Gambling Gurus Call Bitcoin The “Digital Gold” Virtual Currency

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Online Casino Gambling Gurus Call Bitcoin The

Online casino gambling has helped Bitcoin become more popular around the world to the point where there are now BTC ATM’s. Now that the European Union has licensed and regulated the virtual currency we are seeing more examples of other people following along. Last week we saw a United States Federal Judge rule that “Bitcoin is Money” when presiding over a criminal case. Online Casino Gambling gurus and finance experts from Needham & Company, LLC investment banking firm have allegedly said Bitcoin: ‘Digital Gold’ based on a news article in cryptocoinsnews com.

Is Bitcoin Really The “Digital Gold” Virtual Currency?

Many people as well as the online casino gambling community are still uncertain. Nevertheless, The Needham & Company, LLC asset management and investment banking has extrapolated the price of Bitcoin will go up to $848 by the end of 2016 on Monday Morning. This is a higher prediction than their previous $655 valuation in March 2016.

Bitcoin Predictions For 2020?

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Spencer Bogart is the Bitcoin experts that wrote the September 22 report, which we referred to as the news article on Monday Morning. He allegedly sees the virtual currency expanding and becoming more and more accepted among more online shopping retailers other that OverStock. He allegedly stated that bitcoin a “digital gold.” and supposedly went onto say that BTC is more than just a payment network enabling an open, global, permissionless financial system. Check out the BTC casino news article the “Best US Bitcoin Casino Gambling Sites Offer More Slots Games With Bigger Bonuses.”


When Mr. Bogart predicted that the digital gold would hit $650 by the end of the year back in March he was more than correct. In fact, the “price of Bitcoin” reached $775 in the 2016 summer. The price fell after the Bitfinex security breach in early August.

So, The Price Of Bitcoin

Bitfinex customers lost about sixty-five million dollars worth of Digital Gold in August, which had an influence on the price. Monday Morning Spencer Bogart allegedly extrapolated that Bitcoin (BTC) would increase to $848 by the end of the year. Perhaps his prediction was based on the improvements in Bitcoin payment options in Asia. Check out the Play Slots 4 Real Money video below!

Yes, A Bitcoin Betting Video

On September 26, 2016, Jon Southurst writes an article on a Bitcoin news site. Ultimately, this article has the title “Japanese Can Soon Pay Utility Bills with Bitcoin”. Furthermore, the Japanese BTC service Coincheck announces “Coincheck Denki”. More specifically, this allows Japanese residents to pay their pay utility bills with bitcoin. As a result, this is a great thing. Now, Japanese residents can pay their Utility Bills with the virtual digital crypto-currency! Also, they can save up to six percent on their utility transactions.


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