Man Shot Dead Outside Popular Casino

california casino crime scene

California Casino Crime Scene | Man Shot Dead Outside Popular Casino

Man Shot Dead Outside Popular Casino. Most people were asleep at 1.30 Sunday morning. However, there are those who enjoy hanging out and playing a game of poker until the wee hours. Furthermore, this doesn’t end well at Capitol California casino in Sacramento. Moreover, experts identify this man as Nicholas Broadway. More specifically, the is 36 when shot dead outside the casino when a gunman opened fire on a group of revelers after an altercation. A policeman who tried to control the situation responded and several gunshots were heard.

When Was This Man Shot?

Flashback late Saturday and early Sunday everything was going well at the casino located on 16th street in downtown Sacramento, California. The joint is one of the most popular hangouts in the area and is most renowned for its card games. It also has a restaurant offering a wide variety of menus and drinks. While it is not clear how many people were at the time, a fight ensued in the parking lot and a police officer on duty that night at the casino was called to settle things down.

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Police Officer Justin Rayos Speaks

According to a patron, Justin Rayos, the police officer arrived with two other security officers who separated the two groups of people who had been involved in a ruckus. Everybody thought things were cool when suddenly a man pulled a gun and fired at the other group making everyone to run for cover. The policeman fired back in a bid to take control of the situation and it is likely a gunfight ensued. The gunman may have fired as many as 17 shots and it is likely him rather than the police officer who shot Mr. Broadway. Probably sensing defeat, he ran away and is yet to be identified.

It is not very clear how Broadway was shot. He was rushed to a local hospital but did not survive the injuries. Mr. Broadway who is a resident of Sacramento was a state worker in the office of the governor since 1999. He has worked for 3 California governors and has been described by friends and family as a loving father to a 15-year-old boy.

Damage Is Visable

There was visible damage from the shootout and the damaged cars were towed away. The gaming room had also been hit by a bullet as it showed on the back wall. The manager of the casino Gene Clevenger could not tell whether the attacker had entered the casino with the gun as he said they are not always able to check everyone but they maintain a regular policeman on duty. He regrets that the incident happened.

Patrons were questioned by the police for more than 5 hours and investigations are ongoing to identify the culprit.

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