How To Win The EURO $10,000 Predictor Contest

How To Win The EURO $10,000 Predictor Contest

The UEFA European Football Championship is finally here! And to celebrate, the EURO $10,000 Predictor Contest is on now. To join in the fun, all you have to do sign up for BetOnline or their sister online Sportsbook through our site and predict who will win each game of the championship. The more right answers you get, the higher your chances are of winning big cash money!

Use Bitcoin To Boost Your Online Betting Bankroll

In addition to this upcoming EURO $10,000 Predictor Contest for the weekend, BetOnline is also having plus their 5% BTC Boost! We will tell you how you can increase your online betting bankroll faster using Bitcoin after we tell you how to win the Euro $10,000 predictor contest.

The EURO 2021 soccer tournament is attracting global attention, and we’ve even seen a few teams withdraw! The COVID-19 pandemic prevented the European Soccer Championship from continuing last year.

Players will start on with twenty participating teams, because we’re all curious to find out who will be the winner this time.

Enter To Win The EURO $10,000 Predictor Contest

In anticipation of a big sporting event, we are ready to announce our upcoming $10,000 Predictor contest. Betting on the UEFA Euro 2020 means that players who place at BetOnline or SportsBetting can turn their predictions into free sports book funds.

To enter free, they need to be able to answer 10 questions and place a $25 bet on Euro 2020 group stage games. Get your chance to win up to $10,000 and first prize valued at $1,000 with the Euro Predictor Contest!

To register for the $10,000 Euro 2020 Predictor Contest, participants must log into their account when prompted and provide a prediction for each of 10 questions listed as well as an answer to the tie-breaker question.
Register for this contest up until 3:00 pm on Friday, June 11th, 2021.
After submitting your predictions, you can change them at any point before the entry deadline.
At the end of the contest, all players will get one point for each correct answer submitted.
To win the prizes, you need to bet a lot of money. You can do this by betting $25 on one game or doing more than one. Then you will be able to get the prize.
For betting online, the user can wager through our sportsbook or live bet options.
The price place winner will take home $1,000 cash.
If you and another person have the same score, we will find out who has the closest answer to a tie-breaker question.
If two people tie for the same place, they will split the prize. For example, if two people tie for 4th Place, they will also share prizes in 5th and 6th Places.
The contest winners will be revealed at the end of group stage play in Euro 2020.
Winners will get their prize in 72 hours after Euro 2020.
If you win, the money will be paid to you as cash. You need to play it three times before you can withdraw it.
Only one entry per person is allowed. If someone enters more than once, only the first time they enter will be eligible to win a prize.
BetOnline can change the rules of this promotion at any time for any reason.

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How To Win The EURO $10,000 Predictor Contest
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How To Win The EURO $10,000 Predictor Contest
Use these three strategies to Win The EURO $10,000 Predictor Contest and walk away with cold hard cash! Boost your online betting bankroll using Bitcoins.
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