Seminole Tribe Rejects Two Florida Gambling Bills

Florida Casino Native American Seminole Tribe

Florida Casino Native American Seminole Tribe

The Seminole Tribe, a Native American tribe, has longstanding issues with their state in Florida. The relationship between the Tribal group and the state seems to sour as it dawns.

The native tribe has made numerous business advancements in the recent past, with the latest being a move to expand their gambling developments to Atlantic City.

However, back home, the group is not pleased with the administration of the state.

Led by their Council Chairman, Marcellus Osceola, the Tribal group asserts that the two bills that were recently tabled before the House will not be of any significance to his people.

The chairman said that both bills do not represent the views of the Seminole people and that they will at no time bring any economic sense to the tribe.

While many people thought that the two bills would help solve the turmoil involving a compact between the state and the Tribal group, the fact is that the Native Tribe is seeing the bills from a different perspective.

Both parties have not been able to solve the compact negotiation, and it was thought that with the two bills before the Assembly and the House, it would be easier to reach to a consensus.

On what was seen by many as a haste decision by the Seminole Tribe, this week, the Native Tribe rejected what many termed as a bill that would turn to be a protector of the group’s interests that would lead them to making real money online casino gambling sites.

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Although they brushed off both bills, at least one of them is likely to ascend through to the House for fresh deliberations. Two Contradicting Florida Gaming Bills Brought Before Senate & House!

The bill seeks to grant the Seminoles an exclusive chance to operate banked card games. This was part of the rights the group was enjoying in the previous package, which expired 2 years ago.

However, in exchange of the exclusivity on the banked card games, the bill aims at introducing a $3 billion levy on the Seminoles.

The Tribal group will be needed to pay that amount to the state for a period of seven years.

Perhaps, this is the point, which the Seminoles do not want to hear about the bill.

Another bill that the Seminoles rejected, was that authored by Bill Galvano, a powerful senator with substantial influence.

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Galvano’s bill is similar with the other bill but with a slight difference. The latter demands that the Native tribe pay the state $3 billion just like the previous bill for the same period.

However, the Seminoles will be required to pay the money for a different purpose-for offering blackjack, roulette and craps within their gaming resorts.

In addition to paying the same amount of money as the previous bill for the same period of time but for a different purpose, Galvano’s bill proposes the authorization of slot machines in at least 8 counties apart from South Florida as well as expanding blackjacks to include pari-mutuel venues.

Seminoles’ Relief

In December last year, a federal judge made a ruling that brought relief to the Seminole Tribe. The judge said that because the state violated the Tribal group’s previous deal when they allowed racetracks and cardrooms offer electronic blackjacks as well as banked card games, blackjack would be offered in Seminoles’ premises until 2030.


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