Florida Gambling Expansion Stalls

Florida Casino Gambling

Florida Casino Gambling

The Florida House snubs the bill from the Senate bringing the gambling expansion bill to a stand-off. The supremacy war between the two legislative houses is not expected to end anytime soon after that scene that happened in the House on Tuesday.

So, How Does Florida Gambling Expansion Stall?

According to Bill Galvano, the author of the bill that seeks to expand gaming activities in the state of Florida, it is not late to make adjustments on the way the two parties should handle matters.

So, Galvano’s bill seeks to expand gambling activities in Florida. However, it has been hit with the battle of supremacy. On Tuesday, The House decides to snub what rightly belonged to the Senate. If details of his authorship are adopted the way they are in the original draft, gaming operators will make real money online casino gambling sites a major way of earning revenue thus reap from their hard labor.

More On The Gambling Expansion

Unfortunately, the two chambers have come up with two bills that seem to oppose each other. Unless one of the bills is left to pass as members relook at the other, none of them is going to hold any water. Furthermore, this is even as respective representatives argue. However, they need to find which of the bills should move to the next step. Also, the challenge is that the House, which largely comprises conservative members. Indeed, they want to completely freeze gambling expansion. In doing so, the House wants to use all its resources to maintain the status quo.

On their part, the Senate, which is considered more liberal, is for the idea that opening slots gaming as well as permitting the Seminole Tribe, the only American Native in the state to offer craps.

Neither party wants to listen. Because of this lack of mutual understanding, it is likely that agreeing on whether to maintain the status quo or having a softer approach that will benefit the Seminole, may take more time than it was ever thought. In fact, some argue that it might take years before the two chambers will agree. However, either bill seeks to address the issue of Seminole tribe’s fresh compact between the tribe and the state. On whether which side the Seminoles lean-to, their spokesman says they are neutral.

Deciding On Chamber

As things are, neither chamber is about to loosen their stand. Because of the battle of which side is stronger or who have the powers to influence decisions, it will be tough to reach into an amicable solution. Seminole Tribe Rejects Two Florida Gambling Bills. Even worse, is the Tuesday scenario. Furthermore, people refer to this when the House snubbed the Senate’s Bill. As a result, something that sparked outrage by both members. When reacting on the state of the bill and about the ordeal, Richard Corcoran, the House Speaker said, “I remain steadfast with the Senate. No negotiation.”

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