Do Massachusetts Senators Support Online Gambling?

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The latest news coming out of Massachusetts should bring some encouragement to the local bettors. Indeed, it seems that the Bay State is inching closer to legalized sports betting. News Service conducted a survey among the state senators to gauge their feelings towards sports wagering. The results have shown that 60% of Senate members look favorably on the possibility of making sports betting legal. With Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, also on board, the first legal bets could come sooner rather than later. Still, the real traction for the sports betting proposal is yet to come. Check out this weeks gambling podcast to find out more.

The Massachusetts House is even more in favor of legal betting as representatives voted last year 156-3 to back a sports gambling proposal. This brought the bill to the Senate Ways and Means Committee, but we’ve seen no further action from the Senate so far. This poses the question of where’s the holdup?

Governor Urges to Move Things Forward

While the survey didn’t show that any certain senator like Elizabeth Warren is against betting legalization, some have been voicing concerns about potential gambling issues. Even though the bill is still to see any significant progress, the governor has reiterated that it will eventually pass the state legislature and all of this is just an unnecessary delay. He urged regulators to act and help push the bill forward. Baker added that sports gambling is already happening in most states and by delaying the matter, Massachusetts is only losing valuable revenue. At the moment, a lot of Massachusetts residents are driving across the state border to place bets, spending their money elsewhere.

On the other hand, Senate President Karen Spilka remained neutral. Furthermore,  doesn’t answer the survey one way or the other. She only notes, there are senators on both sides of the issue. So, even though most of the Senate is in favor of legal gambling, there’s almost no talk about the specifics of how would it work. Senate President Pro Tempore Will Brownsberger notes that has warned that there are some issues. Furthermore,they need to be resolved and in order to move things forward those matters have to be guaranteed.

Many Issues Still to be Resolved

However, legalizing betting shouldn’t be this difficult to figure out. If nothing else, Massachusetts could use the experience of more than 30 other states that have already made sports gambling legal, mostly to great success. Still, the survey results are encouraging. Over the past year, there has been almost no talk about legal gambling in the state legislation. Prior to the survey, it was rather unknown, or at least ill-defined, where the senators stand on the issue.

With 24 senators stating their support for legalized gambling, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Mainly when it comes to convincing those who remain on the fence about the matter of the economic benefits of legal sports betting. If that can be done, then gambling in Massachusetts stands a chance. The biggest question is where the 12 senators who still haven’t provided an answer or refused to participate in the survey stand.

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 Do Massachusetts Senators Support Online Gambling?
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Do Massachusetts Senators Support Online Gambling?
There is a lot of speculation surrounding online gambling in the state of Massachusetts. Here we take a look at which senators support it and why.
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