California Casinos Renovate To Compete For Visitors With Neighboring Nevada State

casinos in california

Casinos in California are renovating ahead of Christmas festivities. Operators and investors are working hard to ensure customers don’t go elsewhere. Investors are not happy with the level at which clients are heading to Las Vegas casinos. The customer rivalry is a long time problem. For many years, California casinos are struggling to get clients. Operators say their facilities receive few clients when you compare with Nevada.

Because of this, operators in California are now using millions of dollars. They use this large sum of money to renovate their facilities. Operators are targeting to add social amenities. Their concern is to try and up to several of their gaming facilities. In doing this, they will give clients what they go to look for in Las Vegas. One of the facilities that are under renovation is a Pechanga casino. Above all, This is so far the most extensive gaming facility in California. But it is going to be even bigger. The operator says they are using a whopping $285 million to renovate the facility. When the renovation is over, the betting parlor will have 200, 000 square feet.

Above all, this is not the only facility that is undertaking renovations. There are others. Pala, Viejas, and Sycuan that are in southern California are renovating. In fact, there are chances that all these facilities will finish their revamping in 2018/19. The renovation includes expanding the casinos’ current space. There will also be the addition of restaurants, malls, spas and other social amenities.

Casinos In California Start Renovation To Draw More Visitors

For many years, casinos in California are receiving few visitors. Also, This is when you compare with facilities in neighboring Nevada. After serving their ‘few’ clients for many years, it is time to change. That is what casinos in California want to do. The aim of operators in this state is to have many visitors come to their facilities. Gaming investors claim that many visitors go to Nevada. Operators agree that there is a difference between services. Las Vegas casinos are offer everything a client wants.

Gambling In California Will Get Better In 2018

When guests visit a gaming facility in Las Vegas, they will find pretty much everything. Also, This is not the case with what visitors find in California. Here, a gambler can check in. Instead of finding things under one roof, visitors go elsewhere. What does that mean? A visitor to an ordinary casino in California has challenges. They can play games from one facility. When it is time to eat, they go to a different facility. Worse still, they may head to a third facility to seek night services. Above all, this is not the case with Las Vegas casinos especially those along the Strip. Most gaming facilities have everything a visitor may need. That is the reason why operators in California want to renovate facilities.

One of the biggest in the region

One such a casino that announces renovation plans is the Pechanga casino. This facility is looking at things differently. The operator wants this facility to be one of the biggest in the region. Friday’s announcement says renovations start immediately. But it will last for close to 12 months.
casinos in california

200, 000 square feet of gambling space

Once Pechanga’s renovation is over, it will be bigger than some facilities in Nevada. It will have 200, 000 square feet. That means the facility will be more significant than two famous casinos.

The Pechanga Casino Will Be Bigger Than The Wynn Encore

The Pechanga casino will be bigger than Wynn and Encore. When putting together, these facilities have 181, 000 square feet. You see! The new space will enable Pechanga to host many other businesses. The facility announces that the renovation process starts this Friday. It will cost the operator some $285. From the past renovation, the gambling resort has 568 more hotel rooms. Also, this brings the total number of hotel rooms to 1, 090. Additionally, the facility has a new two-story luxurious spa. Above all, This is not the only thing the resort has. There is a spacious fitness center as well as a 40, 000 square feet meeting space.

Atlantic City’s Casinos

Casinos In California Adopt The Vegas Model

Most facilities in Nevada offer full packages. Unlike other places, casinos in Las Vegas, offer gamblers and non-gamblers space. It doesn’t matter whether you walk into a facility to gamble or not. But this is different in other places. Some gambling resort are in ways that only gamblers are fit to visit. Most noteworthy, this is what casinos in Sacramento California want to change. Operators are now saying that their clients will not come in to play but eat, sleep and shop elsewhere. One of the Sycuan Casino Resort in San Diego means that it is not a competition. It is all about embracing the concept of integration. When a person walks into a facility, they can find everything inside. That is what casinos in California need to do.


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