Cybersecurity, Ex-fugitive Still Perplexed About Bitcoin’s Close To $3, 000 Value


Cybersecurity, Ex-fugitive Still Perplexed About Bitcoin’s Close To $3, 000 Value

The Bitcoin value is something that will continue to make news headlines throughout this month and season.

For over seven years now, the value in the price of the Bitcoin has continually grown, and there is no single sign that the rise in the price of the Bitcoin is going to stop anytime soon.

At least, this can be confidently said about the Bitcoin thanks to what the actual market has confirmed in the past couple of days.

The Price Of Bitcoin Increases

The price of the Bitcoin has grown from as ‘little’ as $1, 100 at the beginning of this month over $2, 700 where it is now.

With the gain in price sequence the Bitcoin has set for itself over the past few days, many are saying that it is likely to hit over $3, 000 before the weekend.

Online currency enthusiasts have gone on social media raining their praises on how the Bitcoin is performing. One such supporter said on his Twitter handle, “Who cannot say that this is indeed a perfect trend? Only a fool can. Bitcoin is steadily climbing to hit $3, 000,”

The digital currency enthusiast is not alone in praising how the Bitcoin is performing.

A renowned antivirus founder and current Chief Executive Officer of MGTI, John McAfee, who was also one time a fugitive, said that he is perplexed with the rate the Bitcoin is gaining popularity leaving other cryptocurrencies far much behind.

“I am surprised with the kind of momentum that is in the Bitcoin. Because of this, we at MGT, we will step up our bitcoin mining even further,” said McAfee.

The ex-fugitive added that there is no doubt that the Bitcoin will hit $3, 000 and even beyond. John conceded that the announcement that bitcoin’s value is edging very close to $3, 000, does not only help Bitcoin founder make more money but also act as a wake-up call to MGT.

“The announcement is very transformational to all at MGT. The information does not only help us improve our financial standing, but also aids in the profiling our company in the international market as the sole public company,” said the cybersecurity wizard.

However, with positive remarks on the bitcoin’s ever-increasing performance, there does not miss a section of those that see things from a different perspective.

Pessimistic digital currency fanatics are now saying that they do not see the rise in the price of the Bitcoin going further. Although they agree that it has risen, they believe that it will crash, which will shutter the bitcoin.

The price prediction is contrary to what McAfee feels, who says his sentiments come as a result of the steady growth of the Bitcoin when the rest of other cryptocurrencies are struggling to find their share in the market while the Bitcoin continues to garner even more respect from various stakeholders.

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