Gambling On Bitcoin Surges To Over 1 Billion Bets In March


Gambling On Bitcoin Surges To Over 1 Billion Bets In March

News about Bitcoin growth value price continues to rock major websites in the world following the cryptocurrency’s performance during the March betting performance.

According to CoinDesk, a site that centers on the performance of digital currencies said that during the March Madness, a season when gambling is at the peak in the western world, bets on Bitcoin alone surged to over 1 billion.

The site says that in the U.S. alone, gamblers spent over $150 million when they placed bets on Bitcoin in the month of March. The bets placed inside all casinos across the U.S.

In recent days, the price value of the Bitcoin has grown steadily from $1,000 early this year to over $1, 700 in mid-May.

The price value growth is a clear indicator that the Bitcoin will lead the performance of all digital currencies currently used in conducting online betting transactions.

Because of what happened in March, gaming operators are now ready to welcome many visitors inside their facilities who will come to spend lots of money in placing various bets especially those under Bitcoin.

Several gamblers have now moved to using the Bitcoin because of among other reasons, a vast majority of online platforms now use the Bitcoin making it easy to transact and use the Bitcoin in online and conducting traditional gambling services.

The second reason why more players are now shifting to using bitcoins in their online transactions is that most online platforms that currently use digital currencies as a mode of payment are probably fair. In doing this, these platforms give players the ability to verify what will be outcome of games they have placed their bets.

The aim of these online platforms, they ensure that no single online casino acts unfairly to individual players. No single land-based casino can be able to offer such kind of unprecedented online transparency.

Other reasons that have contributed to a significant number of gamblers now redirecting their focus into the use of Bitcoin is respect of personal privacy.

Those who have used the Bitcoin know that when doing online transactions, no personal or private information is needed. Privacy is quite relevant to the cyber security of all those who take part in online transactions of any kind.

Others have found the Bitcoin being the safest mode of all online payments because there are no refunds or chargebacks, vital aspects to serious gaming operators.

However, finding fully-fledged online casinos that use Bitcoins is not always easy. Most gamers who want to find their online sites where they can bet from can, however, find their favorite casinos by conducting a search through the internet.

Thankfully, it is now easy to find casinos and online platforms that use the Bitcoin real time such as TheBitcoinStrip.

Although gaming operators are doing all they can to appeal their clients, it is still hard to believe them when using bitcoins.

Even so, casinos made over $360, 000 of Bitcoin profit in March 2017, something that impresses traditional gaming operators.

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