Illegal Gambling Arrests Lead To Firearms In Daly City, California?

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Illegal Gambling Arrests Lead To Firearms In Daly City, California

Police Department in Daly City California found more than they were looking for as they busted an illegal gambling establishment.

Daly City Police Department Busts Illegal Gambling Establishment

Last Thursday, Daly City Police Department entered the facility at Monterey Avenue, serving a search warrant. According to the information police had, the said establishment was used for organizing illegal gambling on coin-operated slot machines.

According to the department’s social medial post, the bust happened around 5 a.m.During the raid, the police seized the illegal slot machines and arrested four people suspected of being involved in the illegal operation. Besides gambling machines, DCPD also seized several firearms and a large amount of illegal drugs. Authorities also recovered an undisclosed amount of money. The four adults found at the residence were taken into the County Jail. They now face multiple charges related to illegal gambling, guns, and drugs.

The bust was a team effort by several DCPD units. The Crime Suppression Unit, tactical team, detectives, TF agents, and Property Room officers all took part in Thursday’s action. At this time, Daly City Police Department released no further details on the bust.

The State of Gambling in California

At the moment, legal gambling in the state of California is limited to Indian casinos, cardrooms, parimutuel horse racing betting, gambling for charitable purposes, bingo rooms, and California State Lottery. Commercial betting in the casinos is still not allowed. The main legislation when it comes to gambling in California is the Gambling Control Act (GCA) which is in charge of overseeing the gambling industry in the state. The GCA is also responsible for prescribing the potential disciplinary actions, restricting certain transactions, and establishing the California Gambling Control Commission. The Commission is the body that issues gambling licenses and regulations.

Right now, California allows card games and slot machines to be organized in the tribal casinos. The casinos are owned and run by Native American Tribes and their operation is regulated by the compacts separately negotiated between the state and each tribe.

Horse racing in California, including pari-mutuel wagering, is regulated by the California Horse Racing Law.

California Penal Code also includes the provision prohibiting any person to organize and operate an illegal gambling operation.

As of now, California gamblers are still not allowed to gamble online. There were several attempts to legalize online iGaming and sports betting, but so far each one of them has failed. Undoubtedly, we’ll see more of these attempts at the legalization of online gambling in the future as California is probably the biggest, still untapped, betting market in the country.

The main issue is who should benefit from the potential multi-billion dollar market. Tribal casinos and race tracks are the most likely operators to run sports betting in California. The latest initiative should be on the ballots in 2022. However, card clubs and left out of the proposal and are expected to invest heavily in opposing the ballot when it comes in front of the voters. Many feel that California is already late to the sports betting game as more than 20 states have already legalized sports betting.

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Illegal Gambling Arrests Lead To Firearms In Daly City, California?
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Illegal Gambling Arrests Lead To Firearms In Daly City, California?
Law enforcement officials in Daly City, California arrested six men who were gambling illegally. The weapons they found led to an investigation into other crimes that the group was involved in.
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