the very incident, her voice cracked as she remembered the overnight joy.

She narrated how she had purposefully planned to use the money. Bookman had already earmarked a portion of the amount to purchase a barbershop for her son, some for her own investments and a sizeable amount of the winnings for charitable work in her community. Bitcoin Gamblers Feel Betting On Trump To Beat Clinton Will Increase The Price Of BTC

For 2020, Are You Betting On Trump For President?

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Bitcoin gamblers in the United States of America and all across the globe have their money on Donald Trump to win the 2016 Presidential election. Election day is finally here and there is a lot at stake, including the price of bitcoin and the future of Internet casino gambling. Who are you going to bet on? Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tied neck and neck as people start to vote. It has been a bumpy ride filled with low blows. Hillary Clinton was cleared yesterday of her alleged FBI charges. According to CoinDesk The Cryptocurrency hedge fund manager Jacob Eliosoff stated “I think a Trump presidency would be great for bitcoin, much like nuclear war would be great for bitcoin. It would be an epic disaster in a bunch of respects – economic, geopolitical, democratic – and in the fear and chaos bitcoin would be a defensive asset people could turn to.”

Bitcoin (BTC) digital cryptocurrency

There appears to be a big belief among the people that invest in the Bitcoin (BTC) digital cryptocurrency that a Trump presidency would boost the price of the Bitcoin (BTC) digital cyrpto-currency. This is not a long term play on the trader’s behalf. It seems that they feel that it will just boost the price up for a short period of time.

Hillary Clinton On Bitcoin?

Some digital currency analysts feel that the crypto-currency market may not see a significant change if Hillary Clinton does win the 2016 United States presidential election. It seems that in the short term having Donald Trump as the United States president may have an impact on digital currency global investors. Many people are in agreement that Donald Trump would be a boom for the bitcoin (BTC) business such as the traders and folks that do independent research.

So, do you always read “Bitcoin news”? On election day, you may see some advertisements that seem to be rooting for Donald Trump. Furthermore, they look to promote Trump to become the next United States president. That said, many people feel Vladimir Putin and Russia are up to this. However, this view does not seem constant. According to the folks at Coin Desk, it looks like it is not true. Furthermore, it appears that some (BTC) crypto-currency investors feel Hillary Clinton may be better overall. Specifically, for the digital virtual currency market.

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Interestingly, some virtual currency traders are betting on Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, if she defeats Donald Trump today it could have a positive effect on the public blockchain markets. This opinion appears to be based on Hillary Clinton’s open embrace of the technology market as part of her innovation platform. This is still very unclear as the real money USA online casino betting public does not know her exact economic plan, which includes her view on licensing and regulating the virtual currency.

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